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    How to cut scenes from a video

    Cut scenes from a PC video

    Have you downloaded all your videos from your smartphone to your PC and now would you like to edit them through it? No problem. Here is a series of programs for cutting scenes from videos that will surely come in hey to achieve your goal.

    Avidemux (Windows / macOS / Linux)

    The first program I recommend you to try is Avidemux. If you have never heard of it, it is a video editor compatible with all major computer operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux) and all major video file formats: MP4, AVI, MKV etc. Plus it's completely free, open source, and easy to use, which never hurts!

    To download Avidemux on your computer, connected to the official website of the program and first click on the item downloads present on the left and then up win32 xx Final Install (32 bits), FossHub (under the heading Windows) if you use a Windows PC, or on xx Sierra 64bits QT5 (dmg), FossHub (under the heading Mac OS X) if you are using a Mac.

    To download completed, a PC Windows, double-click the installation file you just downloaded ( avidemux_xx_win32.exe) and answer Yes notice that appears on the screen. In the first setup window, click on the button Next e, in the following one, on I Agree. Now click three times in a row on Next, Then install ed infine your Finish to finish the installation.

    If you use a Mac, to install Avidemux all you have to do is open the dmg package that you have downloaded to your computer, take the program icon and copy it to the folder Applications of macOS. Then go open the folder in question, right click on the icon Avidemux and select the item apri from the context menu to start the program: this operation is only necessary at the first start of Avidemux, to bypass macOS restrictions on applications from non-certified developers.

    Now you can open Avidemux and take action: the operations to be performed are the same on both Windows and macOS. In the main program window, click on the button apri located in the upper left part of the window and select the video file to work on by searching for it in the folders on your computer.

    At this point, using the time bar located at the bottom, scroll the video to the beginning of the scene to be cut and click on the button A, then go to the end of the scene to cut and click on the button B. Finally, to actually delete the selected portion of video, press the button Canc on your computer keyboard (backspace if you use a Mac) or select the item Delete from the menu Modification which is located at the top.

    Repeat the same operation with each scene you want to delete. To save the final reont, make sure the drop-down menus Output video and Output audio in the left sidebar are both set to Copy (so as not to re-encode the video while saving), choose the output file format via the drop-down menu Container output (Eg. MP4 Muxer to get a video in MP4 format) and click the button Save (l'icona del floppy disk which is at the top left).

    In the window that opens, give a name to the new video, followed by the extension of the original file, choose the folder in which to save the video and click on the button Save to start exporting. The operation should only take a few seconds.

    QuickTime Player (macOS)

    If you are using a Mac, you can avoid installing third-party applications and trimming scenes from your videos using QuickTime Player, the multimedia player (e editor) present “steard” in macOS. The only flaw: it does not support most AVI files and other popular video file formats downloaded from the Internet. It should only be used to trim MP4 videos recorded from smartphones or downloaded from the big network.

    To trim a video with QuickTime Player, right click on the thumbnail of the file you want to operate on and select the items Apri with> QuickTime Player from the menu that appears. Next, use the time bar of the program to get to the beginning of the first scene to be cut and select the item Dividi clip from the menu Modification which is located at the top. The point of the selected video will be divided from the rest.

    Now you have to use the time bar QuickTime to get to the end of the scene to be cut and select the item Dividi clip from the menu Modification located at the top: by doing so the entire sequence will be separated from the rest of the video and you can delete it. How? Simple, by clicking on its thumbnail and pressing the key backspace onla tastiera of the computer.

    Then repeat the operation for all the scenes you want to cut e, when you are satisfied with the reont, press the button end which is located at the bottom right.

    Finally, go to the menu File> Export As of QuickTime Player, select the resolution in which to export the movie (ex. 1080p o 720p) And that's it. The duration of the export may be several minutes, as the video will be re-encoded in full.

    YouTube (Online)

    Have you posted a video on YouTube and only now have you noticed that it contains some bad scenes? Don't panic. Using the editing functions provided by the famous video portal, you can remove superfluous and / or unwanted sequences from your movies without having to re-download them on your computer.

    To take advantage of the editing functions offered by YouTube, connected to the main page of the famous video portal, click on tua photo located at the top right (you must be logged in with your Google account) and select the item Creator Studio give the menu to compare.

    On the page that opens, go to Video management (in the left sidebar), locate the movie you want to edit and click on the arrow first? located next to the button Modification and then on the voice Improvements Present on the menu if you press.

    At this point, presses on the button Cut out present at the bottom of the page that has opened, use the two blue indicators that present on the YouTube timeline to mark the start and end points of the scene to be deleted and click on the button [X] that appears at the top to proceed with the elimination of the scene.

    Then repeat the operation with all the scenes you want to delete e, when you are satisfied with the reont, first press the button end (bottom right) and then onto that Save located at the top right.

    The changes will take effect after a few minutes. If you want to save the video as a new movie without overwriting the current one, click the button Save as a new video (in alto to destra).

    Cut scenes from a video from smartphones and tablets

    Would you like to edit a video that you shot directly with your smartphone or tablet? So here are some applications to cut scenes from videos that should be right for you.

    VideoShow (Android)

    You use a terminal Android? Then let me advise you VideoShow: one of the few video editors for the green robot system that in its free version does not watermark the videos made. It allows you to edit, split, merge and retouch your videos in many different ways and is very easy to use. Let's find out how it works.

    After downloading VideoShow from the Play Store, start the app, follow its initial presentation and tap onscissors icon (Trim) located in the center of the main screen. Then choose to use the mode Trim and merge and select the movie to edit.

    Once the VideoShow editor is open, you need to select the scenes of the movie to keep. Eye: I wrote to keep, not to delete. Understood? Then use i two white indicators placed on the timeline of the application to mark the start and end points of the first scene to be kept and press the button Add which is located at the bottom right.

    Repeat the operation for all the scenes you want to keep and press the button first Preview placed at the top right and then on the buttons () and Save to gallery to save the output movie (i.e. a collection of all the scenes you have selected) in the gallery of your device.

    iMovie (iOS)

    Su iPhone and iPad there is nothing better than iMovie, the historic video editor from Apple, to remove unnecessary scenes from movies. iMovie is pre-installed on most iOS devices, but you can also download it for free from the App Store, like any other app. Do you want to find out more how it works? I'll settle you immediately.

    For the first thing, avvia iMovie by pressing on its icon on the home screen, select the card Projects which is located at the top and first presses the button [+] and then on the voice Footage. Then select the video to edit (by clicking on its thumbnail and then on the symbol ()) select the item Create film located at the bottom and wait for the iMovie editor to open.

    At this point, tap on timeline iMovie, move to the starting point of the first scene to remove and select the item Divide which is located at the bottom left. Then move to the final point of the scene and press again on Divide to separate the sequence from the rest of the video. Once this is done, select the scene you want to delete and press on the item Delete, which is located at the bottom right.

    Then repeat the operation with all the sequences that are not to your liking and proceed with saving the output video by pressing the button end at the top left, then on the icon sharing (the square with the arrow inside) and up Save video. The movie will then be saved in the iOS Photos app.

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