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    How to delete a Facebook account without password and email

    How to delete a Facebook account without a password from smartphones and tablets

    It is your intention delete a Facebook account without password and email acting via smartphone or tablet, follow the instructions that I am about to give you in the following sections: first of all, I will teach you how to get access to Facebook again, and then show you how to proceed with the definitive deletion of the account. I assure you it is not difficult.

    Recover access to the account

    To recover access to your Facebook profile without remembering the email or password associated with it, you can use the phone number (which you should have previously matched to the account through an automatic procedure).

    So, first of all, download and install the Facebook app on Android or iOS, start it and tap on the item Forgot Password that appears on the welcome screen. Once this is done, point to yours name, yours e-mail or yours telephone number in the field Nearby il tuo profilo, select (if necessary) the account you want to delete and press the button Continue attached to the screen Confirm your account.

    After a few moments, if everything went well, you should receive an SMS containing a verification code: indicate it in the field insert the code from the Facebook app, tap the button Continue, put the check mark next to the item Disconnect from other devices to disconnect all devices connected with the old password, tap the button Continue e, to complete and log back into the account, enter a new password in the appropriate field and tap the button again Continue.

    If you have not managed in any way to access the password reset after entering the phone number, it means that this has never been associated with the account you intend to get rid of: you can try to solve this problem using a computer and the functionality Trusted contacts of Facebook, as I will explain to you in the following bars of this guide.

    Delete the Facebook profile

    After regaining access to the Facebook account, you can proceed with the permanent deletion of the same: once logged in via the social network app, tap the button e seleciona le voci Settings and privacySettings.

    At this point, tap on the options Account ownership and control> Deactivation and deletion, put the check mark next to the item Delete account, pulsating award Continue to delete the account e, if you wish to download a backup of the profile data in advance, click on the button Download the information and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

    Finally, to start the deletion process, tap the button Delete account, indicates the Password of the profile in the appropriate box at the top, touch the button Continue and confirms the will to proceed by pressing the button for the last time Delete account.

    Remember you have 30 days of time to retrace your steps and cancel the deletion of the profile: in this case, all you have to do is log in again using the credentials associated with your profile and confirm its reactivation.

    How to delete a Facebook account without password and email from PC

    Are you a regular user of Facebook from a computer e, through the latter, would you like to delete the account you can no longer access? Then this is the section for you. In fact, below I will show you how to recover access to your profile, and then explain to you in detail how to get rid of it permanently.

    Recover access to the account

    Before you can permanently delete the Facebook account of your interest, you must first gain access to it again.

    How do you say? Can't remember which email account you used to create the Facebook account you intend to delete? Then I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to recover Facebook email: you could find the solution to your problem in no time.

    Finally, if you can no longer access the mailbox in question because it has been deactivated or, worse still, it has been hacked, you can try to gain access to your profile again using the telephone number associated with the account to be deleted, or identification via trusted contacts. Now I'll explain how.

    Phone Number

    To regain access to Facebook using the telephone number, proceed as follows: connect to the main page of the social network and click on the link You no longer remember how to log into your account, immediately below the field Password.

    Once on the next screen, type your phone number in the field Email or phone and press pulsating Search to find your profile. If you do not remember exactly which of the numbers in your possession you have matched to that profile, you can write yours in the same field name and surname, then click on the button Search e, once the account to be deleted in the proposed list has been identified, press the button It's my account.

    At this point, the game is practically done: put the check mark next to the option Send code via SMS attached to the screen Reset the passwordclick on your button Keep going, enter the code received via SMS in the appropriate field and press the button again Continue.

    Finally, type a new password in the appropriate field, click on the button Continue e indicates whether disconnetterti from other devices log in with the old password or if stay connected. Finally, you just have to click on the button Continue to log into your account.

    Trusted contacts

    Another great way to regain access to Facebook when you don't have your email, phone number, and password is to take advantage of the feature Trusted contacts Facebook: in this way, it is possible to reset your access key to the social network using the recovery codes provided by at least 3 trusted contacts, previously specified in the protection and access settings of the platform.

    How do you say? Did you actually carry out this operation in anticipation of a similar eventuality? Perfect! To begin with, connected to this Facebook page, indicate yours name and surname in the proposed field, click on the button Search and then click on the button It's my account, corresponding to the profile you wish to access again.

    Next, click on the link Can't you access it anymore? to indicate to Facebook that it is impossible to access the indicated e-mail box, press the button I cannot access my e-mail e, subsequently, fill in the following fields indicating a New e-mail address or  telephone number to be used to log in later and press the button Continue.

    At this point, Facebook will advise you to ask your trusted contacts for help: first, click on the button Show my trusted contacts and indicate, in the appropriate field, the name of three of your trusted friends to ask for help.

    Once this is done, contact the trusted friends you specified earlier, ask them to access the page, to press the button Continue and to confirm that you are in telephone contact: they can do this by placing a check mark next to the item Yes, I spoke to [your name] by phone and clicking on your button Continue.

    Each friend, at this stage, will display a secret code 4-digit: ask them to tell you the codes displayed, write them down and digitize them in the fields Insertion codice annexed to the section Ask your trusted contacts for help, then press the button Continue.

    To finish the recovery, enter a new password in the appropriate field, click on the button again Continue and confirm your identity by clicking on verification link / numeric code received at the e-mail address or mobile phone number indicated above.

    If you need further assistance on how to recover your Facebook account, I invite you to refer to the guide on how to enter Facebook without email and password.

    Delete the Facebook profile

    Were you able to regain access to the profile you intend to get rid of? Perfect, now you just have to follow the "classic" account deletion procedure to the letter.

    First, therefore, log in to the social network using the data you just recovered, click on the ▼ button located at the top right and choose the item Settings give the purpose menu.

    At this point, fai clic onla voce Your information on Facebook resident in the left sidebar, click on the link View combined with the option Delete your account and information, press the pulsating Delete account e, to start the deletion procedure, type the Password you used to access your profile and click the button again Delete account.

    Keep in mind that, starting from this moment, you have 30 days of time to cancel the deletion of the profile: if it is your intention to retrace your steps, you simply have to log in to Facebook using the credentials associated with the account within this period, after which your data will be deleted forever.

    Note: if you want to keep the information (posts, links, photos, videos and so on) relating to the profile you are about to delete, you can create a backup by pressing the button Download the information attached to the section Permanent deletion of the account.

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