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    How to delete a Gmail account from your mobile

    Preliminary information

    Before we get into the tutorial and see it in detail how to delete a Gmail account from your mobile, it is good that I provide you with some preliminary information on the procedure in question.

    First of all, it is good to distinguish the simple dissociation of a Gmail account from the settings of a device from the removal of the same from the Gmail application e, even more, from the definitive deletion of the Google account to which it belongs.

    In the first case, it acts on Android or iPhone settings to remove a Google account, temporarily losing the ability to synchronize messages, contacts, notes and other data on the phone with the "big G" servers. I say "momentarily" as it is a reversible action and therefore it is possible to restore the association between account and smartphone at any time.

    The same is true even if you decide to remove a Gmail account from the official app of the well-known Google mail service: by performing this operation you lose access to messages and contacts of the account in question, but the operation is reversible at any time.

    In the case of permanent deletion of a Gmail account, you permanently and irreversibly lose access to your Gmail account from any device. If you then decide to delete the entire Google account and not just the part relating to Gmail, all data related to it, preferences and the ability to log in to services such as Google Drive, YouTube, Maps and quant 'are lost. other. In short, this is a drastic move that I only recommend if you have absolutely no doubts about its implementation.

    That said, if you decide to permanently delete your Google account, first make a backup of the related data, as I explained to you in my guide dedicated to the topic. All clear? Well then let's proceed!

    How to delete a Gmail account from the Android mobile

    Let's see now how to delete a gmail account from eroid mobile. I guarantee you that the procedure can be completed in a few taps: you will find everything explained below.

    System settings

    As I just mentioned, removing a Gmail account from Android must be done from system settings. To proceed, therefore, start the app Settings (the icon ofgear located on the home screen or in the app drawer), locate the item Accounts and synchronization or the voice Account in the screen that opened and presses on it.

    At this point, click on the wording Google e, if there is more than one Google account on your device, select the one you want to remove, then press the symbol of dustbin visible on the screen (usually at the bottom) and confirm the operation by pressing the button Remove account in the box that appeared on the screen.

    On other devices, the procedure may be slightly different. Instead of seeing the trash can icon, for example, there might be a button at the bottom of the screen Other (…) which, when pressed, opens the menu containing the option Remove account to remove the selected account.

    App Gmail

    On Android, unlike what we will see shortly for iPhone, it is not possible to manage separately the accounts added in the system settings from those added in the Gmail app. Therefore, if you want to remove an account from the Gmail app for Android, you need to remove it from the system settings as seen above.

    How do you say? After removing the account of your interest, you would also like to delete theGmail app? In reality, in the vast majority of Android devices, this is installed “as steard” e, therefore, it is not possible to delete it completely.

    The only way to delete it is to unlock the device with the root procedure and force the uninstallation of the apps pre-installed on the device (in this case Gmail), using applications suitable for the purpose, such as the very famous Titanium Backup (if on your device there is no Play Store, you could try to search on some alternative store).

    Since the root procedure could cause many problems - in addition to exposing the device to potential cyber threats, if you are not careful, you could delete apps and system files that are used to make everything work correctly - consider well if it is valid. worth proceeding or not. If you decide to continue, I recommend that you read the in-depth analysis I have dedicated to the topic.

    How to delete a Gmail account from iPhone

    Now let's see how to remove a Gmail account from the settings of iPhone and from the Gmail app for iOS. I assure you that in both cases it is child's play.

    System settings

    To proceed with deleting the account from system settings, avvia l'app Settings (the gear icon located on the home screen) and press on the wording Mail or on the item Contact. In the new screen that opened, tap on the wording Account and presses on the option gmail (if you have previously added more than one Google account, you should see the email address), which is located in the section Account.

    In the new screen that opened, tap on the wording Delete account located at the bottom of the screen, then press on the wording Delete the iPhone e, within a few moments, the Gmail account will actually be removed from your iPhone.

    App Gmail

    If you want to remove a Google account only from the Gmail app for iPhone, start it, press on yours profile picture or yours initials, at the top right, and select the item Manage accounts on this device from the menu that opens. Then, locate the account you want to delete, press the relevant button Remove from this device and confirm. The game is done!

    If, on the other he, you want to remove the Gmail app entirely, locateicon of the same present on the home screen or in the app Library, make a long tap on it e, in the opened menu, select the item Delete app (in case you have acted from the Home screen, you must first press on the item Remove app). Finally, select the item Delete in the box that appeared on the screen and that's it.

    How to permanently delete Gmail account from mobile

    You came to this guide with the aim of knowing how to permanently delete Gmail account from mobile? Before explaining how to do this on both Android and iPhone, I would like to remind you that this is an irreversible action, which involves the deletion of all data attributable to the account itself, so think carefully before proceeding e, if you want to preserve your data, make a backup.

    That said, if you are acting from a device AndroidFirst, open the app Settings, tap on the items Google > Account Google and make sure that theaccount that you intend to delete permanently (if not, select it by pressing the icon of Arrow pointing downwards, select the option Use an altro account and access the latter). Then press the button Manage your Google Account placed at the top.

    Then press on the item Manage your data and personalization, scroll the displayed screen and press the button Delete a service or your account. Now, press the button Delete a Google service, make the login, premi onl'icona della dustbin displayed next to the entry for gmail, imposes a alternate address to continue logging into your Google account for other services (cannot be another Gmail account), run the check of the same and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.

    If you want to completely delete the Google account and not just the Gmail one, instead of "Delete a Google service", in the screen mentioned above you have to choose Delete your account, then provide the Password of the account you are about to delete in the appropriate text field, press the button NEXT and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to confirm your identity. Finally, put the necessary check marks to complete the procedure and press the button Delete account.

    If you use a iPhoneinstead, start the Google app (if you haven't installed it yet, you can do it now by following the instructions I gave you in this other guide), log in to the account you intend to permanently delete. Once logged in, press on thumbnail of your profile photo or on initials of your name (top right) and presses the button Manage your Google Account. Once this is done, proceed in a similar way to what we have just seen for Android: the steps to be taken are the same.

    For more information on how to delete Google account permanently, I refer you to reading the article that I dedicated entirely to the topic.

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