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    How to delete a Roblox account

    Preliminary information

    Before you enter the live of this tutorial and explain how to delete a Roblox account, let me give you some preliminary information in this regard.

    First of all, you must know that on Roblox there is no function to cancel your account independently, neither by connecting to the official website of the famous gaming platform nor by using the app for Android devices (also agolable on alternative stores, for devices without services. Google) and iOS / iPadOS. The only solution to permanently delete your game account is to submit a request for right to cancellation of privacy to the service staff.

    Upon receipt of the communication, a procedure to verify your identity will be initiated and you will have to prove that you are the owner of the account in question, following the instructions provided by email. Once the verification procedure is complete, all the data associated with the account you intend to delete will be permanently deleted (except those that Roblox must keep by law) and you will no longer be able to access the account in question. Also, you should know that, in case of second thoughts, it is not possible to recover a deleted account.

    If you are still not entirely convinced to delete your Roblox account, you can simply stop using it and eventually decide to make it inactive, stopping any active subscriptions, disabling notifications and disabling contact options from other users. Should you choose to use your account again in the future, you will be able to log into Roblox at any time and pick up where you left off. Having clarified this, let's see how to proceed.

    How to cancel a Roblox account

    As mentioned in the opening lines of this guide, all you need to do for delete a Roblox account is to send a request for right to cancellation of privacy to the platform staff using the contact form agolable in the section Support by Roblox.

    To proceed from computer, start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg. Chrome, Edge, Firefox o Safari), connected to the main page of Roblox e, if you have not already done so, log in to your account: then click on the button Log in, enter your credentials in the fields Username / Email / Tel and Password and firstly your pulse Log in.

    Now, click on the icon of gear wheel, at the top right, select the option Settings from the menu that opens e, in the new screen displayed, make sure you have verified the email address associated with your account: this is necessary to send a request to delete your data.

    If you see the entry Verification pending related to your email address, click the option Verifica, log into your e-mail box, locate theemail sent by Roblox and press pulsating Verify email contained within it, in order to verify your email address.

    Once this is done, connected to the Roblox support site, enter your data in the fields Your name, Email address and Confirm e-mail address and specify the username associated with the account you intend to delete by entering it in the field Username.

    Now, in the section Details of the problem, indicates the device on which you usually play Roblox via the appropriate drop-down menu and select the options Guide and Guide - Other in drop-down menus visible near the item Type of aid category.

    At this point, in the field Description of the problem, enter your message explicitly requesting the deletion of all your personal data in accordance with applicable law. Also, specify yours again username and l 'email address associated with the latter, explaining that you have already carried out the verification (in order to speed up the times). Finally, click on the button Send, to send the request for deletion of your data and closure of the account.

    If you prefer to proceed da smartphone or tablet, you should know that the procedure is almost identical to what I have just indicated to request the cancellation of your account from your computer. After launching the Roblox app and logging into your account, tap on the i icon three dots located at the bottom right, select the options Settings and Info account and make sure you have verified your email address.

    Once this is done, press the icon again three dots, tap on the item Guide, choose the option Contact Us e, in the new screen displayed, press on the item Support form. At this point, in the section Contact us, enter all the required data in the appropriate fields, enter your request for deletion of data and your account in the field Description of the problem, as I indicated earlier and press the button Send, to send the message.

    Regardless of the device used to contact Roblox staff, you will receive areply e-mail (within 48 hours) to the e-mail address indicated above with all the information necessary to verify your identity.

    At this point, all you have to do is reply to the email in question by confirming accept the requirements necessary to proceed with the cancellation (i.e. be at least 13 years of age and reside in a country where it is possible to request the deletion of personal information) and to have provided all the information requested (Roblox username and verified email address).

    Once this is done, your request will be further examined for processing and the Roblox staff will promptly provide other details to further verify your identity (you may need to attach a copy of your ID): after following all the information you receive via email and having provided the requested data, your account and all associated data will be permanently deleted.

    How to deactivate a Roblox account

    If you've decided to deactivate your Roblox account so you can reuse it in case of second thoughts, you need to know that there is no specific function agolable to do so. However, by stopping the renewal of any active subscriptions and disabling Roblox notifications, you can make it inactive.

    To deactivate a Roblox Premium subscription from computer, connected to the main page of Roblox and click on the button Log in, to log into your account. Once this is done, click on the icon gear wheel, at the top right, select the option Settings e, in the new screen that appears, click on the entry Billing located in the left sidebar.

    At this point, press the button Cancel visible near the item Subscription status and follow the instructions shown on the screen, to disable the automatic renewal of Roblox Premium. On this screen you can also view the Roblox credit at your disposal: you must know, however, that it is not possible to transfer or recover the agolable Robuxes which, consequently, will remain unused (they will still be agolable if you decide to return to using Roblox).

    To disable Roblox notifications, however, access the section again My settings of your account and select the item Notifications in the left sidebar. In the new screen that appears, remove the check mark from all the options agolable in the section Notification stream and also move the lever relative to the voice Push on desktop da ON a OFF, to disable push notifications on your browser.

    To make your account completely inactive, I also recommend that you disable the contact options, so that no user can message you privately or via chat. To do this, select the item Privacy (also agolable in the section My settings) e, via the drop-down menu Contact settings, select the option Disabled.

    Furthermore, if you wish, you can also remove your phone number from your Roblox account. In that case, go to the section Info account, premi onl'icona della pencil related to your phone number and select the option Remove phone number. Finally, click on the icon of gear wheelat the top right and select the option Disconnect, to log out of your Roblox account.

    How do you say? You prefer to make your account inactive da smartphone or tablet? In that case, launch the Roblox app, tap on the i icon three dotsat the bottom right and select the option Settings.

    In the new screen displayed, access the section of your interest: Info account to remove your mobile number and possibly hide your social profiles; Privacy to disable contact settings and prevent other users from contacting you via private message or chat and Notifications to turn off Roblox notifications.

    By accessing, instead, the section Billing you can view the Roblox credit agolable to you (which cannot be recovered or transferred) but you cannot deactivate any active Roblox Premium subscription.

    To do it from a device Android, start the Play Store by tapping on its icon (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol), press the ☰ button at the top left and select the option Subscriptions from the menu that opens. Now, tap on the item Roblox Premium, click on the option Cancel subscription e, after indicating the reason for deactivation, tap the buttons Continue and Cancel subscription. For the detailed procedure.

    If, on the other he, you have activated a Roblox Premium subscription on iPhone / iPadgo to the menu Settings (the gear icon found on the Home Screen), select yours nameQuindi la voce Subscriptions. At this point, in the section active, click on the option Roblox Premium and tap the buttons Cancel subscription and Confirmation, to deactivate the automatic renewal of the subscription in question. For the detailed procedure.

    Now, start the Roblox app again, tap on the icon three dots e, in the new screen displayed, press the button Disconnect twice in a row, to log out of your account. Finally, if you deem it appropriate, you can also uninstall the app in question from your device: in this regard, my guides to uninstall apps on Android and iPhone may be useful.

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