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    How to delete a video from YouTube without an account

    Delete someone else's video from YouTube without an account

    If you want delete someone else's video from YouTube without an account, perhaps because in your opinion it violates some terms of use of the service (for example it violates copyright or presents inappropriate content), know that you can try to send a report to the staff of the famous platform (which is owned by Google) and hope that the your request is accepted.

    Copyright infringement

    If you want to send a report regarding an alleged copyright infringement, you can use a specific form that can be completed from the browser, acting both from a computer and from a mobile phone (also in the latter case via the browser and not from the YouTube app).

    To proceed, linked to this YouTube page, check the box I'm not a robot (if you are asked to carry out the security check) and indicate one of the options relating to the type of report you want to make (eg. Copyright infringement).

    Then indicate who is affected by the violation by selecting one of the options listed in the box Copyright Infringement - Who Affected? (Eg. I!, if the violation harms you personally; My company, my organization or my client, if the violation affects your company, or Another copyright owner, if the violation affects another person).

    Now, specify theVideo url that is affected by the violation, describe the work that is the subject of the violation by selecting one of the items indicated in the menu Select an item (Eg. My name, My software, etc.) and fill in the fields in the box Videos to remove. If you have other videos to report, click the button (+) Add another video and repeat the steps I indicated in the previous lines.

    Finally, fill out the form Tell us about yourself specifying yours name, your mailing address, your number of phone, and so on; put the check mark on all the boxes in the box at the bottom of the page, put your digital signature by providing your name e last name in the appropriate box click on the button Submit a complaint to send the report.

    I cannot guarantee that the reported video will actually be removed from YouTube, but you can rest assured that your report will be taken care of and will be addressed by the staff of the Google video sharing platform.

    Inappropriate content

    Watching a video on YouTube you noticed inappropriate content and do you want to report the thing to have the movie removed from the platform? To send your request, click on the symbol (...) placed under the video in question (if you are acting from the web version of YouTube) or in the upper right corner of its playback screen (if you are acting through the official app for Android or iOS) e, in the menu that opens , select the option Report.

    Then specify the type of inappropriate content present in the video (eg. Content of a sexual nature, Violent or repulsive content, etc.) and confirm the sending of the report by selecting the item again Report. At this point, all you have to do is wait and hope that YouTube will remove the content, as long as it actually violates the terms of use of the service.

    Delete your own video from YouTube in case of lost credentials

    Do you want delete a video you posted on YouTube but you don't remember the login credentials to your account? In this case, you must first recover the latter and then proceed with the removal of the video of your interest: let me guide you step-by-step in this procedure.

    Retrieve the Google account

    Per recover the Google account associated with the YouTube channel on which you uploaded the video you want to delete, linked to this page, enter the email address or telephone number linked to the account in question (in the text field Email address or telephone number) and click on your button NEXT.

    Then provide the last password you remember in the text field Insert last password and click on the button NEXT. If you don't remember any passwords, click on the link Try a different method until you are offered a recovery method that suits you, then follow the instructions you see on the screen to try to regain possession of your account.

    If none of the recognition methods offered to you by Google are right for you, you will be asked to provide an alternate email address, so as to get in touch with a "flesh and blood" employee of the Mountain View giant, who will help recover the account. Keep in mind, however, that by choosing this option they could pass up to 5 working days to restore access to your account.

    If you need further information on the procedure to follow to recover a Google account, conont the guide where I have explained to you in greater detail the operations to be carried out in these cases.

    Delete the video

    Once you have actually managed to regain possession of your Google account, you will be able to access your channel and delete the video of your interest: below you will find explained how to proceed from PC, smartphone and tablet.

    • From computer - visit this page, click the button Log in located at the top right, select theGoogle account associated with the channel in which the video you want to delete is present, enter your password in the appropriate text field and click on the button NEXT, in order to log in. Then click on yours profilo's photo located at the top right, select the item YouTube Studio (beta) from the menu that opens e, in the new page that appears, select the tab Video. Now, locate the video you want to delete, click on the symbol of three dots placed next to the latter, select the item Delete from the menu that opens and click the button Delete video to permanently delete the movie.
    • Give smartphone and tablet - start the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device, tap on thelittle man located at the top right, presses the button Log in, select yours Google account and enter the relative Password access. At this point, tap on yours profilo's photo placed at the top right, presses on the item My channel to access the main screen of your YouTube channel, select the tab Video present in the top menu, locate the movie you want to delete, press the i symbol three dots, select the voice Delete from the menu that opens and confirms the operation, by pressing on OK.

    For more information on how to remove videos from YouTube, please conont the in-depth analysis I dedicated to the topic: it will surely be useful to you.

    What to do in case of problems

    Although you have tried to follow the directions I gave you in previous chapters, you continue to encounter problems deleting a video from YouTube? If so, perhaps it would be best to contact the service support team directly. I remind you that you can do this in various ways, for example by calling the number 02.36618300 agolable Monday through Friday from 08am to 00pm or via the official YouTube help forum.

    For more information on how to contact YouTube, do not hesitate to read the in-depth study that I have just linked to, where you can find explained in detail how to use these and other contact methods.

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