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    How to delete an Epic Games account

    Preliminary information

    Before you enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to delete an Epic Games account, I think it may interest you to know which services you may have connected it to and what it involves doing this operation.

    Well, Epic Games is the company behind many popular video games, including Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. In addition to this, the company owns theEpic Games Store, that is a digital store where video games are sold, and the graphics engine Unreal Engine. All these services are linked to a single Epic Games account, which "stores" all the progress, purchases and actions that the user has made in this regard.

    When deleting an Epic Games account, all this data is therefore lost. Also, I remind you that deletion of the profile is irreversible, so I advise you to evaluate the situation well before proceeding. In case you are still convinced to continue, here you will find all the relevant instructions.

    How to delete an Epic Games account

    As you may have already guessed, the amount of information related to the Epic Games account can be very high. For this reason, the US company has decided to make it possible to remove the profile only through a special option on its official portal, in order to avoid any problems.

    To proceed, connected to the official Epic Games website from a common browser for Internet browsing, enter theemail address and Password Epic Games account or tap on one of the social icons (Advice PlayStation o Xbox, if you have such a profile) and select the item LOGIN.

    At this point, scroll the page that appears on the screen and press on the item ELIMINA ACCOUNT. Depending on your account settings, you may be prompted to enter a security code. Usually, just enter the unlock code and press on the item CONFIRM DELETE. For more details, I still recommend that you conont my guide on how to get the unlock code for the Epic Games account.

    Perfect, now there account deletion request has been forwarded to the Epic Games experts, who will carry out this operation as soon as possible. You just have to wait for the US company to complete the removal. For more details on account deletion, I recommend that you conont the official Epic Games guidelines.

    How to unlink an Epic Games account

    In case you don't want to completely remove your Epic Games account, you may want to consider disconnect it from the platforms you play on to titles like Fortnite.

    In fact, account deletion is an "extreme" method in case you just want to change your account. To disconnect your account from the consoles, which could cause you to lose the progress you have made with your profile, you simply need to connect to the official Epic Games website, enter theemail address and Password (or click on one of the social icons) and will select the voice LOGIN.

    Now, select the item RELATED ACCOUNTS from the menu that appears on the screen on the left and press on the item DISCONNECT, to remove your account. If, on the other he, you want to change your account from PC or smartphone and tablet, you just need to select the item Logout and log in with the new account. For more details, I invite you to conont my guide on how to switch accounts on Fortnite.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    In some cases, you may have encountered difficulties with removing your Epic Games account. Well, the variables involved are many and therefore it is good to learn how to contact Epic Games support.

    Before doing this, however, I suggest you try to have the confirmation code sent again by pressing on the item SEND SECURITY CODE AGAIN present on the account deletion page, as also suggested by Epic Games itself in its official guidelines.

    If you really can't solve the problem on your own, you just have to connect to the official Epic Games support site and click on the button CONTACT US present at the top right. At this point, enter Language, Your name (optional), E-mail address and Platform (platform) and select the item "Delete Epic Games account“, Typing a short description of the problem you encountered in the appropriate box and entering the security text.

    Finally, hit the button SEND and your request will be forwarded to Epic Games experts, who will contact you as soon as possible via email. 

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