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    How to delete an Instagram account from your phone

    Preliminary information

    First anchor to enter the live of this guide and the explain how to delete an instagram account on the phone, it is good to clarify how to deactivate the profile that Instagram makes agolable.

    In this case, you can follow three different paths: deactivate the Instagram account provisionally, eliminate it entirely o disassociate it from the device in use.

    In the first case, the profile, even if it still exists, will be made unagolable within the social network: this means that, following the deactivation of the account, all the I like itComments associated with the profile, the latter will no longer appear in the list of followers and cannot be cononted by other users inside or outside the social network.

    However, the data will not be permanently deleted and all contents will be agolable again as soon as the profile is activated again (this can be done simply by logging in with your credentials). As things currently ste, it is possible to deactivate an Instagram account at most once a week.

    THEdefinitive elimination of the profile, on the other he, is a completely different story: once the request for cancellation is made, the account (together with all the data connected to it) disappears forever and it is no longer possible to access it, in any case. Furthermore, it will no longer be possible to use the username for different accounts, nor to combine it with an existing profile. The photos, comments, likes and so on will be permanently deleted e, therefore, they will no longer be accessible.

    Different speech, however, concerns the dissociation of an Instagram account from a smartphone or tablet: in this case, the profile is simply disassociated from the device (therefore opening the Instagram app does not show the related contents), but the account is neither deactivated nor deleted on the social network, where it continues to be normally accessible .

    I recommend: if you decide to permanently delete your Instagram profile, download one backup copy of the data you have shared on the social network (photos, videos, profile information, Direct chats, and so on), which will no longer be agolable following the deletion of the account.

    To do so, open the Instagram app for Android or iPhone and press onlittle man (bottom right), to access your profile. Then press the ☰ button, go to Settings> Security> Download data, immetti il ​​tuo email address in the appropriate text field and press the button Request the download. Finally, type the Password of your account, click on NEXT and wait for the link to download your archive to be emailed to you (this may take up to 48 hours).

    If you prefer to act as a browser (even from a PC), connected to the Instagram website, tap the button Log in and enter the credentials of the user profile you want to delete in the fields displayed on the screen.

    If your Instagram profile is connected to Facebook, tap the button instead Accedi con Facebook and log in using the data associated with the blue social network.

    In any case, once logged into the account, tap on thelittle man located at the bottom right, touch the d-shaped icongear, located at the top left, tap on the item Privacy and security attached to the menu that is proposed to you e, finally, touch the item Request the download resident in the box Data download.

    Once this is done, check that theemail address associated with your Instagram account is correct, tap the button NEXT, enter the Password that you use to access the profile, in order to verify your identity e, finally, tap the button Request the download, to start creating the archive containing your data, which it could take up to 48 hours.

    When the archive is agolable, you will receive an email at the address specified above, containing a link for downloading the data (which can be used by 4 days from creation): to download everything, press the button Download the data located at the bottom of the email received.

    Having made these necessary clarifications, I would say that the time has come to get down to business and see, in practice, how to dissociate, delete or deactivate an Instagram account.

    How to remove an Instagram account from your phone

    You have configured due account Instagram inside the app installed on your smartphone e, now, do you want to remove the one you no longer use from your phone, so as not to receive the related notifications anymore?

    Nothing could be simpler: to begin with, start the Instagram app installed on your device, tap on the icon in the shape of little man located at the bottom right e, using the drop-down menu located on the next screen (top left), select the profile name from which you intend to leave.

    Once this is done, tap the ☰ button, to access the main menu of the app, tap on the item Settings and finally tap the option Log out of [username], in order to dissociate the profile in question from the Instagram app. Finally, specify if remember or not, the login information, using the warning screen that is proposed to you, and press the button Logout, to terminate the disconnection.

    If you had configured only one Instagram account on your phone and wanted to disassociate it, you must follow a very similar procedure: after starting the app, touch the icon in the shape of little man and then the button ☰ displayed in the next panel. Once this is done, tap the button Settings, tap on the item Logout, indicates whether or not to remember the login information e, to log out, press the button again Logout.

    Finally, if you use Instagram via the browser (i.e. the Internet browsing app installed on the phone) and you want to delete the login, connected to the social network website, tap on the icon oflittle man, then on the button in the shape ofgear (top left) and finally tap the item Logout located in the menu that appears on the screen. To finish and exit the profile, press the button Logout located in the warning screen that you buy later.

    Finally, to eliminate the "traces" of the previous access you have to delete the cookies connected to the browser you are using: I explained how to do it in my guide on how to delete cookies from your mobile phone.

    How to delete an Instagram profile from the phone

    If you are going to permanently delete your Instagram profile using the smartphone in your possession, then it will be useful to know in advance that it is not possible to carry out this operation through the app, but you must act via browser (i.e. the app used to browse the Internet, such as Chrome your eroid or Safari your iPhone).

    Before even proceeding, remember to download a backup copy of the data that you have been able to upload to the social network, following the instructions I have given you in the initial chapter of this guide.

    Once the download of your personal archive is finished, you are finally ready to delete your account from Instagram: before going on, I would like to reiterate that this procedure it is final and cannot be undone in any way. Furthermore, deleting an Instagram profile involves the destruction of the data connected to it and the inability to use the same username for other accounts (or to link it to existing profiles). All clear? OK, so let's get started.

    First, start the browser you usually use on your smartphone and connect to the web page dedicated to deleting Instagram accounts (if you want to type it manually, the address is

    If necessary, log back into the social network, indicating your username and password, and specify the reason for which you want to delete the account, using the drop-down menu located on the page that is proposed to you. Then enter the again Password in the appropriate text field e, to conclude and permanently delete your profile from the social network, tap the button Delete my account permanently.

    If you no longer intend to use Instagram, I recommend that you also delete the app from your smartphone: to be able to do so, if you use Android, go to the menu Settings> Apps and notifications> Show all apps, tap on the item related to Instagram and premium pulsating Uninstall per due turn consecutive.

    Se, invece, stai using a iPhone, make a long tap on the icon Instagram, select the voice Rearrange app from the menu that is proposed to you e, when the icon begins to "tremble", first tap on X that appears at the top and then on the button Remove, in order to completely delete the app from the phone.

    If you are using a version of iOS prior to 13, to make the app icons "shake", you simply have to make a long tap on any of them.

    How to deactivate Instagram account from phone

    How do you say? Don't you want to be so drastic e, instead of completely deleting your Instagram profile, you just want to take a little "break" from the social network?

    Then you might find it useful temporarily disable your account: by doing so, the Instagram profile will no longer appear in the contact lists, among searches or elsewhere on the social network, nor will it be possible to interact with it. The photos, comments and "likes" will then be hidden until the profile is reactivated again.

    However, the data related to the profile will not be deleted and the account will remain agolable: to return to use it, it will be sufficient to log in with the same credentials used at the time of deactivation. All clear? OK, then let's proceed.

    To deactivate your Instagram account from your phone, first connect to the social network's website (if you want to type it in manually, the address is, tap the button Log in, if you are not logged in yet, and enter the credenziali d'accesso to your profile in the appropriate forms.

    If you used to access Instagram via Facebook, tap the button Accedi con Facebook and indicates, when requested, the username and password associated with the latter.

    Once in your profile, tap onlittle man located at the bottom right, then on the button Edit the profile (above) and then tap the link Temporarily disable my account, located at the bottom of the page displayed immediately after.

    At this point, specify why you are deactivating your account, using the appropriate drop-down menu, re-enter the password within the text field below, to verify your identity e, finally, press the button Temporarily disable the account, to deactivate the profile and hide your data.

    In case of second thoughts, you can activate the Instagram account again by logging in to the profile, at any time and with any method you prefer (via app or browser, from any device). Note that it is possible to deactivate the Instagram account at most once a week.

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