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    How to delete Apple account

    Preliminary operation

    Delete an Apple account it means, among other things, losing access to all files hosted on your iCloud account. It is therefore essential, before proceeding, to back up all your data.

    To download a copy of the data in your iCloud account, you must connect to this page of the Apple website, log in to your account (the account to be deleted) and first click on the button Continue and then on the voice Start annexed to the section Get a copy of the data.

    On the next page, put the check mark next to the items relating to the data you want to download (keep in mind that the more data you select, the longer it will take to prepare the archive and the heavier the download will be) and click on Continue. The data that can be downloaded are as follows.

    • App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store and Apple Music activities.
    • Apple ID account and device information.
    • Apple Online Store and Apple Store Activities.
    • AppleCare support history, repair requests, and more.
    • Game Center Activities.
    • ICloud reading list and bookmarks.
    • ICloud calendars and reminders.
    • ICloud contacts.
    • Note iCloud.
    • Report a problem in Maps.
    • Subscriptions to commercial promotions, downloads and other activities.
    • Other data.
    • ICloud files and documents.
    • iCloud Mail.
    • ICloud Photos.

    At this point, select the maximum weight that each "piece" of the archive with your data must have (1, 2, 5, 10 o 25 GB), click on your button Complete the request and wait for Apple to send you the email with the data download link (this may take several days).

    To get an estimate of the date on which the archive will be ready, go back to the home page of the Apple site dedicated to privacy and click on the item See the details located in the right sidebar, under the heading Data request in progress.

    Another preliminary operation that I advise you to perform is to check for the presence of any active subscriptions on your Apple account: to do this, connected to this page of the Apple website, click on the button Manage your subscriptions e wait for the opening of iTunes.

    Before submitting your Apple ID deletion request, please dissociate the address from all your devices as well. To dissociate the account from iTunes, start the program, go to the menu Store> View Account iTunes and click the button Cancel any authorization. To remove the ID association with your devices, select the option Manage devices and click on the option to disassociate each device.

    Delete Apple account permanently

    To delete your Apple ID, connected to this page of the Apple website, log in and first click on Confirmation (if you have never logged into the site) and then on the item Start annexed to the section Delete account.

    At this point, carefully read the instructions displayed on the screen (this is a summary of all the data and services that you will have to give up after closing the account), expe the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the screen and select the reason that is pushing you to close your account (ex. I am concerned about the privacy of my data o I want to stop using my account).

    Now, click on the button Continue, read the instructions on the new proposed page and click again on Continue. Then put the check mark next to the item I have read and accept these conditions, pig on on bottone Continue e choose whether to receive news on the practice of canceling your account (which, as mentioned, will require up to 7 days of waiting) on ​​your current email address, a other email address or yours telephone number.

    Fatto ciò, click on your button Continue, pinned the security code you see on the screen e, if you can, print it by pressing the appropriate button. Then click on the button Continue, enter the security code obtained above and click the button first Continue e then Delete account to confirm your willingness to cancel your account.

    Apple will notify you via email or phone number (based on the preferences you have communicated) when your ID is permanently deleted.

    Deactivate Apple account temporarily

    If you do not want to permanently delete your Apple ID, but you just want to deactivate it temporarily while preserving the possibility of reactivating it (e therefore find your data), you can proceed in this other way: connected to the Apple website dedicated to privacy, access with the account to be deactivated and first click on Confirmation (if you have never logged into the site) and then on the item Start annexed to the section Deactivate your account.

    Now follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous chapter (the steps to be taken are the same as for the complete cancellation of the account) and that's it. To restore your Apple account later, you will need to communicate the security code obtained during the disabling procedure.

    Delete Apple accounts from iPhone / iPad

    Don't want to delete your Apple ID permanently? You just want to remove it from a iPhone or iPad to replace it with another account? In this case the procedure to follow is very simple.

    Go to the menu Settings> your name of iOS and "tap" on the button Logout which is at the bottom of the screen twice in a row. Then go to the menu Settings> iTunes Store and App Store, select yours email address and presses on the option Logout present in the che si apre.

    Delete Apple accounts from your computer

    Do you want to delete an Apple account from a Mac or from a PC Windows on which the official iCloud client has been installed? Don't worry, just a few clicks are enough and that's it.

    If you are using a Mac, open System preference (the gear icon in the Dock bar), click on the icon iCloud and pulsing on pulsating Logout located at the bottom left to unpair the computer from your Apple ID.

    If you are using a Windows PC, open the iCloud control panel from the Start menu and click on the button Logout located in the left sidebar.

    Of course, removing your Apple ID from your computer will lose access to all data synced with iCloud, such as photos, app documents, and contacts.

    Please note: to associate a new Apple ID to your computer or iOS device, go to the menu where you removed the previous account and select the option to log in.

    In case of problems

    If you still have doubts about the cancellation of the Apple ID, you can contact the official assistance of the Cupertino giant. Therefore, connected to the website of the Cupertino giant, click on the icon Apple ID and select the item Change Apple ID from the page that opens.

    Now choose if speak to Apple Support immediately to receive an operator call immediately (option agolable only on weekdays and typical office hours) or if schedule a call for a later day or time. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with your personal data, the number at which you want to be called e, if you have chosen the option to schedule the call, specify the date and time you want to be contacted.

    Once on the phone with Apple's operators, explain your situation, provide all the information required to validate your identity and hope that your account cancellation request will be accepted quickly.

    You can't delete Apple account? Has your cancellation request been pending for a long time? Then I strongly advise you to "empty" your ID of all sensitive data associated with it. In this way, even if still active, your ID cannot pose a risk to your privacy.

    To change the information associated with your Apple ID, connect to the Apple website (from a computer, smartphone or tablet, it's the same thing) and click on the button Manage your Apple ID which is on the right. Then log in using the credentials of the account to "empty" and select the information to be changed from the left sidebar.

    You can change name, ID and email addresses, Password, Addresses and telephone number. However, keep in mind that the addresses set as the primary address of an account, if generated when the Apple ID was created, they cannot be changed.

    Also, know that to access the section Password and security (where to change account passwords and devices associated with it) you may be asked to answer the security questions.

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