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    How to delete blank page Word

    How to delete white page Word

    If you want to know how to delete a blank page in Word, in the next chapters I will show you how to solve this situation, which could be caused by the insertion - more or less voluntary - of apage break or a long series of blank lines in the document.

    Remove page and section breaks

    Le page breaks and of section they are elements that allow you to create a gap between two portions of text in a document. While the page breaks they simply wrap the text at the beginning of a new page, the section breaks they have the purpose of managing the layout of a document by creating several independent areas. The latter, however, can create real page breaks, which inevitably generate blank pages.

    The easiest way to delete these blank pages from a Word document is to turn on the display of the hidden characters, in order to view all interruption signs and search for unwanted ones, otherwise not visible.

    Then open the document of your interest in Microsoft Word, select the tab Home located at the top left and click on fly foot symbol () located in the section Paragraph of the program toolbar. If you use Word Onlineinstead, in the tab Home, click the icon (...) and press on the item Show / hide ¶.

    At this point, inside the file, look for the element marked with the wording Page break, which precedes the blank page to be deleted, select it with the mouse and press the key Canc (or the key Backspace) on your computer keyboard to confirm deletion.

    In 'app in Word for Android and iOS / iPadOS, unfortunately, it is not possible to visually identify these page breaks, if not by changing the view of the document: to do this, go to the tab View (located at the top on a tablet and in the drop-down menu at the bottom left on a smartphone) and press the button Print layout.

    By changing the display mode using the key Mobile device view, always in the card View, you will see that the blank page is nothing more than a series of blank lines. So, all you have to do is highlight these and press the button Backspace of the virtual keyboard, to delete them.

    With regard to section breaks, the speech does not change compared to that made in the previous paragraphs. The latter will be identified with the wording Section break and you can easily delete them by highlighting them and pressing the key Canc o Backspace on the keyboard.

    But be careful about the type of section break you delete: by managing the layout structure, you could completely change the view and arrangement of the document content. Therefore, to keep the original formating, insert other types of breaks from the drop-down menu Interruptions present in the card layout di Microsoft Word.

    Eliminate the fly feet

    If the blank pages were not preceded by a break, but were made up of a series of blank lines, you can easily proceed by deleting them. This operation, however, may be easier to perform on Microsoft Word o Word Online, enabling the display of hidden characters.

    Therefore, come on Microsoft Word, click on the tab Home, top left, and press on fly foot symbol () in the section Paragraph. On Word Onlineinstead, in the tab Home, click the icon (...) and then on the voice Show / hide ¶.

    At this point, you will be able to see all the blank lines marked simply by fly feet (): you just have to place the typing pointer on them and press the key Canc or il tasto Backspace on your computer keyboard to delete them.

    In 'app in Word per smartphone and tablet Hidden characters can't be enabled, so you'll just have to visually locate lines that are blank. When you have located them, move the pointer over them and press the key Backspace of the virtual keyboard to delete them.

    How to delete Word blank page in print

    Sometimes you may not be aware of all the page breaks or blank lines that create blank pages in a Word document, especially if the document contains a lot of pages. In this case, when you pass to the printing of the document, you will inevitably have blank pages which, perhaps, can even break the layout provided for the pages.

    For this reason, my advice is to go to print preview and scroll through the pages of the document, until you find any remaining blank pages. To do this in Microsoft Word for Windows and macOS, all you have to do is go to the menu File> Print, top left. In Word Onlineinstead, you have to press go to the menu File> Print> Print, to access the preview of the document. In theapp in Word per smartphone and tabletFinally, you have to press the icon (...)at the top and select the item Print.

    When you have identified the blank pages, you can proceed in two ways: delete them as I have already explained to you in the previous chapter, or skip printing them. In the latter case, after you have noted the number of blank pages, enter the range to be printed in the box Pages of the print screen.

    The latter must be set with the dash symbol (Eg. 1-5 to print only pages 1 to 5) or by using the comma symbol (Eg. 1,4,6 to print pages 1, 4 and 6). You can also use a combination of the two methods and print with different ranges. Proceeding in this way you will see that, in the preview, blank pages will be automatically deleted from the view.

    How to delete Word page

    Working in Word, you may also find yourself in a situation where you want to delete the page of a document where there are elements such as text, images, tables etc, so not blank pages.

    The operations to be carried out in this case are not so different from those already seen in this guide but, if you want to know more about how to proceed, read the suggestions I have proposed in my guide on how to delete a Word page: I hope they can be useful to you .

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