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    How to delete Chrome extensions

    As I have also indicated to you in my guide on the subject, extensions are one of the most interesting and effective methods to customize Google Chrome. Thanks to them, you can in fact expe the functions of the browser practically indefinitely and speed up a lot of operations that would normally require the execution of several tedious steps. Installing them is simple, you've seen it, but removing them? Also! However, if you don't know how to do it, you can read this tutorial on how to delete chrome extensions to find out immediately how to proceed.

    As I told you, deleting Chrome extensions is a real breeze. Just like the installation one, the procedure for removing extensions from the big G browser is in fact very easy to implement. Just go to the program options and click on a couple of items. Once this is done, within a few moments the selected extension will be removed from the browser.

    Then? Do you want to find out what exactly you have to do to be able to delete Chrome extensions? Yes? Very well! I would say then not to waste any more precious time, to ban the chatter and immediately start to get busy. I am sure that in the end you will be surprised by the simplicity of the operation and that in case of need you will also be ready and happy to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends eager to receive a similar tip. What do you say, we bet?

    Before explaining how to delete Chrome extensions, however, it seems necessary to make a couple of clarifications. Google Chrome is a web browser that is equally agolable for all major operating systems. Windows, MacOS and Linux. Consequently, the procedure that must be put in place to eliminate the installed extensions is practically the same in all cases. Chrome is also agolable as a browser for smartphones and tablets. In this case, however, the installation of the extensions is not provided.

    Then keep in mind that in addition to being able to delete Chrome extensions you can also act by simply going to them disable. This is a practice that can be useful in case you want to stop using a given extension only for a certain period and then be able to use it again later. In this way, the selected extensions stop working, no longer take up useful memory but are not completely removed from the browser. Alternatively, you can choose to hide one or more extensions.

    Delete Chrome extensions

    Are you interested in understeing how to delete Chrome extensions? Well, then to start with, start the web browser via its icon and then click on the button Other (I cheer with i three dots) that you find located in the upper right part of the program window. Then select the item Other tools from the menu that is shown to you and then click Extensions.

    In the new tab that at this point will open in Chrome, locate the extension you want to delete and then click on the button Remove from Chrome ... (the one depicting a basket) that you find in his correspondence and confirm your willingness to remove it by clicking on the button Remove. Facile, see?

    In the case of the extensions that add a button in the toolbar of the program there is then a small shortcut. You can get rid of them by simply right clicking on their buttons and selecting the item Remove from Chrome ... from the menu that appears. Even in this case, you must then confirm your willingness to delete the extension by clicking on the button Remove.

    Have you thought about it and now would you like to underste how to do it in order to cancel the procedure just seen together to delete Chrome extensions? In this case, all you have to do is connect to the Chrome Web Store by clicking here from the Google home browser, type the name of the deleted extension you want to install again in the search bar at the top and press the button Submit onla tastiera of the computer.

    Next you will need to click on the button + Add that you find in correspondence with the extension in the search reonts list and you will then have to confirm the execution of the operation by clicking on the button Add extension.

    Please note that if you are logged in to the browser with your Google account, deleting a given extension from Chrome on your computer will automatically delete it from all other browser sessions to which you are always logged in with your Google account and are active on any other computers. The same goes for the new installation of an extension.

    Disable Chrome Extensions

    As I told you, you can also disable Chrome extensions instead of deleting them altogether. To do this, click on the button Other located in the upper right part of the browser window, select the item Other tools from the menu that is shown to you and click Extensions.

    In the new tab that at this point will open in Chrome, locate the extension you want to disable and then remove the check mark from the box Attiva present in his correspondence. Done!

    Then you can then re-enable the extensions you have disabled simply by going to the section again Extensions from the menu Other Tools Chrome and placing a check mark in the box Enable that you find in correspondence with the elements you previously disabled.

    Hide Chrome Extensions

    You don't want to delete Chrome extensions or disable them but, much more simply, you want to hide their icon in the toolbar. Well, why didn't you say that right away? To do this, right-click on the extension icon on which you intend to go to act e, from the menu that is subsequently shown to you, select the option Hide in the Chrome menu.

    Alternatively, you can hide the extensions you no longer want to see in the toolbar by going to "lengthen" the address bar. To do this, bring the cursor to the left side of the address bar, left click e, while continuing to hold e, drag the bar to the right. Note that moving the address bar hides the leftmost extensions first.

    If you change your mind, you can always make the hidden extensions visible again in the toolbar by clicking on the button Other that you find in the upper right part of the Chrome window, by right-clicking on the icon of the extension on which you intend to go to act and then selecting the item Show in toolbar In the menu that comes mostrato.

    In case of problems

    Have you performed the instructions to delete Chrome extensions that I provided in the previous lines but you are unable to complete the entire procedure due to some error? Does the extension you want to delete continue to be there every time the browser is restarted? If so, it could be that malware is modifying the extension files.

    To deal with this, I suggest you follow the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to remove malware in which, in fact, I have proceeded to illustrate a whole series of useful software that I can help you in the occurrence of a situation of this type .

    If, on the other he, when you try to reactivate an extension, the message appears This extension may be damaged, it means that the files of the same may have been modified.

    To remedy this, click the button Other in the upper right part of the browser window, then click on Other tools and subsequently on Extensions then find the damaged extension and click on Repair. Finally, confirm your willingness to repair the extension by clicking the button once again Repair.

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