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    How to delete "Congratulations You Won" on iPhone

    Bloccare i pop-up

    The first way to avoid the display of advertising pages on the iPhone is to activate (if it was not already active) the pop-up blocker in Safari. Pop-ups, in case you don't know, are the pop-up windows that are often used on the web to show “treacherous” advertisements, while Safari is the default iPhone application for surfing the Internet.

    Now that you have everything clear, let's take action. To activate the pop-up blocker in Safari, open the menu Settings iOS device (the gear icon located on the home screen), select the item Safari from the screen that opens e, if not already active, move up ON the function lever Block pop-up windows (it should be near the end of the menu).

    From now on, the display of advertising pop-ups in Safari should be canceled, or otherwise drastically reduced.

    If, unfortunately, you have already stumbled upon several pop-up pages and do not know how to close them, tap on the icon with the two squares located in the lower right corner of the window Safari, identifies the pages to be closed and presses on [X] placed on their miniatures. Alternatively, swipe them and move them to the left with your finger.

    If Safari is blocked and does not allow you to close the advertising pages, it forces the browser to close completely. To do this, call up the iOS multitasking menu by pressing the key Home iPhone twice in a row, locate Safari and move its window up, so that it disappears.

    If you have one iPhone X, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the center and hold down until the list of all open apps appears, then keep your finger pressed on any of the windows displayed on the screen, wait for the symbol to appear negative (-) lead on them and moves the Safari one upwards, in order to force the browser to close.

    Once Safari is closed, you should be able to start Safari again and close the advertising pages as explained above.

    If the pop-up blocker of Safari does not fully satisfy you, you can try using another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox for iOS, which both include excellent functions for blocking pop-up windows (active by default).

    Deactivate paid subscriptions

    After viewing the page that says “Congratulations You Won” on your iPhone, you have activated a paid subscription? Don't panic, it can happen, but there is a solution to that too.

    First, open the app Messages of iOS (the green balloon icon on the home screen) and check all the SMS you have recently received: among them there should also be a confirmation message relating to the activation of the subscription. Open the message in question and inside it you should find the instructions necessary to deactivate the subscription: generally it is about sending an SMS with written DO NOT o STOP to a number indicated in the message, or to call a telephone number and follow the guide voice to request the deactivation of the value added service (technically called VAS).

    After following the instructions for deactivating the subscription that was activated on your line, make sure you receive a Confirmation SMS relating to the cancellation of the SEA. If you do not receive the confirmation SMS, repeat the operation. Then contact your telephone operator to request cancellation e, if you want, preventive blocking of all value-added services on your line. Below you will find all the steps you need to take, operator by operator.


    • 119 - contact 119 and ask an operator to deactivate all VAS active on your line and preventively block the activation of new similar services in the future. If you don't know how to talk to a TIM operator, follow the instructions in my guide on the subject.
    • 800.442299 - call this number and follow the instructions of the voice guide to deactivate the VAS active on your line, in case 119 has not been helpful.
    • SMS - send an SMS to 119 with written deactivation of VAS services. This will cancel all active subscription services on your line and prevent their activation in the future.

    For more information on TIM's management of SEAs, conont the operator's official website.


    • 190 - if you are a Vodafone customer, you can call 190 and get in touch with an operator to request the cancellation of all VAS active on your line and block the activation of similar services in the future. 

    If, on the other he, you want more information on how Vodafone manages value-added content, take a “jump” to the operator's website.


    • 155 - call 155 and get in touch with an operator to deactivate paid subscriptions and request their inhibition in the future. 
    • SMS - send a text message STOP to the number 48048 (if you want to deactivate an SMS info service) or to the number 48005 (if you want to deactivate an MMS Info service).

    Connect to the Wind website for more information on VAS and their management by the operator.


    • 133 - if you are a Tre customer, you can contact the 133, ask to speak to an operator and formulate your request for the deactivation of the VAS (with relative future block for services of this type). For more details on how to contact Operator Three, read my guide on this.

    If, on the other he, you want more information on Tre's management of VAS, conont the operator's website.

    Refund of unwanted subscriptions

    If you have discovered that you have active VASs on your line for less than 7 days, you can contact your operator and ask for a reimbursement of the amount spent. Some operators, such as TIM, allow you to request a refund up to 12 days from the activation of the subscriptions. For more info on this, read my guide on how to deactivate subscriptions.

    Please note: it is advisable to submit the refund request together with the VAS deactivation request. In some cases, in fact, the operators require that the subscription services are still active in order to be able to verify the activation times (e therefore the amount of the reimbursement that is due to the user).

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