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    How to delete cookies from your mobile

    Preliminary information

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, it is my duty to warn you of one very important thing: if you have activated the synchronization of browsing data via the cloud, for example through your account Google was used Chrome, or your account iCloud if you use Safari, by deleting the browsing data on your smartphone, you will also delete them on your computer and on all other devices connected to the same account. All clear? Well then we can proceed.


    It is your intention delete the cookies from the mobile phone and use the browser Google Chrome for Android or iOS, then carefully follow the instructions I am going to give you below.

    First, launch the Google Chrome from the drawer of Android or from the Home screen of iOS, press the pulsating (⋮) collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Settings from the menu that opens.

    Successively, play the voice Privacy, choose the option Clear browsing data from the screen that appears immediately after, put the check mark next to the option Cookies, multimedia licenses and site dataselect l 'time lapse to act on (eg. last hourall) from the drop-down menu located at the top e, finally, presses on the item Clear data and touch il pulsating Clear.

    If you want to intervene exclusively on cookies (instead leaving the multimedia licenses unchanged, for example), tap the tab Advanced, put the check mark next to the item Cookie and dati dei sitiselect l 'time lapse of your interest and confirm your willingness to proceed by pressing on the items Clear data Clear.


    own a iPhone and you rely on Safari, the default browser of iOS? Then getting rid of website history is even easier.

    To begin with, grab your iPhone and tap the icon Settings located on the Home screen of the device, then select the item Safari placed in the screen that opens and tap on the item Cancella dati website and chronology. To conclude and delete all cookies saved on the phone, together with the history and all other browsing data, touch the item Cancella date and timeline And that's it.

    Alternatively, you can selectively delete cookies by choosing only the sites of your interest: to do so, always from the Safari settings area, tap on the items AdvancedWebsite data. Once at the screen that shows the browsing data saved in Safari, touch the item Modification located at the top right, touch the icon in the shape of no access corresponding to the site whose cookies are to be deleted and presses the button Delete which appears to his right. Repeat the operation for all the sites on which you intend to intervene e, to conclude, tap the item end.


    Even with regard to the mobile version of Firefox, the Mozilla web browser designed for smartphones and tablets, the operation of deleting cookies is very simple.

    To begin with, start the browser app on your phone, tap the button (⋮) resident in the upper right corner and choose the item Settings from the new panel that opens on the screen.

    At this point, tap the item Delete personal data and make sure in the box next to the wording Cookies and active logins the check mark is present. To finalize the process, tap on the item Delete dati: the modification is instantaneous and requires no additional operations. Very easy, isn't it?


    If your favorite web browsing app is Opera for Android and you want delete the cookies from the mobile phone saved through this browser, then follow the steps I am about to show you very carefully.

    First, launch the browser Opera recalling it from the drawer of Android, tap the button in the shape of O located in the lower right corner of the app and choose the item Settings give the purpose menu.

    Please note: if you use Opera Mini, the "light" version of the browser, you can instead access the Settings by tapping the button e, immediately after, the icon (I.e. attached to the small panel displayed on the screen.

    At this point, identify the section Privacy, play the voice Delete browsing data ... placed inside, put the check mark next to the wording Cookie and dati dei siti and confirm the willingness to proceed by tapping the button Eliminate and date located at the bottom of the screen.

    How do you say? You did not find the information shown above useful because you usually use the browser variant dedicated to iPhoneOpera Touch? Don't lose heart, you can get rid of cookies just as easily.

    First, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right, choose the item Settings and then touches the items Delete browsing dataCookie and dati dei siti. Finally, tap the button Delete which appears later on the top right and that's it!

    Microsoft Edge

    After using Windows 10, you were delighted with the browser Microsoft Edge e have you decided to use it also on Android? Then this is the most suitable section for you: you can delete the cookies saved on your device in a practically identical way to what happens on Windows 10 for computers.

    How? Very simple: first, start the browser app by recalling it from the drawer or from the home screen, press the button (...) located at the bottom right, touch the item Settings located in the menu displayed on the screen and selects the items Privacy Clear browsing data.

    Now, put the check mark next to the item Cookie e site data, set thetime lapse on which to intervene, using the appropriate drop-down menu, and confirms the willingness to proceed by tapping the button twice Clear. That's all!

    Note- This procedure will not delete any browsing data sent to Cortana and / or saved to your Microsoft account. To do this, you must necessarily act from a computer Windows 10 on which the same Microsoft account that you use on your mobile browser is configured: open Cortana clicking on the relevant search area located on the application bar, presses the button (I.e. placed laterally, go to the section Permissions and history> Change what Cortana knows about me in the cloud and premium pulsating Clear placed at the bottom of the proposed panel.

    UC Browser

    You've tried UC Browser on Android out of pure curiosity, did you like it so much that you couldn't give it up anymore, and now you are looking for a method to delete the cookies from your mobile phone saved through the browser? Then I think I have what is right for you.

    To start, press the ☰ button located at the bottom center, to access the main menu of the app, tap the button Settings (the one in the shape of hexagon with circle) located in the lower left corner of the panel that opens on the screen e, when you reach the next screen, tap on the item Clear Records.

    To get rid of the cookies saved on your phone, put the check mark next to the item Cookies located on the next screen and confirms the willingness to proceed by pressing the button Clear.

    Note: you can also use the same procedure on UC Browser Mini, the “light” version of the same browser. The only difference, in this case, lies in the position of the Menu and Settings keys.

    If you have made it this far, it means that you have acquired all the necessary skills for delete the cookies from the mobile phone but that, at this point, you would like to carry out the same operation also on the computer, to solve those navigation problems that you have been facing for some time now.

    How do you say? Did I guess right? Perfect! Conont without hesitation my general guide on how to delete cookies: there I gave you precise information about the procedures to be put into practice on the most common computer browsers. I'm sure you will be satisfied with it!

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