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    How to delete files completely

    Eraser (Windows)

    Are you interested in understeing how to completely delete your files and are you using a computer running Windows? Then you can rely on Eraser. This is a free software that once installed adds a special item to the Trash menu through which you can perform the definitive and therefore safe deletion of the files it contains. It also offers some advanced settings through which you can program the execution of the operation in question.

    To use it, first of all download it by connecting to the program's website, by clicking on the menu Download at the top right and then on the first link you find in the column Build Name to the left.

    When the download is complete, open the executable file you just obtained, click on Yes / Run e install Eraser on your computer by clicking Next, by checking the box relating to the terms of use of the software and clicking again on Next. Then click on Typical, Then install and to conclude press on Finish.

    From now on, to safely empty the Recycle Bin and not make it possible to recover deleted data, just right-click on it, choose Eraser from the menu that appears, select Clear and confirm the execution of the operation by clicking on the button Yes in the window that appears on the screen. And voila!

    In addition to the way I just indicated, you can permanently delete your files without first moving them to the Trash. To do this, right click on the file you want to delete and choose Earser from the menu that appears, then Clear and then click on Yes to confirm what your intentions are.

    If, on the other he, you don't want to manually perform the operation of safe file deletion every time, you can program the execution of the thing automatically by opening the program through its icon that has been added to the desktop and Start menuby clicking on arrow pointing down next to the item Erase Schedule that you find at the top of the window that has opened and choosing New Task from the menu that appears. Then use the attached commes in the further window displayed to define everything.

    If you are interested in this, I also point out that you can also customize the settings relating to file deletion and software operation as needed from the program window.

    Freeraser (Windows)

    Didn't the program to completely delete files that I mentioned earlier convince you in a particular way and are you looking for an alternative resource? Then try taking a look at Freeraser and you will see that you will not regret it. It is a free software, always for Windows  that allows you to delete files from the system without leaving traces. It does not integrate directly with the system recycle bin but allows you to take advantage of an alternative one.

    You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you immediately. To begin with, connected to the download page of the program, then click on the item Download Freeraser now! which is to the right. When the download is complete, open the executable file obtained, click on Next three times in a row, then up install and subsequently on Finish to complete the software installation.

    At this point, you will see a large icon with a basket transparently on the desktop. Right-click on it e, from the menu that appears, choose the item Systemwhy are you cheating?. Now, right click on the icon again and select Choose the file to be shredded ... from the menu then select the files you want to permanently delete and click on the item Continue in the comic that appeared on Freeraser's trash icon. Done!

    If you want, you can also use the program from the Windows notification area by right-clicking on the icon of the same that was added there and proceeding in a similar way to what we saw together earlier.

    If you then want to customize the operation of the program, right click on its icon (the one on the desktop or the one in the notification area, it makes no difference) and choose Appearance, to access options for customizing the icon, or System, to adjust the other settings relating to the program operation and the file deletion mode.

    Moo0 FileShredder (Windows)

    An other useful tool to scopo that I invite you to prove è Moo0 FileShredder. It is always for Windows operating systems, it is free, it has a very simple user interface, it is also and allows you to permanently delete files through four levels of deletion. In short, try it now and I'm sure you won't regret it.

    To use it, first connect to the program's website and then download it to your computer by clicking on the button Download which is at the bottom and pressing the button Download Now on the new page displayed. Then start the executable file obtained and in the window that appears remove the ticks related to the installation of additional programs and then click on the button Next>. Accept the conditions of use of the software and click again on Next> three times, then press on Install ed infine your Close.

    Once the small Moo0 FileShredder window is displayed on the desktop, drag over it the files you want to completely delete, in correspondence with the section Release areaclick on your Si. Here it is!

    If you need, you can also set the effectiveness level of the program (i.e. the method by which the latter must permanently delete the data), using the drop-down menu located next to the item Method:, in the main window of Moo0 FileShredder. To get a description of the various methods agolable click on the button Detailed Description>>.

    Simple! File Shredder (Mac)

    Are you using a Mac and looking for a resource that allows you to delete files completely? Then you must first know that the function is active by default on the most recent versions of macOS FileVault, which encrypts the contents of the disk e, therefore, makes the secure deletion of data superfluous, as even if recovered, the deleted data would be encrypted and therefore illegible.

    To verify that FileVault is activated on your Mac, go to System preference and click on Security and Privacy: from here, select the card FileVault e, if necessary, activate the function (you may have to unlock the changes by clicking on the lock icon located at the bottom left and entering the Mac administration password).

    If, despite FileVault, you want to delete files safely, I can't help but suggest you try Simple! File Shredder. It is a small application at no cost that goes to delete files in an irrecoverable way by overwriting the data several times. It is very simple to use and allows you to act on the Recycle Bin and on individual files (or groups of them) located in other locations on macOS. You can download it directly from the Mac App Store.

    When installation is complete, start the program, drag the files you want to delete in its window and press the button Shred, to delete them safely. Easier than that?

    App to delete files completely

    As anticipated at the beginning, deleting files completely is an operation that can also be done from smartphones and tablets, without having to connect the devices to the computer but using some applications designed precisely for the purpose in question. Their operation is good or bad similar to that of the programs I told you about in the previous lines, thus making deleted files on mobile devices practically irrecoverable.

    If this interests you, below you will therefore find listed those that in my humble opinion represent some of the best apps belonging to the category in question. Take a look at it now and download the one you think will do the most for you. However, I would like to clarify that these are resources only for Android. As far as the other mobile platforms are concerned, in fact, at the moment there are no such resources agolable.

    • Secure Delete - Free and easy-to-use app that allows you to permanently remove files in the device's internal memory or those on the SD card. It does not require special permissions or root to be used. Free.
    • Secure Wipe - Another app belonged to the category in question which acts by deleting all the free space (the one where the remains of the deleted files are located and therefore the "place" where they can be recovered) on the device. It does not require root to function. Free.
    • iShredder - Valid app to delete completing files that acts by overwriting with military-level security algorithms. It is also possible to set the execution of several steps as desired. It is free to download but offers in-app purchases.
    • Shreddit – Data Eraser - From the name it is quite easy to underste: it is another useful application to delete data in a definitive way on Android. It works on both internal and external memory but, keep this in mind, it doesn't work in the background. It is free to download.

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