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    How to delete ghost followers on Instagram

    Find ghost followers on Instagram

    You will hardly succeed in find ghost followers on instagram simply paying attention to those who do not interact with your posts by commenting on them and / or leaving you a "Like". For this reason, I suggest you to use some apps suitable for the purpose, which can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

    Please note: The apps to detect ghost followers on Instagram are developed by third-party companies that are not controlled by Instagram. Since they have access to your account's personal data, be aware that using them could pose a potential risk to your privacy.

    Unfollowers and Ghostfollowers (Android)

    A device is possible Android, you consiglio di provare Unfollowers and Ghostfollowers, an app that allows you to easily identify users who stop following you and also those who do not interact with your posts: ghost followers, precisely. Please note that the app is characterized by advertising banners that can be removed by purchasing its full version, which costs € 4,49.

    After installing and starting the application, log into your Instagram account by filling in the fields Username (not e-mail) and Password with the login data of your Instagram account, put the check mark on the item I agree to the Terms & Privacy Policy & FAQ e presses the button Login. After connecting the application to your Instagram account, wait for the latter to analyze your profile, scroll to the bottom of the displayed screen and locate the button Ghost Followers.

    As you can see, the exact number of ghost followers following your profile is indicated in brackets: to know their exact identity, tap on the button in question, read the general conditions for using the service e, after reading them, press on the voice I accept. In the screen that opens, you will be shown the list of followers who follow your profile without interacting with it.

    As you can see, next to the name of each of them there is not a button that allows you to remove them, but only one that allows you to start following them. 

    Cleaner for IG (Android/iOS)

    Cleaner for IG is another app that can come in hey to identify (e then eventually delete) the ghost followers you have on your Instagram profile. As the name suggests, in fact, its main function is to "clean" your Instagram profile from ghost users (e not only). However, I would like to tell you that it can only be used for free for a short trial period. To be more precise, Cleaner for IG allows you to use all its functions for up to 50 actions, after which you have to buy the Pro version, which costs 3,49 euros.

    To use it, start Cleaner for IG on your Android or iOS device, tap the button Login with Instagram read the conditions of use of the service and click on the item Agree present in the screen that opened, to accept them. If the form to access your Instagram account has not appeared, press the login button again and log in to Instagram by providing username and Password in the appropriate text fields and tap on the item Login.

    Once you have connected the app in question to your Instagram account, tap the button Dismiss to close the welcome notice in the Cleaner for IG trial and then select the tab Followers located at the bottom left. Then press the blue button Quick Select at the bottom and select the items Advanced quick select > Select ghost followers give the menu check if you press.

    Wait, therefore, for the analysis of your profile to be completed and "as if by magic", all the followers who have not interacted with at least one of the last 50 posts you have published will be selected. Now all you have to do is press the button Actions at the top right e, from the menu that opens, select one of the agolable actions (eg. Block, Unfollow, etc.), based on the action you intend to take.

    Eliminate ghost followers on Instagram

    If one of the apps used to find ghost followers on Instagram did not allow you to delete them through it (but simply identify their identity), you can remove them from your follower list by acting directly from theofficial Instagram app, agolable for Android or iOS. To proceed, start the latter, log in to your Instagram account and press thelittle man placed at the bottom right, so as to go directly to his profile.

    At this point, press on the voice follower located at the top e, in the screen that opens, locate the user you want to remove from the list of your followers. To complete the operation, simply tap on the icon with the symbol (...) next to its name and select the item Remove from the menu Do you want to remove a follower?. The deletion of the user in question from your followers will be effective immediately.

    For more information on how to delete followers on Instagram, do not hesitate to conont the guide I have dedicated to the topic. Surely this reading will also come in hey.

    Freeze them to decrease ghost followers on Instagram

    Let's conclude this guide with a few tips to decrease ghost followers on Instagram. Even if, as I told you in the introduction of the article, it is utopian to think of completely eliminating your ghost followers, it is possible to try to make the contents shared on the photographic social network more engaging, so as to contain this problem.

    How can you do it? A great way is to be original and fun: maybe post some funny content from time to time that generates hilarity and enthusiasm in the audience (e.g. a funny meme, a particular photo, etc.) e, when it seems appropriate to do so, explicitly invites users who follow you to express their opinion about the topic of the post, with a comment or a like.

    Another trick you would do well to follow is encourage users to interact directly with your account: maybe you can do this by creating polls or organizing live shows from time to time. You can be sure that your followers will enjoy this kind of interactive content.

    Remember, then, to don't be a ghost follower yourself of the people you follow trying to comment and “like” posts you find interesting - they are likely to do the same thing with you too.

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