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    How to delete Google Photos account

    How to delete Google Photos account from smartphones and tablets

    If it is your intention to prevent photos taken via your smartphone or tablet from being uploaded to Google Photos, you simply have to disable data synchronization via the app. Below I'll explain how to proceed on Android, iPhone and iPad.


    To turn off Google Photos sync on Android, do this: launch the app Gallery by touching the icon colorful pinwheel located in the application drawer, tap on yours avatar located at the top right e, to stop data synchronization, first touch the you don't know and then the voice Use without an account. This way, you can continue to use the application to take and manage photos on your device without them being uploaded to the cloud.

    To completely delete the Google Photos account from your device, you need to disassociate your entire Gmail profile instead. Keep in mind, however, that if it is the main account paired with the device, the disconnection operation could prevent the operation of other Google services (e.g. the Play Store) or some apps installed on the device.

    That said, here are the steps to take to dissociate the Google profile from the Android device: go to the Settings of the operating system, by tapping on the icon in the shape ofgear located on the Home screen or in the drawer, reach the section Account and tap on the icon related to Google profile to be deleted (identified by the Google logo and associated Gmail address). Finally, touch the voice Remove account and confirms the will to proceed by pressing the appropriate button. Following this operation, SMS, contacts and other data associated with the account in question will also be deleted from the device.

    If you deem it appropriate, you can also uninstall the Google Photos app from your device, following the steard procedure provided by your version of Android.

    iPhone / iPad

    The steps to take for turn off Google Photos sync on iPhone and iPad are just as simple: after opening the service's official app, tap yours avatar, tap on the item Photo settings, Then Backup and synchronization and move up OFF the levetta relative to the wording Backup and synchronization.

    If, after disabling image synchronization, you want to completely disassociate the Google account from your smartphone or tablet, open the Google Photos main menu again, tap your avatar, touch yours name and surname and touch il pulsating Manage accounts on this device.

    To conclude, tap on the pulsating Remove from this device corresponding to the Google Photos account to be deleted and tap the button Remove to complete the operation. Easy, right?

    How to delete Google Photos account from PC

    You have followed my guide to how Google photos work on your computer but, now that you no longer need to take advantage of image synchronization via the software Google backup and sync, do you want to delete the account from your computer? Nothing simpler.

    For starters, locate the program icon on the Windows taskbar or Mac menu bar; in both cases, it resides near the clock and has the shape of a white speech bubble. When you have found it, click on it, press the button [⋮] located at the top of the displayed panel and select the item Preference ... located in the menu that appears.

    Finally, click on the section Settings located in the left sidebar, then on the item Unlink account and finally on the button Disconnect. Upon successful disconnection, a warning will notify you of the interruption of data synchronization. At this point, you can close Google Backup and Sync and uninstall it from your computer, following the procedure that best suits your operating system.

    Note that Google Photos images already stored on your computer will not be deleted; if you are interested in getting rid of them, you will have to go to the folder in which you synchronized them and proceed with their manual deletion.

    If, on the other he, you log in to Google Photo to Web and you want to disconnect from the service, click on yours avatar located at the top right and then on the button Log out of all accounts, which resides below. Please note that if the browser is associated with the account in use, the synchronization of browsing data will be interrupted.

    How to delete Google Photos account permanently

    After disassociating the service from your smartphone, tablet or computer, do you want to get rid of the Google Photos account? It can be done but, in order to succeed, it is necessary completely delete the entire Google account, including data associated with other services (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.). For this reason, I recommend that you make a preliminary backup of your data since, following the deletion of the profile, they will cease to exist.

    Create data backup

    To save the data associated with Google Photos, as well as the entire Google account, you can rely on Takeout: if you had never heard of it, this is a service, made agolable by “Big G”, which allows you to create a complete archive of all the data associated with your Google account in a simple way.

    So, to get started, connect to the Google Takeout website via the browser of your choice, log in using the credentials of the Google Photos profile to be deleted e, if necessary, complete the two-factor authentication.

    Once logged in, put the check mark next to the contents to export (Google Photos, gmail, Google Fit, Contact, Drive and so on) and press the button Successful Passaggio to define the settings related to data export: therefore specify the delivery method, choosing between receiving a download link via email (lasting one week) or archiving on Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box; indicates the frequency export (in this case, simply create one export) and finally define the format of the archive and the maximum size of each file that composes it.

    When you are done, click on the button Create export and wait for the archive to be created, which, depending on the amount of data to be saved, could take hours or even days. Once the creation is complete, you will receive an email containing the link for download or a notification that the archive has been saved to the specified cloud service. You can, at any time, check the progress of the export by going to this website.

    Remove Google Photos account

    Once the backup has been created, you can proceed with the permanent deletion of the Google Photos account, or rather, of the entire Google profile associated with it. To do so, connect to this website, log in using the credentials of the Google account to be deleted and go to the section Data and personalization, through the appropriate card resident on the left (on PC) or at the top (on smartphones and tablets).

    At this point, locate the box Download or delete your data or establish a plan for managing it, select on the wording Delete a service or your account located inside and presses on the voice Delete your account resident in the next screen.

    Almost there - re-enter the Password of your Google account, tap on NEXT and read carefully the warnings that are shown on the next page. If you feel ready to proceed, put the check mark next to the boxes Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for all charges arising from any pending financial transactions and I underste that in certain circumstances my earnings will not be paid and Yes, I would like to permanently delete this Google account and all related data and premium pulsating Delete account to permanently delete the profile.

    Following this operation, all data associated with the Google profile in question will be progressively deleted and made inaccessible; if you change your mind, you can make a recovery attempt by connecting to this website and following the instructions provided to you; keep in mind, however, that the restoration of the account can only take place within a few minutes of the attempted cancellation of the same. After this time, the data is to be considered lost forever.

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