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    How to delete Hotmail account

    Have you decided to close your Hotmail address but do not know which procedure to follow to do so? No problem. If you want I can give you a he, but I warn you immediately: there are many contraindications to making such a drastic move. Delete hotmail account in fact, it also means closing the Microsoft account connected to it, thus giving up services such as Xbox Live, Skype (if you use Skype with your Microsoft account), Outlook and OneDrive, with consequent deletion of all files connected to the latter.

    If you are aware of all this and are willing to proceed, below you will find explained step by step everything you need to do. Before you can scare yourself and think about who knows what I want to reassure you right away that even though it is an operation that is not free from contraindications - the ones I mentioned earlier - deleting Hotmail accounts is not at all complicated. Plus, it won't take long, in fact, you'll complete your mission in no time at all.

    So if you are really interested in finding out what steps you need to take to be able to delete your Hotmail account, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, sit comfortably in front of your computer and concentrate on reading this tutorial. So tell me, are you sure? Yes? All right, roll up your sleeves and get busy right away.

    Preliminary operation

    Before explaining what you need to do in order to delete Hotmail accounts, there are some preliminary operations that I suggest you carry out, both for your peace of mind and for the security of your data and related services that you usually use.

    To begin with, check that there are no subscription services active on your account. If there are any active services, by deleting Hotmail accounts you could run the risk that you will be charged for something you will no longer use. To check that there are no active services on your account, click here and press the blue button Log in in order to connect to the subscription management panel and make sure that no subscriptions are indicated. If, on the other he, there are subscriptions, remove them all by pressing the appropriate option.

    Please also pay attention to any Microsoft or Xbox gift card balances that may be active on your account. In case you have a balance referring to gift cards, I suggest you use it first to delete your Hotmail account. In fact, by not doing this the balance obtained through gift cards would inevitably be lost when the account is closed.

    Finally, if up to now you have used your account for sending Hotmail to send and receive e-mails, know that before deleting it, you may find it useful to download a copy of all your contacts. To do this, access your e-mail box by clicking here, pressing the button Log in located at the top right and typing your access data to the service and pressing again on Log in. Then click on the square colored buttona which is at the top left (next to the Outlook logo) and select the icon People give the menu to compare.

    On the page that opens, click on the entry Manage located at the top and select the item Export contacts from the menu that appears in order to download the address book related to your Hotmail account in CSV format. The file obtained can be used to import contacts into any other e-mail client and Web-Mail service. For more details, check out my guide on how to export Outlook address book.

    Account deletion

    Once you have carried out the preliminary operations above you can finally proceed by deleting the Hotmail account. To do this, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Microsoft account management panel by clicking here and log in using your Hotmail address as your username and the password you chose when you created the password. account. After entering the required data, click on the button Log in.

    Now click on the entry Security and privacy which is located at the top right and then presses on the item Other security settings che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Account security nella nuova page visualizzata.

    If required, complete the verification procedure of your identity by requesting a security code by e-mail or SMS, then click on Submit the code e enter the code you received by e-mail or as a message on your mobile phone in the appropriate field that is shown on the screen. Then press the button Send.

    Now scroll down to the bottom of the new screen that is shown to you, locate the section Close your account e then click on the entry Close your account.

    In the new web page that is shown to you at this point, click on the button NEXT, then put the check mark next to all the options that are shown to you (, Hotmail e OneDrive will no longer be accessibleContent may not work as expected etc.) and then click the button first Mark e then end but I will complete the procedure.

    At this point you can finally say you are satisfied: you have managed to complete the whole procedure by which to close your Hotmail account, congratulations! Since it wasn't as complicated as you thought it was?

    However, keep in mind that closing Hotmail, Live and Outlook accounts is not immediate. There is a period of 60 days within which the user can retrace his steps and reactivate the address without losing his data. During this time the account is marked as closed but actually still exists.

    If you want to take advantage of this possibility, all you have to do is connect to your Hotmail account on or any other Microsoft site and click on the button Continue, I want to reopen the account. You will then have to perform the identity verification by accepting the receipt of a security code via SMS or email and press on end to confirm the reopening of the account.

    Alternative to account deletion

    You want to delete Hotmail account because you no longer like the name (i.e. the part that comes before the symbol @) that you have chosen for the latter? In this case, please note that you can create aliases to “disguise” your Hotmail address as an address without closing it. Aliases keep the same inbox and contacts as the primary address. The use of an alias can therefore prove to be very useful for differentiating correspondence without actually creating another email address.

    If you are interested in creating an alias, press on the item Your info located at the top of the blue bar attached to the Microsoft account control web page and then click on the item Manage how you log into Microsoft. Then verify your identity by typing your password or security code or, if you haven't done so yet, indicate which method you intend to use to further protect your account.

    At this point, press on the voice Add email annexed to the section Alias dell’account e fill out the form displayed on the screen by typing the e-mail address you want to use as an alias.

    From the drop-down menu located on the side you can choose whether to end your alias with @ To conclude the procedure, press the button Add alias.

    Please note: You have not created any aliases and the maximum time frame to reactivate and recover your Hotmail account has now elapsed but have you thought about it anyway and would like to retrace your steps? I'm sorry to tell you but at this point in the situation nothing can be done. However, you can remedy this by creating a new Outlook account by following the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to create an Outlook account.

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