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    How to delete iCloud account from iPhone without password

    Delete iCloud account from iPhone via password recovery

    The fastest and most efficient way to be able to delete iCloud account from iPhone without password is to use the password recovery procedure. In this way, it becomes possible to delete the Apple ID from the "iPhone by" without knowing the access key, even if two-factor authentication is enabled. Below you will find everything explained in detail.

    Two-factor authentication accounts

    Two-factor authentication is the best way to ensure maximum security for your iCloud account. When it is enabled, it allows you to reset your password after verifying your identity, through your phone number or through another device associated with the same Apple ID.

    To be able to delete an iCloud account protected by two-factor authentication from the iPhone, tap on the icon Settings of iOS (the one in the shape ofgear located on the Home screen), tap yours name e, at the Apple ID summary screen, tap the button Logout located at the bottom.

    Now, the screen should open Password ID Apple, in charge of entering the access key: to start the password reset procedure, enter an incorrect one, touch the button disable and repeat this operation one more time.

    If all went well, iOS should offer you the option to reset your Apple ID password - to accept, tap the button Reset password e, if you have a Access code enabled, enter it on the next screen e, once authenticated, enter the new password in the fields that are proposed to you.

    Otherwise, tap on thela voce You have forgotten your access code, by pressing the button Continue e, when prompted, type yours Phone Number in the text box displayed on the screen. When you're done, tap the button NEXT located at the top right and tap the button Reimposta with telephone number.

    After a few moments, you should receive a SMS containing a verification code: if this is not automatically recognized and entered in the field verification code, do it yourself to access the next screen.

    Next, it indicates the security code that you have set on one of the other devices paired with the same Apple ID, press the button NEXT e, to finish and specify the new password, type the new password in the boxes PasswordConfirmation and do tap on pulsating NEXT.

    At the end of the password reset procedure, the phase of disconnecting from the Apple ID should start automatically: it specifies whether or not to keep some data of the configured account (eg. Safari, the contacts and so on) by acting on the levers e, when you are ready, touch the button Logout, per dissociare l’account iCloud dall’iPhone.

    If you no longer have access to the phone number, you must, instead, press on the voice Don't have access to your registered number? and choose the option Reset from another device, so you can change the password via another device (be it an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac) associated with the same Apple ID.

    Next, you should see the writing A message with instructions has been sent to [device name]: when this happens, access the indicated device and follow the instructions that are proposed to you to change the password.

    For example, if the recovery device is a Mac, you need to click on the notification Reset the password that appears at the top right, select the item Show e, after pressing the button Reset password, indicate the new access key in the fields New passwordConfirm password, then click on the button Continue.

    However, once the password reset procedure is completed, it will return to the screen Settings> [your name] of the "iPhone by", tap the button Logout located at the bottom of it, enter the new password in the text field attached to the screen Password ID Apple and touch il pulsating disable.

    Finally, choose whether to keep a copy of the data associated with the Apple ID in the iPhone memory (eg. Bag, Contacts, KeychainSafari), acting on the special levers, and completes the operation by touching the voice Logout located at the top left.

    Accounts without two-factor authentication

    If your account isn't protected by two-factor authentication, the steps you need to follow to reset your password are a little different.

    First, log in to Settings iPhone, by touching the icon in the shape of gear wheel located on the iOS Home screen, tap yours name and then the button Logout attached to the panel displayed later.

    At this point, enter a wrong password in the text field that is shown on the screen, tap the button disable and repeat the same procedure one more time, until the screen is shown Did you forget your password.

    From there, tap the button Reset password, verify that theApple ID is correct (if necessary, enter it yourself), tap the button NEXT and indicate the recovery mode you prefer to use, chosen from Use security questionsUsa email.

    In the first case, specify yours date of birth, tap on the pulsating NEXTI inserted the answer to security questions that you set when creating the iCloud account in the field Response e, when you're ready, tap the button NEXT located at the top right.

    Finally, enter the new password in the fields Password and Confirmation, tap the buttons NEXTend And that's it! If everything went well, the disconnection of the iPhone from the iCloud profile should start automatically: specify, therefore, whether or not to save some data relating to the iCloud account that you are about to delete e, when you are done, touch the item Logout at the top right.

    If not, go to the menu again Settings> [your name], touch il pulsating Logout located at the bottom and follow the same steps I indicated a moment ago to complete the disconnection.

    If, on the other he, you have chosen the option Usa email, you should receive the password reset instructions directly in your inbox: open, then, the email received from Apple (you can do it from any device you prefer), press the button Reset in it agolable to connect to the Apple site, enter the new one Password in the appropriate fields and press the button Reset password.

    Once this is done, go back to the iPhone, access the section Settings> [your name], tap on the pulsating Logout located at the bottom of the screen e, after typing the new one Password in the appropriate field, tap the button disable. Also this time, specify whether or not to keep some data from the iCloud account by acting on the appropriate levers e, finally, touch the button end.

    Concluding operations

    Now that you have finally managed to delete the iCloud account from the iPhone (which also involves the deactivation of Find My iPhone, the "anti-theft" system of iOS), I recommend that you delete the latter from the devices associated with the corresponding Apple ID .

    To do this, connect to the Apple account management website (if you want to type it in manually, the address is through the app you use to browse the Internet (eg Safari) and log in to the portal using theApple ID and Password that you have previously reset. If necessary, complete the two-factor authentication by entering the code received on the device.

    At this point, tap the item devices, then the iPhone name on which you have deleted the iCloud account e, to conclude and permanently dissociate the iPhone, press the buttons Remove from accountRemove.

    If you change your mind, you can pair the device with your Apple ID again by logging in again through the section Settings> [your name].

    Delete iCloud account from iPhone remotely with password recovery

    How do you say? You need delete iCloud account from iPhone without password but you no longer have the device in question? So, you have a much more drastic solution agolable: carry out theremote initialization, then the reset of the phone to the factory state, using the special feature offered by the "Find my iPhone" service. You can do this from any computer browser.

    To do this, first connect to the iCloud website, click on the item Hai dimenticato l'ID Apple or the password?, then type your Apple ID in the text field and click on the button Continue. If you had associated a telephone number Apple ID, you will be asked to confirm it to verify your identity.

    Now, if you had previously activated thetwo-factor authenticationYou will receive an notifies on one of the other devices paired with the same Apple ID, which will allow you to start the password reset procedure: to be able to do this, connected to the device in question, open the notification displayed on the screen and follow the instructions that are proposed to you to complete password reset.

    For example, if you have paired another iPhone or iPad, you need to tap the button Allow shown on the screen and indicate the new password, twice, in the text fields that are proposed to you. If, on the other he, you are using a Mac, you have to click on the notification that appears at the top right and enter the new password in the appropriate form displayed on the screen.

    If, on the other he, you had not activated two-factor authentication, you will see the "classic" procedure: to perform it, put the check mark in the box the password, in order to specify your intention to reset your password, press the button Continue and then choose whether to start the recovery procedure Receiving an email or Answering security questions. Fatta la tua scelta, click on your button Continue.

    Now, if you have chosen to proceed via email, open your inbox, select the message received from Apple and click on the button Reset contained within it. On the page that opens, type the new password you want to use (in the text boxes that are proposed to you) and click on the button Reset password.

    If you have decided to answer the security questions, please indicate yours Birthday in the appropriate field, click on the button Continue and inserted the response to secret questions in the text boxes displayed on the screen. It's almost done: when you're ready, press the button Continue, type the new password that you intend to use in the fields that are proposed to you and click on the button Reset password.

    For more information on resetting the iCloud account password, my guide on how to recover iCloud password may be useful, in which I have covered the topic in detail.

    Once the password reset phase is complete, connect again to the iCloud home web page, enter your credentials in the appropriate fields and click on arrow, to log into your account.

    At this point, click on the icon Find iPhone, then on the voice All devices located at the top and select, from the proposed list, the name iPhone you intend to act on to view it on the map.

    Now it's really done: to conclude, click on the item Initialize the iPhone located in the new screen that appears, press the button Initialize e, when prompted, enter the Password created previously.

    The initialization phase will start as soon as the iPhone is turned on and connected to the Internet: until this happens, you will see the message Initialization pending and you will have the option to cancel the factory reset by clicking on the button Initialization abort request.

    As soon as it starts, however, you will see the message Initialized [Time], along with a button for Remove from account the iPhone in question: if the device no longer belongs to you, or you no longer intend to use it in associated with your iCloud account, press the aforementioned button to completely disassociate it from the profile in use.

    Note: If you don't have a computer, you can remotely initialize your iPhone using the Find My iPhone app, agolable for iPhone and iPad. The steps to follow are virtually identical.

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