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    How to delete iPhone calendar subscription

    Preliminary information

    Before showing you how to delete iPhone calendar subscription, I would like to give you some more information about this practice.

    First of all, you must know that it is not uncommon to find yourself subscribed to calendars that you didn't know existed. I inform you, however, that it is not an iPhone virus , but of spam, which as well as in emails, can also be present in external calendars synchronized on your smartphone.

    This kind of advertising comes from not very authoritative sites, which manage to insert unwanted notifications into the smartphones of the "victims". My first advice, therefore, is to pay attention while browsing online and to avoid unsafe sites, in any case refusing requests to receive notifications and subscriptions to calendars.

    However, in case you have already noticed suspicious event alerts in your calendar, do not be alarmed: by following my advice you will also be able to delete spam iPhone calendar subscription. The procedure to be carried out, moreover, is no different from that necessary to remove a "legitimate" calendar, for example a calendar to which you were enrolled for study reasons and which you no longer need, or a calendar that you created by mistake and which now you no longer want to see in your iPhone menu.

    In short, whether you want to delete an external calendar to which you have consciously subscribed, a calendar that you created or a spam calendar that you did not even know existed, you will find all the information you need right below.

    How to unsubscribe from calendar on iPhone

    If you are intent on unsubscribe from a calendar on iPhone, open the application Calendar by pressing on the relevant icon on the screen Home smartphone and press the button Calendars placed at the bottom, centrally.

    Now, locate the program that you are going to remove and presses the icon (I) placed next to his name. What you need to do now is scroll around the screen until you find the button Delete calendar, then press it.

    In this way you have just unsubscribed from a particular calendar e, therefore, also deleted all its information. If, as likely, you have associated your iPhone to iCloud, the calendar deleted from the "iPhone by" will also be deleted from iCloud and all other devices connected to the same Apple ID.

    The same goes if it was a calendar synchronized by Google Calendar or another cloud-based calendar service that you had decided to synchronize with your "iPhone by".

    Alternatively, you can delete all calendars linked to a particular account via the iPhone settings. Then open the Settings, pressing the icon in the shape of gear present on the screen Homei went his Calendar and then Account.

    All you have to do now is press onaccount to remove (Eg. gmail) and then deactivate the lever relating to Calendars. Alternatively, if you want to completely delete the account from the iPhone (including any emails, contacts, etc. associated with it), click on Delete account.

    How to unsubscribe iPhone calendar from computer

    If you want, you can view and manage the calendars associated with yours iCloud account, and therefore that they are synchronized with your iPhone, even from computer.

    All you have to do is connect to the iCloud site and log in with yours Apple ID (the same associated with the "iPhone by", then click on the icon Calendar and wait for the page to load.

    To remove a specific calendar, click on the button Modification, located at the bottom left, locate the program to be removed in the section dedicated to Subscribers (placed sideways on the left) and click on the red icon negative (-) lead placed next to his name. The game is done!

    In case you have a Mac, I point out that you can manage subscriptions to iCloud calendars also through the application Calendar, by clicking on the appropriate icon inside the Dock (provided, of course, that you have activated iCloud on the Mac, otherwise you will only act on the calendars used locally on the Mac).

    To proceed, you just have to do click destroy on program you want to delete and select the item Delete (o Unsubscribe) from the menu that is proposed to you. You will then have to confirm this and the game will be done.

    So far we have talked about the calendars associated with iCloud. If, on the other he, you have synchronized calendars associated with other cloud services on your iPhone, for example Google Calendar, you must act through the web panels of the latter.

    In the case of Google Calendar, keeping this example, you must connect to the main page of the service, access your Google account (the same one you configured on the iPhone), and access the menu of Settings, by selecting the appropriate item from the menu that appears by clicking onicona dell'ingranaggio (in alto to destra).

    On the next page, select the program you want to delete, via the menu Settings for my calendars you see in the left sidebar, scroll the page that opens up and down and click on the button Delete.

    How to delete calendar data on iPhone

    If your intent is to delete calendar data on iPhone, I inform you that this operation takes place automatically when you delete the calendar itself. However, you may just want to hide the calendar, and therefore its data, from the main list. This operation is very simple and will allow you to make the data of a given calendar invisible.

    Then open the application Calendar, by pressing on the relative icon on the screen Home, then press the button Calendars (located at the bottom, centrally) and remove the check placed next to the name of the calendar to be hidden.

    This way, by heading back into the calendar on your iPhone you will notice that all the data and events you wanted to hide are no longer visible. Very simple, right?

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