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    How to delete items from the context menu

    How to delete items from the context menu


    How to delete items from the context menu

    The first among the programs useful for eliminating unnecessary items from the menu that opens with the right mouse button that I want to tell you about is mmm. This is a no-cost software designed to tidy up the Windows context menu, hiding old and / or useless items, all in an incredibly simple and fast way. The name is a bit strange, it is true, but I assure you it is very effective!

    You ask me how to use it? I'll point it out to you right away. First of all, download the program on your computer by connecting to the relevant download page on the Softpedia website, by clicking on the button Download at the top left and then pressing the button Softpedia Mirror (US) that appears on the screen (if it does not work, click on another of the other buttons displayed).

    At the end of the download, open the .exe file obtained, press on Si e, in the window that opens, click the button install e subsequently on Run to start and complete the installation of Mmm. At this point, you can finally take the real action by going to customize the menu that opens with the right mouse button.

    Therefore, proceed to recall the program from Start menu and once the relevant window is displayed on the desktop, you will see the menu items that open by clicking with the right mouse button in the left column. If you want to make an item disappear from the menu because you find it useless, select it in the list on the left and move it to the item Hidden items present in the right portion of the window.

    If, on the other he, you use an item very rarely, I suggest you move it to the item instead of completely hiding it Rarely used. By doing so, the reference item will not be removed from the menu but will be added to a hey sub-menu.

    When you have finished all the necessary changes, click on the button Apply located at the top left to apply the changes. To reset the changes and start over, you need to click the button instead Reload, always placed at the top on the left.


    How to delete items from the context menu

    Another program belonging to the category that I strongly urge you to try is ShellExView. Compared to the resource I have already told you about, it offers an even more complete management of the context menu. Given its interface a little richer in voices and options, it might seem difficult to use but in reality it is not at all the case. It's free, requires no installation, and works with all versions of Windows.

    To serve, connected to the software website, scroll down the page displayed until you find the link Download ShellExView in Zip file and click on it to download the ZIP file that contains ShellExView. Once the download is complete, extract the compressed archive obtained from any location on your computer and double-click on the executable file inside it. Then click on Si and you will find yourself in front of the program window.

    Now, click on the column headings to sort the reference elements according to the selected parameter. The items of the context menu that appears by clicking on an icon with the right button are those in which the value of the column Type è context Menu. Next to the items included in the context menu you will find the wording Si, while next to those that are not visible there is written No.

    To make a hidden element visible, click on green ball at the top left and press on Si in response to the warning you see appear on the desktop, while to make a visible element invisible you have to press on red dot always at the top left e, even in this case, you must then press on Si to confirm the choice made. In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can disable the selected element by right clicking on it and choosing the appropriate option from the menu that appears: Disable Selected Items (to remove the item from the context menu) or Enable Selected Items (to add the item to the context menu).


    How to delete items from the context menu

    If the programs I have already talked about did not convince you in a particular way and you are still looking for a way to eliminate unnecessary items from the menu that opens with the right mouse button, I suggest you try MenuMaid. It is a software, at no cost and usable on all versions of Windows, very simple to use, extremely light and highly intuitive.

    To download it to your computer, connect to the download page of the program attached to the Softpedia website and press the button Download at the top right then press the button Softpedia Secure Download (US) (if it doesn't work, click on another of the other buttons displayed). When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive kept in any location on your PC and then start the .exe file contained within it.

    Then click on the button Si in the window that appeared on the screen, then install the program by pressing Next, its I Agree, its install and to conclude by pressing on Finish.

    Once the MenuMaid screen appears on the desktop, select the tab Windows Explorer then go through all the various items in the list (they are organized by category) and remove the check from the box next to those you do not want to be displayed in the context menu. The changes will be made instantly, without the need to restart the computer and without the need to click on additional buttons. Easier than that?

    If you want, you can also check or uncheck all the boxes at once by clicking on the buttons respectively check All and Check None which are at the bottom of the MenuMaid window.

    If you are interested in this, I would like to point out that always using MenuMaid you can customize the visible menu by right clicking in the Internet Explorer window. To do this, just select the tab Internet Explore which is in the upper part of the program window and act in a similar way to what I have just indicated.


    How to delete items from the context menu

    Did you know that CCleaner, the famous program agolable for Windows (as well as for Mac) through which you can remove unnecessary files from your computer, also includes a special function through which you can disable the display of this or that other item in the context menu? No? Well, now you know and if you want I can also explain immediately how to use it for the purpose in question.

    First, download the program to your PC. To do this, connect to the software website and click on the item located in the column Free.

    When the download is complete, open the .exe file you just downloaded e, in the window that opens, click on the button Yes. The language selection menu at the top right and first click on Install and then Start CCleaner to finish the setup and start CCleaner.

    Once the program window appears on the desktop, select the button Instruments which is on the left, click on the item Start on the right, select the tab Reply menu placed at the top (always on the right) and locate in the list the various items attached to the contextual menu that you intend to hide. If you can't find the items you are interested in, you can help yourself with the information in the various columns. Pigieoci sopra can also sort the items in the list based on the reference criterion.

    Now, press the button disable if you want to temporarily disable the selected item or click on that Delete and then on the button OK in response to the warning you see on the screen if it is your intention to get rid of it permanently. Easier than that?

    For a complete overview of how CCleaner works, I invite you to read my guide dedicated to how to download and use CCleaner through which I have perovvduo to tell you about this famous program in great detail.

    Delete context menu items on Mac

    How to delete items from the context menu

    As I told you at the beginning of the guide, to conclude on a high note, as they say, I also want to explain to you how to eliminate unnecessary items from the menu that opens with the right mouse button on Mac.

    To make the necessary changes to the menu accessible by right-clicking on a given selected item, all you have to do is press the icon of System preference (Quella with l 'gear) attached to the Dock barwill select the icon of Keyboard in the window displayed, click on the tab Abbreviations, select the item Services on the left, locate the items to be removed in the box on the right and uncheck the relevant box. That's all! The changes will be applied immediately.

    If you want to send on the menu that opens by selecting the item Share attached to the context menu, you have to click on the icon again System preference on Dock barselect Extensions from the window that opens, then the wording Share menu in the bar on the left and finally you must remove the check from the box corresponding to the items that you do not intend to display. Even then, the changes will be applied instantly.

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