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    How to delete Microsoft account

    How do I delete Microsoft

    If you care to know eat if you delete Microsoft account, read on: everything is explained below. First, however, I will guide you in some preliminary operations to follow to avoid any problems or unpleasant oversights.

    Preliminary operation

    First of all, I want to immediately clarify one point. As already mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, a Microsoft account is nothing more than the combination of an email address and a password that are used to access services such as, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 o Xbox Live.

    A Microsoft account is the same as an email address Hotmail o OutlookTherefore, if in the past you have created a Hotmail account and now you want to delete it, proceeding will also delete your Microsoft account. Clear?

    Another important thing to know is that Microsoft accounts can be associated with various subscriptions, such as those of Office (Microsoft 365) is Xbox Live (Eg. Game Pass), so before deleting your profile you must check that there are no active subscription services on it. In the case of active services, by deleting Microsoft accounts you could in fact run the risk that you will be charged sums for something you will no longer use.

    To verify that there are no active services on your account, click here to connect to the subscription management panel and make sure that no subscriptions are indicated. If, on the other he, there are subscriptions, remove them all by clicking on the appropriate option.

    I also suggest that you pay particular attention to the presence of any balances related to Microsoft or Xbox gift cards, which may be active on your account. If you have a balance referring to gift cards, you should take advantage of it before deleting your Microsoft account. By not doing so, the balance obtained through gift cards would inevitably be lost when the account is closed.

    Also, if you have also used your account up to now for sending and receiving e-mails through, please note that before deleting it, you may find it useful. download a copy of your messages and contacts which are connected to it. If you don't know how to do it, read my guides on how to export emails from Outlook and how to export the Outlook address book through which I have provided you with all the steps to follow in an extremely detailed way.

    Finally, keep in mind that if you intend to delete a Microsoft account because you no longer like the name you've chosen (i.e. the part that comes before the @) you can also cope with it by going to create alias, that is to say secondary e-mail addresses which, however, refer to the main address.

    To create an alias, just go to the Your Microsoft account info section and select the item Manage how you log into Microsoft. Subsequently, verify your identity by typing your password or the security code received via SMS / app, or, if you have not yet done so, indicate which method you intend to use to further protect the account.

    Press, therefore, on the voice Add email annexed to the section Alias dell’account and fill out the form displayed on the screen by typing the e-mail address you want to use as an alias.

    Account deletion

    Once you have performed the above steps, in order to I will delete Microsoft account, the first operation you need to perform is to connect to the management panel of the same. To do this, click here, then log in to the service with the account you want to close and click on you don't know, placed at the top left.

    In the new page that has opened, click on the link How to close your account at the bottom of the page (on the left) e, after reading the information about the procedure in question, click on the button NEXT (At the bottom of the page).

    Subsequently, in the new page opened, you have to put the check mark on all the boxes you see on the screen e, after indicating the reason for closing the profile from the menu Select a reason, click the blue button Mark the account for closure.

    At this point you can tell yourself more than satisfied: you have finally managed to complete the whole procedure to be able to delete a Microsoft account. Congratulations!

    In case of second thoughts, know that you can retrace your steps and reactivate your account within 60 days of performing the procedure Just done. During that time, the account is marked for closure, but in reality it still exists.

    In order to reopen the deleted Microsoft account, you will need to be able to prove that you are using your account's current security information. To do this, simply connect to your Microsoft account on or from any other company website, log in with the credentials of the account you marked for closure and click on the button Reopen your account.

    Next, you will need to verify your identity by accepting receipt of the security code via e-mail or via SMS / app and to conclude you will have to press the button end. Semplice, see?

    In the unfortunate event that you have thought about it again but the maximum time frame to reactivate and recover your Microsoft account has already elapsed I'm sorry to tell you but at this point in the situation it is no longer possible to do anything.

    However, if you see fit, you can create a new Microsoft account by following the directions I gave you in my guide on how to create a Microsoft account.

    How to delete a Microsoft account from a device

    Let's see now how to delete a Microsoft account from a device. Below I will explain how to do this on Windows, but also on macOS, Android and iOS / iPadOS (if you had added the account on the latter platforms to synchronize contacts and mail accounts).

    How to delete Microsoft account from Windows

    Let's see first how to delete microsoft account from windows. First, open the Control Panel Windows (you can look for it in the Cortana's search bar located on the taskbar of Windows 10 or by clicking on the relevant item in the menu Home, on all versions of Microsoft's operating system).

    Then click on the wording User Account e, in the new window that opens, click on the item again User Account. Then select the items Manage another account> Delete account And that's it. In case you want to keep the account files in question, remember to select the option Keep files.

    For more information on how to delete an account from your PC (not just a Microsoft account), I refer you to reading the guide that I have dedicated entirely to this topic.

    How to delete Microsoft account from macOS

    If you have added a Microsoft account al Mac to use it in Mail, Calendar or other applications, you can delete it by going to the macOS settings.

    Provide, therefore, to open the System Preference, by clicking on the gray icon with gears located in the Dock bar or in the Launchpad, and access the section Internet account.

    Next, select theMicrosoft account to delete, by clicking on its name (in the left sidebar) e, after checking the boxes Mail, Contact, Calendar and Notesclick on your button (-) and click on bottone OK.

    By deleting the account, the data concerning the same will be removed from the applications you had previously selected.

    How to delete Microsoft account from Android

    Per delete a Microsoft account from Android, you need to go to the system settings and proceed directly from there.

    Therefore, proceed to open the app Settings, pressing the icon of gear wheel present on the home screen or in the drawer and tap on the wording Account.

    Now, click on the option Microsoft products (Or Outlook o Office, as applicable), and if you have more than one Microsoft account associated with your device, select the one you want to delete. Then tap on the option Remove o Delete and confirm the operation by pressing the button Remove account o Delete account. The game is done!

    How to delete Microsoft account from iOS / iPadOS

    To delete a Microsoft account from yours iPhone o iPad, all you need to do is access the settings of iOS / iPadOS, locate the section dedicated to accounts linked to your device and remove the one you are interested in.

    To proceed, open the app Settings iOS / iPadOS, pressing the gray icon with the gears present on the home screen, press on the items Mail o Contact e, in the new screen that opened, tap on the wording Account and on the voice Outlook.

    Then press the button Delete account and confirm the operation by tapping on the item Delete the iPhone o Remove from iPad, to delete all data associated with the account to be removed from your device. Then wait a few moments and the Microsoft account will be removed from your Apple device.

    How to delete Microsoft Teams account

    You have come to this guide to find out how to delete Microsoft Teams account? Well, if you had created this account using Microsoft's and you have already deleted the latter by following the instructions in the previous chapters, you don't have to do anything else, as by deleting the Microsoft account you will have deleted the Teams account as a reont.

    Otherwise, if you created your Teams account with a Microsoft 365 subscription, you'll need to cancel that subscription to do so. If you want more information in this regard, I refer you to reading the guide in which I explained in detail how to delete Microsoft Teams account.

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