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    How to delete Microsoft Teams account

    Preliminary information

    Before taking action and showing you all the steps in detail, I would like to briefly clarify your ideas regarding the cancellation of your Microsoft Teams account and what are the conditions necessary for this to be possible. You should know, in fact, that the account in question can only be deleted in some cases and the procedure changes depending on the type of account.

    In case you have registered a Teams account starting from a Microsoft account simple (existing or created for the occasion), without subscribing to Microsoft 365, you can act independently by completely deleting your Microsoft account, connecting to this page, logging in with the account you want to close and clicking on the link Close your account at the bottom of the page. But be aware that by doing so, you will also lose Windows data synchronization, access to, and all other data related to your Microsoft account. Think carefully before doing so!

    Things get more complex when you have created an account specifically for Teams with a Microsoft 365 subscription. First, to proceed with the cancellation of an account you must be registered with Teams as CEO of the work organization. The accounts registered within an organization as simple users, in fact, do not have the possibility to manage the case and it will be the administrator's responsibility to complete the same. In fact, by deleting the administrator account, the accounts linked to it are also automatically deleted. In this case, if you are registered as simple user of a team, you can also ask the Administrator to be appointed as an Administrator yourself.

    The second point you need to keep in mind for elimination is the number of simple user licenses linked to your account: if they have been assigned to your profile less than 25 simple user licenses, then you can proceed with the cancellation independently, as I will show you shortly in this guide. On the contrary, if they have been registered on your account more than 25 licenses, you need to go directly to Microsoft support to cancel your account.

    The assistance numbers are the800 917 919 or the 02 6943 0746, Microsoft conontants are agolable from hours 09:00 17:00, from Monday al Friday. Alternatively, you can contact support by logging into your Administrator profile with theTeams business email address at this page. If you don't have your company email address data, read this chapter of the guide to find out how to get it.

    Once you have accessed the management panel, then click on the icon ? at the top right and describe your problem in the box under the item Need help?. Then click on the icon of headphones located at the top right, fill in the fields with Description of the problem (e.g. cancellation of Teams account), yours telephone number, your email address e, infine, click on the button Contact me after checking the item Telephone o Email, depending on the contact method you prefer.

    If your Teams subscription is canceled before the natural expiration of the subscription, the account administrator has access to it 90 days of time to reactivate the subscription or access files previously shared through the platform. At the end of 90 days from the termination, the account is automatically deleted from Microsoft's servers. From that moment on, shared files can no longer be recovered.

    Delete Microsoft Teams accounts

    I will now proceed to show you specifically how to delete Microsoft Teams account linked to Microsoft 365. For this to work, you will first need to delete your team and then delete your account. Here are all the details.

    Delete Microsoft Teams account on PC

    Let's start with the procedure dedicated to computer. The steps are the same regardless of whether you are using a PC it is installed on Windows or Mac.

    To get started, you need to remove all teams linked to the account you want to delete. To do this, connect with any browser to the official Microsoft Teams page and press the button Log in.

    Then enter theemail address associated with your Teams account, press the button NEXT, then enter your account password and click the button Log in. Alternatively, if you have installed the Teams application on your PC, just log into the program as I explained to you in my dedicated guide.

    Once you have accessed your account, whether it is on the website or in the application, click on the item Team you see on the side, then click on the icon ... placed next to the name of your organization. In the drop-down menu that is proposed to you, click on the item Delete the team, then check the item I accept the total elimination and finally, click on the item Elimina team. Repeat these steps for all teams linked to your profile.

    At this point, you can move on to the actual account deletion. This step must necessarily be performed from the browser and not from the Microsoft Teams application. You first need to get the business email address associated with your Teams admin account. This address is different from the one you used when registering on the platform, since it is automatically generated by Microsoft and should be composed as follows:

    To obtain this address, open the Microsoft services login page, enter theemail address of the account you normally use to log into Microsoft Teams, press the button NEXT, then enter the Password account and click on the button Log in. It will then be displayed, at the top, thecompany email address associated with your account.

    If this is not the case and you are instead redirected to the Microsoft 365 services portal page, click on the icon up arrow, next to the item Personal app and select the item Personal groups in the drop-down menu; then click onyour profile icon, at the top right, and the business email address of the account will be displayed there.

    Once you have found this address, log in to this page by entering the company email address; then press the button NEXT and on the voice I forgot the password. Afterward, complete the captcha following the instructions given to you, click on the button NEXT (do not change the company email address that the system has automatically entered in the first compilation field) e, finally, click on the button Email.

    The next step is to check the email address associated with your Teams account for an email from (check folders Spam o Junk Mail if you don't see it right away).

    Once you have found and opened the email, go back to the previous page, enter the verification code contained in the message you received and click on the button NEXT. Next, enter a Password of your choice in the field provided and click on the button end.

    Well now you need to prepare the account directory for deletion. To do this, log in to the Microsoft Azure portal by entering thecompany email address associated with your account, the Password and then pressing the button Log in. Then click on the icon of three horizontal lines located at the top left and click on the item Azure Active Directory give the menu that you come purpose.

    Now, click on the item Delete the tenant (at the top, it has the icon of a basket), then select the item Go to the directory properties panel (always at the top) and click the button first YesUnder the heading Access management for Azure resources you see below, and then on the item Save.

    To proceed with the permanent cancellation of the account, you must now log in to the Microsoft 365 portal with the data of the company account obtained. Then open the service access page, enter thecompany email address associated with the account, click on the button NEXT, then type the Password and press pulsating Log in.

    Then click on the item Billing you see on the left e, in the drop-down menu, click on the item Your products. The subscription associated with your account and its expiration date will then be displayed.

    Click on the icon of three vertical dots next to the subscription name e, therefore, click on the item Cancel subscription. You will then have to wait about 72 hours, at the end of which you will have to log in again to the Azure portal with the data of the company account, as I indicated above. Then click on the icon of three horizontal lines, top left, and select the item Azure Active Directory.

    Then click on the entry Delete the tenant. All items in the list should be automatically marked with a green tick, just press the button Clear, below, to conclude the process. Perfect! It was a bit long but you made it! Happy?

    Delete Microsoft Teams accounts on smartphone or tablet

    How do you say? you prefer to do everything using one smartphone or tablet? For the preliminary steps you can use the app of Microsoft Teams: it is an application completely free that allows you to do everything that the desktop counterpart or the platform site allows: calls, text chats, video conferences and file sharing.

    You can find the app in question both on the Android Play Store (if the Google store is not agolable on your device, contact an alternative store) and on the iOS / iPadOS App Store.

     you have to open it and log in with theemail address and Password of your account. From the application you can start deleting all the members in your team. To do this, click on the item Team at the bottom center, then tap on the icon of three vertical dots right next to your organization name.

    Then press on the item Manage members and tap on the icon again three vertical dots close the name of a team member and tap on the item delete member. Then repeat this step for each member and for all organizations associated with your account. Once you have completed these preliminary steps, to proceed with the definitive cancellation of the account you will need to use a browser.

    Before proceeding further, however, I must inform you that to complete the procedure you must be aware of thecompany email address linked to your Microsoft Teams admin account. If you don't know this address, the only way to find it is to follow the procedure I explained to you in the previous chapter, necessarily using a PC / tablet (or activating the desktop view of the site), since Microsoft on the mobile version of its sites does not has made the necessary functionalities agolable to carry out this operation.

    Once you have obtained the company email address and the relative password, log in to the Microsoft 365 portal by entering the data and pressing the button Log in. Then press the icon of three horizontal lines and on the voices Billing and Your products. Then select the name of your subscription, press the icon of three vertical dots and finally tap on the item Cancel subscription.

    To delete the directory from the Azure portal and complete the procedure, then follow the steps I showed you in the chapter on PC, the mobile version of the site is perfectly identical to the desktop counterpart.

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