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    How to delete More on iPhone

    What is the Other category

    As you well know, theiPhone shows the space occupied on the memory through the use of categories. These are divided into Audio, Video, Gallery, App, Books, Documents and data e, finally, Other. While all the other categories are easily traceable to specific contents present in the phone memory, the one called Other can give rise to perplexities.

    You need to know the category Other it collects everything not found in the other categories: it means that the space occupied by system files and iOS updates, user settings and operating system and app cache files is considered.

    You can check the space occupied by this data category by accessing the Settings of iOS and reaching the rumors General> Free Space iPhone. In a few moments, the space occupied will be calculated, displaying, at the top of the screen, a graph on the amount of space occupied by the different categories.

    Unfortunately, however, on the iPhone the space occupied by each category is not exactly quantified, but you can get an idea based on the size of the colored areas. Alternatively, by connecting the smartphone to the computer and starting iTunes on Windows or macOS (as I explained to you in this guide of mine), you can view, through this software, the space occupied by the various categories of data by positioning the mouse on the rectangles of the graph located at the bottom.

    In fact, you don't have any need to manually empty the space occupied by Other, as iOS heles it automatically, removing files it doesn't need for proper operation. Although you can act manually to reduce the cache space, my advice is to equip yourself with an iPhone with a very spacious internal memory, so that you don't have to worry about the category Other.

    In this regard, you can find a lot of information and advice on the best iPhone to buy, which can meet your needs, by cononting my guide dedicated to the subject. However, if you want to manually clean the category Other, you can proceed with the reading of the next chapters.

    Delete More on iPhone

    If you want to clear the cache data of the iPhone, thus reducing the category Other, what you have to do is follow the advice that I will give you in the following paragraphs.

    Empty the Safari cache

    One of the factors that can cause the space in the category to increase Other and the cache occupied by websites visited with Safari. When you reach a website, in fact, some data are downloaded that have the purpose of creating a cache to allow you to speed up its display for subsequent times.

    On websites you visit often, clearing the cache can be a useless operation, as it will be regenerated as soon as you log back in. For those who do not frequent often or who have visited only once, perhaps because you happened to be there by chance, it can be a procedure that can significantly lighten the weight of the space occupied by the category. Other.

    My advice is to clear all the cache, in order to rebuild it again and to repeat this procedure periodically, if you find it necessary.

    To get started, start the app Settings, Whose icon with l'ingranaggio is agolable on the home screen. Once this is done, select the items Safari> Advanced> Website Data, to access the section relating to the cache of Safari.

    Now, to start cleaning, all you have to do is scroll through the list of websites you see on the screen and select the wording Remove all website data, then confirming the procedure by tapping on the item Remove now, in the box that is shown to you. Easy, right?

    Empty the app cache

    Le Whatsapp that you install on iOS take up some space in the iPhone memory. This space consists of all the files necessary for the proper functioning of the apps themselves, the user data and documents and those relating to the cache. The latter, however, cannot be removed separately, as it is possible to do with Safari.

    There are only a few exceptions, such as Facebook, which allows you to clear the cache of some app features (e.g. that of the browser by going to ☰> Settings and privacy> Settings> Browser). Most other apps, on the other he, do not have this feature and the only way to intervene is to uninstall and reinstall them.

    To carry out this operation, you must act directly from Settings iOS: select items General> Free Space iPhone and locate apps that are taking up the most space or you just want to remove. At this point, tap on app name and select the item Delete app twice in a row, in order to uninstall it, deleting any data it has stored on the iPhone, including the cache.

    Now, all you have to do is start theApp Store, Whose icon with the stylized "A" is present on the home screen, and download the app you just removed again, in case you are interested in reusing it on the iPhone. If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest you conont my guide dedicated to the topic.

    Reset the iPhone

    In addition to the information I gave you in the previous chapters, in case you want to drastically reduce the size of the category Other iPhone, you can run the backup e restoration device, in order to remove all cache files.

    This procedure is a bit long, but it is the most effective method to clear the cache of the iPhone and thus reduce the size of the space occupied in the category. Other. Through the reset, in fact, you will not only act on the cache of Safari or apps, but also on all other features of the Apple operating system and services.

    Remember that the restore procedure must be preceded by the backup one, in order not to risk losing any data. You can refer to this guide of mine to know how to create an iPhone backup or, alternatively, you can read the advice I gave you in my guide on how to restore iPhone, in which I told you about the entire reset and restore process of this device.

    More tips to delete More on iPhone

    The advice I gave you in this guide of mine allows you to reduce the storage space of the iPhone, inherently in the category Other. If, however, you want to reduce it even more, without having to reset the iPhone, what you can do is act on the other features of iOS, to clear the cache.

    I warn you, however, that you may not see a significant improvement, as iOS has limitations that do not allow you to act on all the iOS features, which have a greater impact on this category. In any case, in case you want to go deeper into this topic, you can dedicate a few minutes of your time to conont my guide on how to clear the iPhone cache.

    If, on the other he, you want to clean the iPhone memory also in relation to the other categories, you can intervene, for example, by removing the multimedia files or the downloaded music. In this regard, I suggest you read my guide on how to free up space on iPhone.

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