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    How to delete photos from iCloud

    Delete individual photos from iCloud

    Let's start this tutorial on how to delete photos from iCloud seeing how to delete individual photos or videos from the famous Apple cloud storage service. There are several ways you can take action: from the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, from the browser on your PC, from the Photos app on macOS, or from the iCloud client for Windows. Choose the path that you think is most convenient for your needs and follow it: you will find all the information you need right below.

    IOS Photos app

    Deleting photos from iCloud is super easy if you have an iPhone or iPad connected to an Apple ID with iCloud Photo Library turned on. To check if your iOS device is connected to iCloud and if the iCloud Photo Library is active, open the settings (the gear icon located on the home screen), tap the you don't know i went his iCloud> Photo. If in the screen that opens there is the active lever next to the option ICloud Photo Library, it means the iCloud Photo Library is active. If in the menu Settings, instead of your name, you find the voice Log in to iPhone / iPad, tap on the latter and log in to your Apple ID to connect your device to iCloud (e then, subsequently, activate the iCloud Photo Library via the menu mentioned above).

    Once iCloud Photo Library is activated, you can delete photos and videos from iCloud by simply opening the app Gallery iOS, selecting the items to remove and tapping on the icon basket located at the bottom right. To select multiple photos and / or videos at the same time, presses on the item Select located at the top right, put the check mark next to the thumbnails of the elements to be deleted and proceed by tapping on the basket located at the bottom right. To confirm the deletion of selected images and videos, press the button Delete xx photo which appears below.

    Once deleted from the Photos app, the images and videos in the iOS Camera Roll end up in an album, called Recently deleted, in which they remain for 40 days before their actual cancellation (both from the device and from iCloud). To speed up this process and delete photos and / or videos instantly, presses on the card Album from the Photos app, go to Recently deleted and tap on first Select (in alto a destra) and poi su Delete everything (lower left).

    If you do not want to delete all the photos and / or videos in the Recently deleted album but only some of them, tap on the option Select (top right), put the check mark next to the thumbnails of the elements to be deleted and press the item Delete which appears at the bottom left.

    If you do not use the iCloud Photo Library but want to prevent your shots from ending up in the Apple cloud through the Photo Streaming function of the Cupertino giant (which allows you to synchronize photos of the last 30 days on multiple devices without consuming iCloud storage ), go to the menu Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Photos of iOS and disable the toggle for the option Upload to my photo stream

    If you want to delete photos from iCloud using your computer, the simplest solution you can turn to is the iCloud web panel. By connecting to the iCloud web panel and logging in with your Apple ID, you will be able to access your iCloud Photo Library and manage its contents directly from the browser, without installing any software on your PC (be it a Windows computer or a Mac) . Convenient, right?

    To access the iCloud web panel, connect to the site using your favorite browser, log in using your Apple ID credentials and click on the icon Gallery.

    Now, if this is your first time logging into the service, wait a few minutes for your photo (e video) library to load, then locate the content you want to delete and select their thumbnails using the combination Ctrl + Click on Windows or cmd + click on Mac. So he clicks on the icon basket located at the top right and confirm by replying Delete notice that appears on the screen.

    Now the photos and / or videos you have trashed have ended up in the folder Recently deleted iCloud: this means that they have not been permanently deleted from the service's servers but are in "limbo" from which they can be restored within 40 days.

    If you want to empty the trash and delete all contents immediately, select the item Recently deleted from the iCloud web panel sidebar and click on the entry Delete all located at the top right.

    Alternatively, if you do not want to completely empty the iCloud trash but only delete some photos / videos present in it, select their thumbnails and click on the item Remove xx elementi which appears at the top right.

    MacOS Photos app

    If you have one Mac and you have linked the latter to your iCloud account, you can delete the photos stored on iCloud also through the app Gallery of macOS. All you have to do is open the Photos application (the colored flower icon located in the Dock bar), go to the menu Photos> Preferences (top left), select the tab iCloud in the window that opens e, if not, put the check mark next to the item ICloud Photo Library.

    At this point, locate the shots to delete from the program library (e therefore also from iCloud Drive), select their thumbnails using the combination cmd + click and proceed with the deletion by right clicking on any of them and choosing the option Delete xx photo give the menu to compare.

    Alternatively, press the key backspace on the Mac keyboard and confirm the deletion of all selected content by replying Delete notice that appears on the screen.

    iCloud per Windows

    If you use a Windows PC on which the official iCloud client is installed, you can access your Photo Library and manage it through it. Unfortunately, however, you cannot delete the photos you have uploaded to your online space: the only things you can do are download the photos from iCloud to your PC and upload the photos from your computer to iCloud.

    To get access to the iCloud Photo Library through the appropriate client for Windows, start the program in question, log in with your Apple ID credentials e, when the operation is completed, press the button options located next to the item Gallery. In the window that opens, enable the ICloud Photo Library e / or it Photo stream putting the check mark next to the appropriate items and save the changes by clicking on the buttons Apply and OK.

    Finally, go to the folders  Images / iCloud Photos / Downloads and Images / iCloud Photos / Uploads to manage, respectively, the photos downloaded to the PC from iCloud and those uploaded from the PC to iCloud and that's it. You can do everything conveniently from the Windows File Explorer: the iCloud client will take care of synchronizing data "behind the scenes".

    Delete all photos from iCloud

    Do you want to delete all your photo library from iCloud? This can also be done. Grab your iPhone or iPad, access the settings of iOS (the gear icon on the home screen) and first tap on the you don't know and then on the rumors iCloud and Manage space.

    In the screen that opens, select the item Gallery, press the pulsating Deactivate and delete, confirm by tapping on the item Delete photos and videos that appears below and that's it.

    From this moment on you will have 30 days to recover the contents in your personal library on iCloud before they are permanently deleted and made unrecoverable. To recover the data, you can log in to from your PC, log in to your account, select the item Gallery and download the contents of your interest by selecting their thumbnails and clicking on the icon nuvola located at the top right.

    Delete Apple ID

    If you do not want to delete only the photos from your iCloud account, but all the data stored in the latter, such as contacts, calendar commitments and app documents, contact the official Apple assistance

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