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    How to delete photos from iPhone

    How to delete photos from iPhone

    Do you need to free up some space on your iPhone and are you looking for a way to quickly delete all the unnecessary photos that you still have in your camera roll? Maybe I can help you out. The Apple Photos application includes some very useful tools that allow you to easily identify certain types of images (eg photos taken on a given day, screenshots or panoramic photos) and then delete them in a few "taps".

    In addition, there are cloud storage services that allow you to automatically delete photos and videos that take up too much space on the iPhone memory (always keeping an online copy to be recalled if necessary) and applications for managing the iOS photo library. What is it about? I'll explain it to you right away.

    There are several applications that allow you to manage the iOS photo library in an even easier way than the Apple Photos app and allow you to quickly delete a large number of photos (or screenshots) at the same time. They are almost all free and extremely easy to use, so if I were you I wouldn't waste any more time and find out right away how to delete photos from iPhone using them.

    IOS Photos app

    Let's start with the app Gallery of iOS and its tools for automatic image grouping, thanks to which it is possible delete photos from iPhone in a few “taps” by selecting multiple photos or screenshots at the same time.

    There are two tools that allow you to batch select images within the iOS Photos app: the album that the operating system automatically creates based on the types of photos taken or captured (e.g. screen snapshots, panoramic photos, selfies, etc.) e moments, i.e. the groupings of photos that iOS automatically organizes based on the date, time and place where the shots were taken.

    To delete all the photos taken on a certain day, time or place, open the app Gallery iOS, select the tab Gallery located at the bottom left and "zoom" on the thumbnails until you activate the display of the Moments. At this point, press on the voice Select located at the top right, locate the group of photos to delete and first "tap" on the option Select found on the images to be removed, then on the basket bottom right and finally on the item Delete xx photo.

    If you want to remove photos based on their type (eg selfies, panoramic photos, etc.), open the app Gallery iOS and select the type of images you are interested in: Selfiepanoramic, screen snapshots etc. If you're using iOS 10, you can also view photos of certain people - all you have to do is select the item People and then the face of your interest. Also, I point out that by selecting the album Places and then a location marked on the map you can view - and then delete - all the shots taken in a specific location.

    Once you have selected the album containing the photos to delete, presses on the item Select located at the top right, "tap" on the thumbnails of the images to be deleted and complete the operation by pressing the icon first basket placed at the bottom right and then on the item Delete xx photo which appears below. In some albums you can also select all the photos at the same time by “tapping” on the item Select all which appears at the top left after pressing the button Select.

    When the deletion of images is commeed in iOS, they are not immediately deleted from the phone memory: they are moved to a temporary album of the Photos app where they remain for 40 days (to be restored if necessary in case of second thoughts). To permanently delete them and free up space on the iPhone memory, open the Photos app, select the tab Album bottom right, go to the album Recently deleted e first presses on the voice Select which is located at the top right and then on the item Delete everything.

    For completeness of information, I remind you that if you want to delete a single photo or a single video from the iOS roll, all you have to do is select it and first press the icon of the basket bottom right and then on the item Delete photosDelete video which appears below. To select several elements at the same time, just press the button Select located at the top right (in the iOS Photos app) and put the check mark next to the thumbnails of the photos and videos to be deleted.

    ICloud Photo Library

    If you find yourself deleting photos from iPhone very often to free up space on the phone memory, let me advise you to use the Photo library by iCloud. This is a service offered by Apple thanks to which all the photos and videos made on the "iPhone by" (e on all other Apple devices of the user) are stored on iCloud. This allows you to keep only the most recent contents on the phone and to call up the others only when necessary, that is, when you want to view them at full resolution.

    The iCloud Photo Library does not require any configuration and manages the iPhone memory space automatically. Its only flaw - if we want to call it that - is that it erodes storage space on iCloud Drive. This means that in order to take advantage of it, you need to subscribe to one of the iCloud Drive paid plans (starting at 2,99 euros / month for 200GB of storage).

    If paying a small monthly fee is not a problem for you, you can activate the iCloud Photo Library and automatic space management for photos by going to the menu Settings> [Your name]> iCloud> Photos of iOS (or Settings> iCloud> Photos if you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3) and activating the option Optimize iPhone space

    Alternatively, you can also rely on Google Photos, a Google app that allows you to store all photos up to 16MP resolution and videos up to 1080p resolution without space limits for free. While it doesn't integrate seamlessly with the iOS Photos app like iCloud Photo Library, it allows you to free up iPhone memory space by deleting all the photos and movies that have been stored on Google Drive in one go.

    To start the "cleaning" of the iPhone memory after using Google Photos, just start the application, press the button located at the top left and press the button Free up space found in the menu Settings > Manage device storage.

    Photo cleaner

    Among the “external” applications that I advise you to consider is Photo Cleaner which allows you to delete photos from iPhone in series by selecting entire albums or even the entire roll of iOS. It's free, with ads, and has no in-app purchases.

    To use Photo Cleaner, download it on your iPhone, start it and press on OK twice consecutively to authorize the app to access the iOS photo library. Then choose whether to browse the images based on the date of acquisition (by selecting the tab Date), to the space they occupy on the phone memory (card Size) or to the album to which it belongs (Album).

    So it is on the voice Select located at the top right, put the check mark next to the photos to be deleted and press the icon first basket located at the bottom right and then on the button Delete to complete the operation. If you want to select an entire album or all the photos taken on a certain date, press the button + which is next to the album title or date; if instead you want to select the entire photographic library (attention!) press on Select all.

    How to delete photos from iPhone

    Photo Cleaner also includes a feature that allows you to find duplicates in the iOS roll. To use it, select the tab Duplicate located at the top right, choose the images to be discarded and delete them as we have seen previously.

    Again, to permanently delete the photos from the iPhone, you need to go to the Photos app, select the album Recently deleted and press on first Select and then Delete everything.

    Delete photos from iPhone using PC

    Of course, don't forget that you can delete photos from iPhone also by downloading them to your computer and activating the automatic image deletion function after export is complete.

    If you still don't know how to do it, follow the instructions in my guides on how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac: there you will find all the information you need.

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