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    How to delete photos from iPhone imported from PC

    How to delete imported photos from iPhone to Windows

    It was used Windows, in order for your PC to recognize the iPhone and allow you to download photos from it, you need to install iTunes, the multimedia software from Apple which also contains the drivers for the recognition of the "iPhone by" by the Microsoft system. If you have not already done so, then connect to the Apple website and download iTunes by clicking on the button Download 64 bit (if you are using a 64-bit system, otherwise click the button Download 32 bit).

    When the download is complete, open the iTunes installation package (eg. iTunes64Setup.exe) e, in the window that appears on the screen, click the button first NEXT e then InstallYes for two consecutive times e end. This way iTunes will be installed on the PC and Windows will be able to recognize the iPhone.

    To establish the first connection between the iPhone and the computer, you have to connect the phone to the PC using the supplied Lightning cable, then you have to start iTunes (if it does not start by itself), you must accept the conditions of use of the software (by clicking on the button Accept twice in a row) and you must authorize communication between smartphone and PC by clicking on the button Authorize present on the iPhone screen and button Continue present on the computer screen. If your iPhone is locked with a PIN, you will need to unlock it by entering the appropriate code.

    Import images and videos

    Now you can move on to copying photos (e videos) from iPhone to PC. Then open theFile Explorer (the yellow folder icon located at the bottom left of the Windows taskbar), select the item Computer / This PC from the left sidebar, right click on theiPhone and choose the option Import images and videos give the menu to compare.

    Now, wait for the computer to process the photos and videos on the iPhone (this may take a few minutes), click on the item Other options which is located at the bottom left (in the window that opens) and put the check mark next to the item Delete files from device after import.

    If you want, click on the button Shop by Department located next to the menus Import images into and Import video to to choose folders to import photos and videos into (by default they are saved in the folder Images Windows) and presses the button OK to save the settings.

    Once the automatic deletion of photos and videos imported to your PC is enabled, you can take action. Then put the check mark next to the item Review, organize and group the items to importclick on your button NEXT, digita i tag you want to assign to the photos to be transferred from your computer (if you wish) and click on the button Import to copy the pictures and videos to the folders you selected earlier.

    The images will be automatically divided into folders based on their creation date. If you want, however, you can set a predefined time interval that Windows must use to divide the groups of photos to be imported to the PC. To do this, use the adjustment bar located at the bottom right, next to the item Adjust groups.

    Please note: if you have already imported the photos to your PC but forgot to check the option to delete them from the iPhone memory, delete them "manually" through the iOS Photos app. 

    File Explorer

    If you are not interested in dividing the photos into folders and / or you find that the Windows "Import images and videos" procedure is too cumbersome, you can directly access the memory of your iPhone and transfer the photos to your PC using the classic cut-e-paste .

    To be more precise, you can open theFile Explorer , select the item Computer / This PC from the left sidebar, access the iPhone and go the path Internal Storage > DCIM, where there are all the photos and videos made on the device.

    Windows 10 Photos app

    A PC equipped with Windows 10, you can copy photos from iPhone to computer and later delete them from phone memory using the app Gallery, which is included by default in the Microsoft operating system.

    To use the Windows 10 Photos app, click the button Home (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), search for the term "photo" in the search field of the menu that opens and selects Gallery from the search reonts.

    At this point, connect the iPhone to the computer, click on the icon arrow located at the top right of the Windows 10 Photos app and wait for the photos and videos on the device to be detected.

    Next, select the items to import to the PC, press the button Continue and start the data transfer by ticking the option for delete photos after importing.

    How to delete imported photos from iPhone to Mac

    If you use a Mac, you can import photos from iPhone to computer and delete them from phone memory without installing external programs. In fact, iTunes is already included "as steard" in macOS (the Mac operating system) and there is no need for drivers to make the smartphone communicate with the computer. Below are the various solutions you can rely on.


    The application Gallery of macOS is the one that allows you to manage your photo and video collection more efficiently. You can find it on the Dock bar (it is represented by the icon of a colored flower) and it has its own library, enclosed within a single file, which is usually located in the folder Images Of computer.

    To import photos from iPhone to Mac using the Photos app, connect the "iPhone by" to the computer using the appropriate Lightning cable, select the tab Import which is at the top right and choose if import all new photos (so all the photos not yet present on the computer) using the appropriate button located at the top right, or select single images (using the combination cmd + click) and import only those click on the button Import selected xx. In both cases, put the check mark next to the item Delete items after import (also located at the top right) to enable automatic deletion of photos after importing to your computer.

    Please note: if you don't see the option Delete items after import, it means that the ICloud Photo Library

    Image capture

    If you want to manage your photos freely and do not want to use the Photos app library which, as mentioned, contains all the contents within a single file, contact Image capture.

    Image Capture is another utility included "steard" in macOS and is located in the folder Other of the Launchpad. It allows you to import photos and videos into any Mac folder and supports various types of devices: not only iPhones, but also iPads, digital cameras and more.

    To import photos from iPhone to Mac using Image Capture, connect the "iPhone by" to the computer using the supplied Lightning cable, select the name of theiPhone from the left sidebar e, if required, unlock the device.

    Then put the check mark next to the item Delete after import (at the bottom of the left sidebar), select the folder to export files to via the menu Import into and click on the button Import everything to copy all the photos and all the videos from the memory of the "iPhone by" to that of the Mac.

    If you do not want to import all the photos on the iPhone to the Mac but only some of them, select their thumbnails using the combination cmd + click and click on the button Import.

    Please note: if the deletion of the photos is not successful, it means that the ICloud Photo Library. More info here.

    Free up space on iPhone with iCloud Photo Library

    If you do not want to lose access to your photos and / or videos from iPhone and at the same time you want to free up space on the device memory, I can only recommend the ICloud Photo Library.

    If you have never heard of it, the iCloud Photo Library is a service offered by Apple, through which you can permanently store photos and videos on the Internet. Technically it is free, but since it erodes the storage space present on iCloud Drive (which is basically only 5GB), it "forces" users to subscribe to one of the paid plans of the service, which are equal to 99 cents / month for 50GB of storage, € 2,99 / month for 200GB and € 9,99 / month for 2TB.

    Two very useful features of the iCloud Photo Library are the content synchronization on all devices - this means that you can find your photos and videos on any iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC connected to your Apple ID - eautomatic space optimization, which stores on the memory of the iPhone (or even iPad and Mac) a "lightened" version at low quality of photos and videos to then recall the originals from the cloud when necessary. All this allows you to have your shots and videos always with you without "flooding" the memory of the devices.

    To use iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, you must first subscribe to one of the paid iCloud plans by going to the menu Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Manage Storage> Change Storage Plan and then go to the menu Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Photos to activate the functions ICloud Photo Library and Optimize iPhone space.

    On a computer, however, you can contact the official iCloud client for Windows (which allows you to automatically download photos from the iCloud Library to a folder chosen by the user), or to the app Photos for macOS, after activating the synchronization with the iCloud library and dell 'storage optimization on the menu Photos> iCloud Preferences (top left).

    To conclude, I would like to point out that, as also mentioned in previous points of the post, Activating iCloud Photo Library prevents you from deleting photos freely from iPhone memory after importing them to your computer. This is because deleting photos from iPhone would also reont in their deletion from the iCloud library and from all devices associated with it.

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