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    How to delete PSN account

    How to delete a PSN account

    In this section of the guide I'll show you how to delete a PSN account (including PlayStation Plus subscription) either from the console or via any computer browser.


    To delete a PSN account directly from the PlayStation 4, first of all turn on the console and select themain account from the home screen. Next, hit the button Up arrow on the controller (alternatively you can also use the left analog stick to give the comme su), select the icon Settings (shaped toolbox) and confirm the intention to access the section using the key X of the pad.

    In the new screen that appears, click on the entry Login settings, so bring yourself up User Management and finally select the item Delete user from the menu that will be shown to you on the TV or monitor you are using. A list will appear with all the accounts on the PS4: to delete one, select it with the directional arrows, presses the button X controller, then select the button Delete at the bottom, confirming that you want to proceed by pressing the button Yes and subsequently on OK to finish the operation.

    With this operation. saved data, screen snapshots and video clips made will be deleted, so I advise you to think about it for a long time before deleting the association of the profile with the console. The account will be removed from the console, but it is good to know that it will remain active.

    You want to cancel your PSN account because you no longer want to pay for the subscription to PlayStation Plus? You don't need to be so drastic, as the subscription in question can be managed separately (you don't have to delete your entire account!). Deleting the account from the PS4 will not cancel the subscription, which you will continue to pay until it is deactivated.

    So if your goal is terminate your PlayStation Plus subscription, Turn on your Sony console, log in with the account on which your PlayStation Plus subscription is active and open the menu Settings (the toolbox icon previously seen). Now, get on the menu Account management, Then PlayStation subscriptions and identify the item PlayStation Plus.

    In the screen that appears, all the information about your PlayStation Plus subscription should appear; to stop it, select the button Turn off automatic renewal present at the bottom right, then press the button X on your controller to confirm.

    Once this step has been carried out, the service will not be renewed e, once the current subscription has expired, you will no longer pay anything.


    With the steps seen above, you have the option to remove an account assigned to the console or deactivate the PlayStation Plus subscription - the PSN account, however, will still remain active and ready to be used on another Sony console. If you intend to permanently delete a PSN account (to create a new one or to leave the platform), you must know immediately that it is not possible to manually delete the profile using a wizard, but you must contact Sony and submit the request. of elimination.

    So, for delete PSN account permanently, get a computer with an Internet connection, start any web browser and go to the page of the Sony website reserved for user requests.

    Once the website is fully loaded, click the checkbox PlayStation Network and account and fill out the form below, making sure to select the option My Account give menu to tendin Select a topic and indicating all the information required to start the practice: name, Login ID (email address), ID online PSN and date of birth.

    After completing the fields, express your willingness to close the PSN account in the field Your question (a simple phrase like “I want to permanently close my PSN account” is fine too), verify captcha by entering the characters in the required field (if shown on the screen) e, finally, presses the button Send to sign the request. The Japanese company will review your question and reply to you by email in a short time.

    How to delete a PSN account from the family

    Deleting an account from the PS4 does not automatically involve the PSN family to which it is linked: in it, the profile still remains active. If you want to delete the account from PSN family as well or want to delete an account from your family without deleting it from PS4, please follow the steps below.

    First, log in with an account that has rights to manage family account settings via the Sony console. Once this is done, press the up arrow or use the left analog stick of the controller to select the icon Settings (the toolbox) and press the button X pad to confirm.

    In the window that appears on the screen, go to Content Filter / Family Management, select the voice Family management and log into your PSN account (if required). At this point, all you have to do is select the account to remove from your family on the PlayStation Network (remember to always use the button X controller to confirm), choose the option Remove from family located at the bottom of the screen and confirm the deletion by pressing the button OK per due turn consecutive.

    This removes the account from your PSN family. If you change your mind or want to add the account in question to another PSN family, just return to the menu Settings > Content Filter / Family Management > Family management and select the item this time Add family member, always using an account with family management permissions.

    How to change your PSN account information

    Are you going to start the procedure for the definitive deletion of your PSN account e, to sleep even more peacefully, do you want to first delete your personal information from your profile? Then this is the most suitable section for you. My personal advice, in this case, is to replace your real data with information invented on the spot.


    To change the information relating to your personal profile from the console, log in to it using the account to be changed and select the item Profile located at the top of the menu (it should have your profile picture). Now, select the button [...] pressing the button X of the controller, identifies the entry Edit profile from the menu that appears on the screen and start editing all the data that you consider sensitive and that you no longer wish to provide to Sony: name, photo of the profile, avatar, wallpaper Background image, personal informations and so on.

    To change other more “technical” details of the account (the email address or the payment methods entered), open the menu again Settings of PS4 (the toolbox icon you have come to recognize well in this guide), then bring yourself up Account management > Account information and choose the data to be modified with fictitious information.

    In particular, I advise you to pay attention to information such asLogin ID (to change the email address associated with the PSN account), the Our customers (to change the payment methods) and theAddress (to change the billing address).

    I would like to clarify that, by changing the email address associated with the PSN account, you will be automatically disconnected from the network and you will have to verify the new account via the link provided to the email address indicated. If you use a temporary email or a mail account invented on the spot, you may lose the ability to access your account in the future.


    You can also change your PSN account information via your computer, without the need to log in from a PS4 console (particularly useful if you've already disposed of the console).

    First, then, connected to the PlayStation Network website, click on the button Log in or register now and log in with the credentials of the PSN account to be modified. Once logged in, go to the tab Account located at the top left and select one of the items in the left part of the window, depending on the data you want to change.

    For example, to change the name associated with the account, select the menu Profile, then click the button Change. At this point, all you have to do is fill in the required fields with name, middle name (optional) and last name invented e, once confirmed, click on the button Save.

    To change the payment methods entered on your PSN account, select the Our customers from the left side menu, then click on the item Remove attached to the payment method you intend to delete.

    If you want to change, instead, the privacy settings, just connect to this website, log in with the PSN account on which you intend to intervene, select the item PSN privacy settings and finally click the button Modification relating to the data on which you want to change the level of privacy granted (Trophies, Activities and so on.).

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