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    How to delete registration from a site

    How to delete registration from a site

    Delete registration from a site with

    How to delete registration from a site

    The first method I intend to point out to you to eliminate yourself from unwanted sites is the portal in this case, it is a practical online service that "contains" the cancellation procedures relating to most of the Internet sites present on the world stage.

    The home page of the service lists all the portals present, however you can easily refine the search according to your needs, using the appropriate upper bar or buttons Popular (to view the most searched sites), AZ (to view a list by letter) e Difficulty (to view the sites corresponding to a given degree of difficulty of elimination).

    Each site is identified by a "square" on the page, colored differently according to the degree of difficulty of cancellation: this allows the user to underste immediately how simple (or not) it can be to delete the account from the site in question.

    • Green / easy color - it is possible to cancel the registration in a simple way, relying on an automatic procedure accessible through the pages of the site itself.
    • Yellow / medium color - it is possible to unsubscribe through an automatic procedure or after filling in a simple form, however some data will remain on the site's servers (eg comments).
    • Red / hard color - the difficulty of deleting from the website increases: it is necessary to follow a fairly complex procedure and / or get in direct contact with the assistance via form or email. Account deletion may not be immediate.
    • Black / impossible color - it is impossible to unsubscribe from the website, because it is not provided for by the operators, or because the deletion requires the cancellation of other accounts (e.g. it is impossible to unsubscribe from YouTube without deleting the entire Google account).

    How to delete registration from a site

    In any case, using is very simple: identify the site from which you want to delete the registration, press the link Show Info… to receive information on how to cancel e, depending on the case, click on portal name placed in the colored part of the box to immediately reach the page or form to finalize the deletion process. As a rule, all you need to do is log in to the site of your interest and click on the link to delete the account.

    As for the panes Detective stories red, you may need to follow the link contained in the information box (eg. Send email) to immediately send an email to the support staff, requesting the deletion of the account (I recommend that you always do it in English).

    The color boxes blackinstead, they usually contain information (extracted from the terms of use of the service, from the forums or received from the assistance itself) on why it is not possible to proceed with the cancellation of the account.

    Delete registration from a site with AccountKiller

    How to delete registration from a site

    AccountKiller it is a portal very similar to the one seen above: also in this case, it is a collection of Internet sites organized in rectangles of various colors, each of which contains the necessary instructions on how to delete the registration from the portal to which it is dedicated .

    The colors of the rectangles can be three and each of them identifies the degree of difficulty of canceling the account: the box white and blue indicates a site from which it is easy to unsubscribe, the box Grey indicates a moderately complex procedure e, finally, the box black identifies the sites from which it is not possible to unsubscribe.

    Using AccountKiller is very simple: all you have to do is connect to the main page of the service, identify the site from which you want to unsubscribe, click on the item Delete [nomesito] account located in the dedicated box and follow the instructions offered on the page that appears on the screen. This usually leads to accessing a specific page of the site in question (indicated in the aforementioned information box), logging in and confirming the desire to delete the registration.

    How to delete registration from a site

    If the portal is not listed among the popular ones, you can search using the appropriate text field at the top (Type a few letters here) or view the complete list of sites entered by clicking on the item All sites.

    Once you have identified the site of your interest, click on the relevant box to receive detailed instructions on the deletion procedure. If the portal in question was marked by the color black, you will have the opportunity to see why the account cannot be deleted.

    Other manual procedures

    How to delete registration from a site

    How do you say? Despite deleting the recordings from annoying websites, do you still get unwanted messages? Don't throw in the towel yet: some e-mail services, as well as some programs dedicated to them, offer procedures to automatically unsubscribe from the so-called newsletters or, at least, to block the receipt of messages upstream. Below I show you the most useful procedures.

    • gmail (Web) - log into your e-mail box, click on one of the messages received from the website you wish to unsubscribe from, press the link Unsubscribe placed next to the sender's name, click on the button Unsubscribe and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
    • Outlook (Web- access the e-mail box, open one of the messages from the newsletter from which you want to unsubscribe, identify the item Do you receive too many emails? present at the top of the message, click on the link Unsubscribe and then on the button of the same name.
    • Yahoo, Virgilio Alice (Web and app) - if you wish, you can use the filters offered by the email services in question to block the receipt of emails from certain addresses. This will allow you to keep your inbox clean, however it will not unsubscribe from the Internet sites in question. I've explained how to proceed in my guides on how to block unwanted emails and how to block unwanted emails on Alice.
    • Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Outlook (computer) - numerous email programs allow you to set specific filters to block the download of emails by unwanted senders. Again, the membership to the sites will not be deleted. If you are interested in knowing how to do this, you can conont my guide on how to block emails from an address.

    How to delete registration from a site

    Finally, I want to point out yet another useful method to unsubscribe from the newsletters of Internet sites: in general, messages sent automatically require the presence of a specific link, placed at the bottom of the e-mail message and written with a very small font, which allows you to cancel the sending of promotional, update or, in general, any type of email.

    To use it, all you have to do is open a message from the site you no longer want to receive mail from, scroll to the bottom and identify a clickable link usually called Cancel / Cancel subscriptionUnsubscribeDelete/Remove subscription, or containing information relating to the status of your subscription to the service: to complete the procedure and stop receiving emails, you just have to click on the link in question and follow the instructions on the screen.

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