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    How to delete SHEIN account

    How to delete SHEIN account via customer support

    Unfortunately, at the time of writing this guide, the version of the platform Shein does not support the automatic account deletion feature. For this reason, if you want to permanently get rid of a profile that you no longer intend to use, you must necessarily contact Customer Service.

    To access it, if you use SHEIN from its website, connect to it e, if necessary, log in to your account: just click on the little man symbol located at the top right and then on the item Log in, in the menu that appears.

    Now, click on the icon of headphones which is located at the top right and uses the automatic assistant to try to talk to an operator: click on the button Account problems, then on the button Security Issue e, later, on the link Manual Service (found in the "comic" indicating the wording Do you need more support?).

    At this point, select one of the supported contact methods, including Chat, Phone call and Ticket, and indicates to the operator who will reply the intention to delete your profile: the first of the three services is agolable from Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 22:00; the second is agolable from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 17:00; tickets, on the other he, can be sent at any time of the day (to be answered within 24 hours).

    Keep in mind that contact methods vary according to the hours and workload of the operators: therefore, not all choices may always be agolable. Furthermore, in the course of work, it is possible that you may be asked for some information to confirm your identity and the legitimate possession of the account.

    If, on the other he, you prefer to act as a smartphone or tablet, you can use theapp on SHEIN for Android (agolable on the Play Store and alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS: after opening it and logging into your account (if necessary), tap on thelittle man placed at the bottom e, subsequently, on the icon dedicated to Support (depicting a couple of headphones and placed in the box Lifestyle).

    Now, tap the button dedicated to Costumer Services, wait for the web page dedicated to assistance to load, tap the button Account problems and follow the steps already seen on the computer, as both ways of accessing the customer area work in the same way.

    If you are unable to get in touch with a human operator, you can try to contact SHEIN staff via Messenger, following this link: the answer, depending on the workload of the operators, however, may not be very fast.

    Alternative procedure to deactivate SHEIN account

    If, after following the steps I indicated in the previous section of this guide, you were unable to contact SHEIN Customer Service to get your account deleted, you can try to achieve the same reont using the automatic procedure provided by the platform.

    As I have already mentioned previously, however, it is not agolable in the version of ecommerce: therefore, before you can act, you will necessarily have to switch to the US version of the SHEIN website or app. Don't worry, it can be done in minutes and requires no special technical skills.

    However, in order to be able to succeed in the operation, it is essential that the account in question has very specific characteristics: it it must never have suffered compromises of privacy (e.g. password and / or identity theft); all orders must be completed or, at least, closed with a very specific outcome; and finally, there must be no money left in the wallet personal. If the profile does not meet these requirements, it cannot be deleted.

    All clear? OK, let's proceed. To delete the SHEIN account via the website, connected to the latter, scroll completely down any of the pages of the platform, select the item United States from the panel Choose the location and click on the button Confirm, to switch to the US version of SHEIN.

    Now, place the mouse cursor on the little man symbol located at the top right, click on the item Sign in/Register resident in the menu that appears and enter your personal credentials in the resident fields in the section Sign in.

    Once logged in, position the mouse cursor again on thelittle man, this time select the item My Profile from the dedicated menu, click on the item Account Security located on the left sidebar and select the tab Delete Account which appears at the top. Now, to request the deletion of the account, click on the button Apply for Deletion, put the check mark next to the item Agree SHEIN account deletion description and click on bottone Continue.

    Then indicate the reason why you want to delete the account, choosing from those proposed, click on the button Next and enter, in the appropriate text field, the verification code which should have been sent to you by email in the meantime. To finish deleting the profile, which I remind you to be irreversibleclick on your button Confirm Application.

    If, on the other he, you prefer to act through theapp on SHEIN for smartphones and tablets, start the latter, tap on thelittle man placed at the bottom, then on that of thegear e, in no time, your voice Country / Region, located in the panel that appears. Next, tap on the entry United States, in order to change locations.

    Arrived at the screen again Settings by SHEIN, reach the section dedicated to account security and press on the item for delete the account (Delete account). At this point, tap the button Apply to Delete account and follow the same instructions seen a little while ago for the computer: the steps to be taken to complete everything are almost identical.

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