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    How to delete TikTok

    How to delete TikTok

    How to delete a TikTok

    How to delete TikTok

    If you want to know how to delete TikTok video, know that the operation you have to perform is of a disarming simplicity. All you have to do, in fact, is to access your account in the app of the famous social network, identify the content you want to remove and delete it using the appropriate option agolable.

    First, then, access TikTok from the official app of the service on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device and press the button Me placed at the bottom right, so as to go directly to your profile.

    Now, tap on the icon depicting the six dashes (to view your public videos) or tap on the symbol closed padlock (to see private TikToks). Then tap onpreview of the video you want to delete, click on the symbol (...) located on the right, scroll the list of buttons located at the bottom e, once you have identified the button Delete, Press it. Once this is done, confirm the deletion of the video by tapping the button Delete o Confirmation, And that's it.

    How to cancel TikTok

    Sei turned his questa guida with l'obiettivo di scoprire how to delete TikTok? If so, this is the part of the tutorial that interests you most, since you will find out how to delete your account from the famous Chinese social platform and how to uninstall the service app from your smartphone. Here's how to proceed.

    How to delete TikTok account

    How to delete TikTok

    If you want delete the TikTok account, as you no longer intend to use the service (or intend to do so with another account), all you have to do is access the latter, go to the section dedicated to its management and proceed with the cancellation directly from there. Here are all the steps to perform in detail, based on the operating system used.

    • Your Android - after logging into TikTok from its official app, tap on the i icon three vertical dots which is located at the top right and select the item Manage accounts from the menu that appeared. In the new screen that opened, click on the item Delete account and write, in the appropriate text field, the verification code you received via SMS or e-mail (if you have not opted for one of these two registration methods, you will need to provide the Password account). Finally, click on the button Continue, pig on on bottone Delete account and confirm your intention to delete your TikTok profile by clicking on the wording Delete.
    • Your iOS / iPadOS - after logging in to TikTok from its official app, tap on the icon (...) located at the top right, select the wording Manage accounts present in the menu that has opened and press on the item Delete account. At this point, write the verification code which in the meantime you should have received via SMS or e-mail (if you have not chosen these registration methods, you will need to provide the Password of your account), press the button Continue, tap the button Delete account e, therefore, presses on the voice Delete, I'll give you confirmation.

    After completing the above procedure, you will no longer be able to log into TikTok with the deleted account, you will lose access to any video uploaded, and you will not be able to get refunds on any items purchased.

    Some information that is not stored only on your account (such as chats) may be visible to other users (always respecting the original privacy settings) even after deletion.

    In any case, the cancellation procedure will actually take place later 30 days from your request: by logging in to your account in this period of time, you will be able to reactivate it. For more information on how to delete TikTok accounts, I recommend that you read the guide that I have dedicated entirely to the subject.

    How to delete TikTok app

    How to delete TikTok

    After deleting the account, you can proceed with thedeleting the TikTok app. Let me explain in detail how to do it is on Android that of iOS / iPadOS.

    • Your Android - go to the home screen or drawer of your device, locate the icon of TikTok and keep your finger pressed on it. Next, drag it onto the item Uninstall that appears at the top (it could also appear in a context menu), or press the icon of dustbin. Confirm the operation by pressing the button OK o Yes in the opened box. Alternatively, go to the menu Settings> Apps / Applications, tap on the icon TikTok which is present in the list that appeared on the screen e, in conclusion, press the buttons Uninstall and OK.
    • Your iOS / iPadOS - find the icon of TikTok present on the Home screen or in the App Library (if you have an iPhone updated to iOS 14 or a later version), keep your finger pressed on it e, in the menu that opens, select the item Delete app (if you have acted from the iPhone Home screen, you must first tap on the item Remove app). Finally, confirm your intentions by responding Delete to the message that appeared on the screen. Alternatively, go to the menu Settings> General> iPhone Space / iPad Space, wait for the list of all installed apps to load, locate the icon of TikTok, tap on it and press on the item Uninstall the app (to keep all data attributable to the app) or tap on the item Delete app (to delete the app and all data related to it). In conclusion, confirm your intentions by tapping on the wording Delete app which is present in the opened menu.

    For more information on how to delete apps on Android and how to delete apps on iOS (or iPadOS), I refer you to reading the insights I linked to you. I am sure they will be of help to you.

    How to delete TikTok notifications

    How to delete TikTok

    Have you thought about removing TikTok because you were fed up with the notifications that haunted you in the most disparate moments? Well then there's no need to be so drastic by deleting your TikTok account and / or uninstalling the popular app. In this case, in fact, the problem is easily solved eliminating TikTok notifications. Let me tell you how to do that too.

    • Android - go to the menu Settings> Applications / Apps> TikTok> Notifications and move up OFF the lever of the switch located in correspondence with the wording View Notifications / Allow Notifications.
    • iOS / iPadOS - go to the menu Settings> Notifications> TikTok and move up OFF the switch located in correspondence with the wording Consenti notified.

    For more information, I refer you to my guide on how to disable unwanted notifications.

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