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    How to eliminate Google Android account

    How to delete Google account from Android

    If you want to know how to delete google account from eroid, in the next chapters I will explain how to do this simple operation e, in addition, also how to enter a new Gmail address on the device.

    Delete Google account on Android

    The first step you need to take to delete your Google account from a smartphone or tablet Android is to access the terminal settings. If you don't know how to do it, launch the app Settings (the'icona dell'ingranaggio) that you find on the home screen or in the drawer (i.e. the screen with all the apps).

    At this point, scroll through the menu that opens, until you reach the item Account (Or Users and accounts) and tap on the latter. Then select the item Google, scegli l 'Google account that you want to remove from Android (eg. and presses the icon Remove placed at the bottom. At this point, in the message that appears on the screen, confirm your desire to delete the account by pressing on the item Remove, And that's it.

    I remind you that, as indicated in the warning on the screen, the removal of a Google account from Android causes the deletion of all the data associated with the latter. This means that you will no longer have Gmail emails, Google Drive documents and Google Calendar appointments on your phone (or tablet): to restore them, you will have to re-associate your Google account with the device (the data will remain saved on the Internet, on your personal space offered by Google).

    Add a new Google account to Android

    You are now free to add a new account to your smartphone or tablet Android. To do this, go to the menu Settings> Accounts of the device and presses on the voice Add an account which is at the bottom of the screen.

    In the screen that opens, select the item Google and choose whether to authenticate with an existing Gmail account or create a new one. In the first case, all you have to do is type your Gmail address in the appropriate text field, press on NEXT and enter the rest of the information required for authentication.

    If, on the other he, you want to create a new account, press the option Create an account and provide all the information you are asked for: name, surname, email address to be created, password and so on. You can find more information on this procedure in my guide on how to create Google accounts.

    When the operation is completed, all the data you choose to synchronize with your Gmail account (mail, calendar, photos, Chrome history, contacts, etc.) will be automatically downloaded to Android and you can access it through the official Google applications (gmail, Google Calendar, etc.) installed on your device.

    In case you fail to delete the Google account from Android following the instructions I gave you above, first try to add a new account to the device as just seen together and repeat the account deletion procedure.

    How to delete Google Android account from PC

    Has your smartphone been stolen? I'm sorry, in any case, know that you can remove the association of your Google account and delete all data from the device directly online. How? Very simple, I'll explain it to you in an instant!

    Per remotely delete the data of an Android smartphone, all you have to do is connect to the Google Find My Device website and log in with your Google account.

    Once this is done, select from the top left area thedevice icon from which you want to remove the Google account. At this point, press the button Reset device twice in a row and that's it. All data on the mobile will be deleted e, obviously, the device will no longer be traceable remotely (as it is disconnected from your Google account).

    Se Find my Google device cannot locate the smartphone, probably the device has been turned off or disconnected from the Internet, or the remote location services have never been activated on the latter. 

    How to delete Google Android account after reset

    If you have reset Android, it is possible that the next time you turn on your smartphone or tablet you will be shown a screen requesting access to the Google account previously associated with the device.

    In this case, the simplest procedure is to enter the account access data and then follow the instructions I gave you in this chapter, in order to delete the Google account associated with Android. If you do not have to remember the password, you can perform the recovery procedure, following the instructions I have indicated in this tutorial.

    If what was said in the previous paragraph is not possible, you have two options: proceed with the remote dissociation of the Google account from the Android device, following the instructions I indicated in this chapter, or by enabling it in advance. OEM unlock.

    This last procedure can help you in this situation, but remember that any attacker could reset your device and continue to use it freely, as there is no longer the FRP (Factory Reset Protection), i.e. the factory reset protection.

    To enable OEM unlocking, turn on the Developer options, which I told you about in detail in my guide, then start the app Settings and seleciona le voci System> Advanced> Developer Options. Finally, identify the wording Activate OEM unlocking, set on ON the appropriate lever on the side and confirm the operation by tapping on Attiva.

    How to permanently delete a Google account

    In addition to disconnecting it from Android, you want delete your Google account permanently? It can be done, but know that it is an irreversible operation. By putting it into practice, you will delete all your Gmail emails, your YouTube videos, your appointments marked on Google Calendar and all other information related to “big G” services. To avoid losing this data permanently, download a backup copy to your PC before deleting the account.

    To download a backup of all your Google account data, connect to from PC, click on yours profilo's photo placed at the top right and presses the button Manage your personal account found in the menu that appears. You can facilitate this by reaching this web page.

    On the page that opens, click on the item Data and personalization from the side menu and select the option Download your data. Then make sure that there is a check mark next to all the data and services of your interest (contacts, mail, YouTube, etc.) and first click on Successful Passaggio and then up again Create export.

    This will start creating a zip package with all your personal data. The archive creation process could go on for several days (it depends on the amount of information to be processed), however as soon as it is ready you will receive an email with the download link.

    After downloading the data, you can move on to canceling your account. To permanently delete your Google account, go back to the menu Manage your personal account and click on the item first Data and personalization from the side menu and then on Delete a service or your account.

    On the page that opens, click on the entry Delete your account and then type the Password of your Gmail address and complete the account cancellation procedure. In the section that is shown to you, all the data that will be deleted in the various Google services will be summarized.

    To continue, put the check mark next to the items Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for all charges arising from any pending financial transactions and I underste that in certain circumstances my earnings will not be paid and Yes, I would like to permanently delete this Google Account and all related data which are at the bottom of the page and click on the button Delete account.

    Now your Google account is deleted, and with it, all data from services like Gmail, Google Calendar and YouTube have been deleted. The procedure is not reversible. For more details, please refer to my guide on how to cancel a Google account.

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