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    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    Preliminary information

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    Unlike what happens with Android, the operating system in use on the iPhone, that is iOS, fully automatically optimizes the use of storage space, by Apple's precise choice: it is the operating system itself that selects and possibly deletes the files that are no longer useful for running the apps, without the need for interaction by the user.

    In practice, this means that it is impossible to manually act on the app cache, on the temporary files of the operating system and on other similar aspects, as everything is managed directly by iOS.

    As a direct consequence of this, one might think that the only way to save some space on iPhone is to delete photos, videos and personal files when they are no longer needed: nothing more wrong!

    With a few small tricks, which we will see together in the course of this guide, you can deal with the problem of insufficient space on the iPhone quite effectively. Of course, I can't promise you miracles or drastic increases in agolable space, but it's still worth a try!

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    Having made the necessary clarifications, the time has come to try free up space on iPhone without deleting anything applying some precautions, far from complex to put into practice but very effective.

    Turn on iCloud Photos

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    A trick you can take to save valuable space on the iPhone is to activate the service ICloud Photos and hence the function to optimize the storage space for photos and videos on your iPhone. If you have never heard of it, iCloud Photos is a service that allows you to automatically archive photos and videos in the iOS camera roll (but also iPadOS and macOS) to the cloud.

    The images and videos are uploaded to the cloud in their original format and always remain agolable even in the iPhone memory, but in reduced quality (if you activate the space optimization function), which saves a lot of storage space . Files in original quality can be viewed at any time on

    Before proceeding, keep in mind that storing images and videos in the cloud erodes the space agolable on iCloud; therefore, in order to avoid quickly saturating the amount of online storage agolable at no cost (which is 5GB), you may have to expe your iCloud space by purchasing one or more paid packages (with prices starting from € 0,99 / month for 50 GB).

    That said, to verify that the iCloud Photos service is active (e, if not, enable it), go to Settings of iOS, tap the you don't know and then on the rumors iCloud and Gallery. Now, make sure the toggle ICloud Photos is set to ON, otherwise do it yourself, and put the check mark next to the item Optimize iPhone space, in order to keep in memory a copy of the images (e videos) in reduced quality.

    Clear the browsing data

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    Also delete browsing data of the browser can have a big impact on the storage space agolable on the iPhone: the browser cache, in fact, can accumulate several hundred megabytes of data, due to the multimedia elements (e not) that are saved over time.

    It was used Safari as an internet browsing app, you can get rid of the cache by going to the menu Settings> Safari> Advanced> Website Data and tapping on the item first Remove all website data, placed at the bottom of the page, and then on the button Remove now.

    If you prefer, you can selectively act on individual sites by tapping on the item Modification placed at the top right and swiping the sites for which to delete the information. But be careful: if you have activated the synchronization of browsing data via iCloud (from the menu Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Safari), you will delete the information in question not only from the iPhone, but from all devices paired with the same Apple ID. Take that into account!

    Do you use a browser other than Safari? No problem: you can use the internal menu of the same to get rid of the browsing data. Again, if you have activated synchronization via the cloud (e.g. via Google account), the information will also be deleted from the other browsers associated with the same profile.

    That said, to clear the cache of Chrome and Edge for iOS, tap the button (...) placed at the bottom, reach the items Settings> Privacy / Privacy and security> Clear browsing data, put the check mark next to all the agolable items (except for the one related to passwords and form completion, if you deem it appropriate) and tap the item Clear browsing data.

    Su FirefoxInstead, you have to press the ☰ button located at the bottom right, go to the sections Settings> Data Management e, after selecting the information to delete, touch the item Delete personal data resident at the bottom of the screen. More info here.

    Store your data on the cloud

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    A good idea to be able to always have space agolable on iPhone, even without deleting your personal files, is to use a cloud service dedicated to the purpose: for example, iPhone is deeply integrated with iCloud, on which it is possible to keep, in addition to photos, also data from numerous commonly used apps (GarageBe, Pages, Notes, Word, Excel and so on).

    To verify that online file storage is enabled, go to the menu Settings> [your name]> iCloud of iOS and make sure that the lever corresponding to the name of the app for which to store data in the cloud is moved to ON, otherwise you do it.

    Alternatively, there are a number of cloud service providers, which allow you to store photos, videos and documents online, even automatically: most of them include a quantity of free storage, which can be expeed by purchasing additional space at reasonable prices.

    Among these I point out Google Drive, OneDrive and dropbox. To learn more about the best cloud services currently active, I refer you to reading the tutorial I have dedicated to the purpose.

    Store the data on a USB stick

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    If the idea of ​​moving data to the cloud does not excite you, you can evaluate the use of special ones USB sticks with Lightning connector: these devices, designed specifically for iPhone (e iPad with this connector), must be connected to the Lightning port of the device and allow you to quickly store photos, videos and other documents from the iPhone memory, using adedicated app agolable on the App Store.

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    Alternatively, you may be able to take advantage of the app as well Fillet of iOS to transfer documents on a Lightning USB stick or with a steard connector: in the latter case, however, you will need to equip yourself in advance with an adapter that is equipped with USB 3.0 input and a second Lightning input, through which to connect it to the electricity, in order to adequately power the key.

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    For more information about the use of USB sticks on iPhone, I refer you to reading my guide dedicated to the subject.

    Uninstall unused apps

    How to free up space on iPhone without deleting anything

    In the most recent editions of iOS a particular feature has been introduced, which allows you to delete an application from the iPhone, while leaving the app data unchanged. I'll give you an example: you can uninstall the GarageBe app at any time, freeing up about 1.5 GB of memory, but without also deleting the related projects (even if they are not saved in the cloud).

    I know, deleting an app is not "deleting anything", but you might think of taking advantage of the possibility just described to temporarily delete a very heavy app, carry out some operations you need (eg. Record a video to be copied to the PC ) and then re-download the application finding all the data as you left them.

    To evaluate the size of each app, open the Settings of iOS, by tapping on thegear placed on the Home screen or in the App Library, reach the sections Generali and IPhone space and examines the list of applications installed on the device, listed in descending order (from the heaviest to the smallest).

    Once you have identified the most voluminous app (or apps), tap on his name and evaluate if the size app they have a significant impact on the agolable space; if so, tap the button Uninstall app twice consecutively, in order to delete the application from the device, freeing up the space occupied; this operation will not delete the documents and application data: the latter will be restored if the app in question is reinstalled from the App Store.

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