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    How to get rid of Google privacy reminders

    Preliminary information

    Before you enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to get rid of google privacy reminder, I think it is important to explain to you when and why this message appears and why it is of fundamental importance.

    The privacy reminder is required under the data protection laws and asks the user to read, underste and accept Google's privacy policies. My advice is to follow the instructions of the Californian company, since in this way you will be able to better underste what information it collects, how it is used and what possibilities you have to better manage this data.

    In case you are wondering on what occasions this reminder appears on the screen, it is displayed whenever you use or access a Google service (eg Gmail) and you have not yet accepted the latest version of the privacy policy. In fact, we are talking about issues as important as they are complex, which often require careful review by the Californian company based on current regulations. For more information, I recommend that you conont Google's official guidelines.

    For this reason, there is no real method to completely get rid of Google's privacy message, but I can still tell you how to try to make it appear as few times as possible and at the same time how to manage your privacy when using your Google account.

    Delete Google privacy reminder message

    If you no longer want to know about the Google privacy message, the procedure you need to follow to delete it - or at least to see it only a few times - is very simple. Simply log in with your Google account and never delete cookies or log out.

    Therefore, connect to the Google home page and press the blue button Log in, present at the top right. Next, enter theemail address, press on the writing NEXT, type the Password login to your account and press again on NEXT to login.

    Well: from now on you will never have to log out of your account to view the reminder as little as possible. If you come across it again, to eliminate it, you just have to press the blue button Read, read what is written in the box that appears e, finally, press the button ACCEPT (obviously in case you want to consent and continue to use Google services). You will no longer see the reminder until Google has to update its privacy policies. The consent is saved in your Google account and therefore you only have to accept it from one device.

    In case you want to check whether you have already accepted the latest version of Google's privacy policy or not, you just need to connect to this page and log in if required. The portal will explain what you need to do: if everything is correct, the message "You've already read Google's latest privacy reminder and don't need to do anything else for now". Furthermore, on the same page, you will also find interesting information about which data is processed by Google.

    How to change your Google account privacy settings

    How do you say? Would you like to better underste what you can do to protect your privacy? No problem: Google also allows you to do this through an official website designed to allow users to better protect their data.

    To perform the Google privacy check, all you have to do is connect to this link and press the blue button LOGIN TO GET STARTED present in the middle of the page. Then enter theemail address, award-winning NEXT, type the Password and premium tasto NEXT to login to your Google account.

    Perfect: now the portal will show you a series of settings that you can manage yourself, explaining what they are for and how to change them. In general, you just have to read and put into practice the information provided by Google, by pressing the blue button NEXT and then, once the check is finished, on the writing CONTINUE AND LOG IN TO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

    In case you are wondering, you will not have to go through the privacy check whenever you want to change those settings. In fact, this control is designed only to explain to users what the various options are for e, once everything is understood, it is possible to manage the privacy settings more quickly through this page.

    Well, now you have all the information you need to best protect your privacy on Google - put it to good use! For more information, I recommend that you also conont the official website of the Google Online Safety Center.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    In case you have encountered problems while following the various procedures illustrated in the tutorial, or if you simply want to know more about the management of privacy by "big G", I recommend that you contact the service center that the same Californian company makes agolable.

    To take advantage of this service, just connect to the official Google contacts page, press on the writing Personal account and then on the button Log in present at the top right. After that, enter theemail address associated with your Gmail account, press the button NEXT, type the Password and press on the writing NEXT.

    At this point, write "privacy"In the specific search bar present in the middle of the page and read the various guides proposed by Google. If, on the other he, you want to contact the Californian company's experts directly, I suggest you conont my guide on how to contact Google. Generally speaking, you need to set the Help Center language to English and chat with an operator in that language.

    If you do not have a good comme of English, I recommend that you call Google through the number instead 02.33618300, agolable Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. After dialing the number on your phone and starting the call, within seconds you should hear one voice guide which will show you how to continue. Generally speaking, I recommend pressing 2 (to receive assistance for other services) and thereafter 4 (problems with online content), but the combination to press may change, so always follow the instructions of the voice guide.

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