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    How to remove advertising from your PC

    What is adware

    Un adware is software designed to display advertisements on the victim's computer screen. It is classified as software unwanted e potentially risky: the user, in most cases, does not consent to the installation of this software and is not even aware of it, since it is often hidden inside apparently legitimate programs downloaded for free from the Internet.

    It is considered a potentially risky software as it can transmit to the attackers who have developed it a series of information on the behavior of users while browsing or using the computer. Such data is often sold to third parties to obtain a profit, violating in all respects the obligation of express consent that the company must request before processing the personal data of users.

    Adware, as already anticipated, can be hidden inside freeware or shareware programs, installing silently without the user being aware of it. This happens because the realization of a program requires resources that cannot be obtained without an income generated, in this case precisely, from advertising.

    This does not mean that all programs containing advertising banners are made up of adware. Some free programs are developed with a proprietary or third-party system to display advertising, but which are limited only to banners present in specific areas of the interface.

    Take for example free smartphone applications, which often include banner ads, or freeware PC software that has one or more squares in the interface where the advertisement is played.

    Programs that possess adware not only display advertisements within the software, but also attempt to impose themselves to "bombard" the user with as many advertisements as possible, to maximize profit. For example, banners appear, the browser's homepage is changed, redirects to other websites other than those you visit, toolbars and extensions are installed in your browser, or new software and applications appear on your computer.

    The methods to get infected with adware do not end there: you can also simply browse a web page or click on a banner or a popup, to infiltrate an adware that exploits some vulnerability of the browser in use.

    Now that you have an understeing of what adware is, in the next few lines I will show you some software that you could use to remove them from your PC.

    Programs to remove adware from your PC

    Adware can be removed, albeit with poor reonts, using the Windows and macOS software uninstall tool. But this implies that you know the name of the adware and that, by doing this, you have effectively cleaned your computer of any traces of this unwanted guest. In this regard, there are some more effective methods for removing adware from your computer, which consist in the use of some software, such as antimalware, which I will tell you about in the next few lines.

    Malwarebytes (Windows/macOS)

    The first solution I want to present to you is the one offered by Malwarebytes. It is an antimalware program that aims to remove malware-like threats, including adware, spyware and rootkits.

    If you are interested in this software, you can download it in its version for Windows or macOS from its official website. You can also buy its version Premium that, at the cost of 39,99 euro / year, allows the activation of automatic database updates and real-time protection (which is not needed for what you have to do now).

    In its free version, Malwarebytes allows the scanning and removal of threats, without the real-time protection, which can be obtained for free with an antivirus software. Precisely it is advisable to combine antivirus software to prevent the entry of these threats on the computer.

    On macOS, on the other he, being a more protected system than Windows, these needs are less and it is therefore possible to install only Malwarebytes, to ensure greater protection than that already agolable from the operating system.

    To download Malwarebytes, go to one of the links I gave you. Up Windows, press the pulsating Free trial and then press on Download now, in the new screen that is shown to you. After downloading the file .exe, double click on it and press Yes, in the Windows User Account Control window.

    Cheap with Accept and Install e, when the installation is complete, click the button end. You will be presented with a screen for activating the trial period of the Premium, which you will have to respond to Start now, to use Malwarebytes.

    To start cleaning your computer with this antimalware, click the button Scan, which you find in the center of its interface.

    Su MacOSInstead, after reaching the link I provided, click on the button Free download and get the file pkg. After downloading it, double-click on it e, in the screen that is shown to you, click on the button Continue, three consecutive times. Now, press the buttons Accept and Install e enter the Password of macOS. Then click Install software to begin the installation process.

    Once the procedure is finished, click on Close and start Malwarebytes, via its quick launch icon that you find in the Launcher. After launching it, press the button Scan now, to start scanning that will remove any adware threats detected on the Mac.

    AdwCleaner (Windows)

    Also made by Malwarebytes, an adware removal tool is agolable: AdwCleaner, which also works with other types of threats, such as spyware, PUPs and browsers affected by hijacking.

    AdwCleaner it can be downloaded for free from the official Malwarebytes website and is only agolable for computers with a Windows operating system. If you are interested in this tool, just reach the link I gave you earlier and hit the button Free download.

    After downloading the .exe, double click on it and hit the button Yes, in the Windows User Account Control window. The software does not require any installation. Just click on Accept, to start using it.

    On the main screen, click on the button Scan now to scan files on your computer and perform cleaning. If you find any threats, click on the button Clean and repair to delete them from your computer.

    Other programs to remove adware

    In addition to the programs that I have presented to you in the previous paragraphs, I recommend others that can surely be for you.

    • Spybot (Windows) - is free spyware removal software, including adware and keyloggers. There are also paid versions, which allow you to activate real-time protection and virus removal, in addition to updating the database.
    • Kaspersky (Windows / macOS) - is a famous paid antivirus, which allows you to keep your PC safe from many types of threats, including malware and adware. A free version is also agolable Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for real-time protection.
    • Avast (Windows / macOS) - is a popular free antivirus that also allows you to defend against threats such as malware, rootkits and spyware. There is also the possibility to purchase paid versions, starting from € 59,99 / year, which add tools such as the firewall or the blocking of phishing attempts.

    If you want to discover other software for removing adware, I recommend that you read my guide on how to eliminate adware and the one on the best free antivirus.

    Other useful tips

    As I have already told you in this guide, to protect yourself from adware and any threat that can infect your computer, it is useful to have a good antivirus. My advice is to get one that has features for complete protection. In this regard, I recommend that you conont my guide on the best antivirus, in which you will surely find the solution that best suits your needs.

    Also, when you browse the web and download files, try to make a habit of checking, before opening it, if it is "clean". If the antivirus you have installed does not report anything to you, it does not mean that it is actually free of threats. For this reason, it is normal to rely on the website, which allows you to scan a file with over 60 desktop and mobile security software on the market. Remember, then, not to download files or, even more so, software from untrustworthy sites.

    Other than that, I recommend you to block the opening of popups in the browser you use, to avoid being shown some deceptive banner that makes you download malicious software. In this regard, I recommend that you read my guide on how to block pop-ups.

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