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    How to remove

    How to remove

    How to delete account from computer

    How to remove

    To delete your account from your computer, you must first log into your account. Therefore, to start, connected to the official website of the social network and presses on button ≡ present at the top right.

    After that, in the box Member login, enter your login details in the fields Username and Password and click your bottone Login to log into your account. If you don't remember your password, click on the entry Forgot Your Password?, enter the email you used to register on in the field Email and pulsing on pulsating Send my password: within a few moments you will receive an email containing your username and password.

    Once logged into your account, connected directly to the section relating to account cancellation, type the password of your account in the field under the heading Current Password and pulsing on pulsating Delete my account. In this regard, you must know that the cancellation operation is immediate and irreversible: by pressing the button indicated above, the account will be canceled instantly without the possibility of second thoughts. Furthermore, your username will be blocked for 90 days and you will not be able to use it again to open a new account.

    How to delete account from smartphone / tablet

    How to remove

    As you well know, for the moment it is not agolable as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices. However, you can access your account via smartphone and tablet using the browser on your device.

    If your intention is to delete the account, tap on the browser icon you usually use to browse the Internet (eg. Chrome your eroid or Safari on iOS / iPadOS) and connected to the social network site. Then press the button  present at the top right, enter your login details in the fields Username and Password and do tap on pulsating Login but I will access your account.

    Now, to permanently delete your account, press the address and enter your account password in the field Current Password, then press the button Delete my accounyou're done.

    How to delete notifications and photos on

    How to remove

    If the idea of ​​permanently deleting your account does not convince you, you can decide to keep it open and delete notifications and photos. By doing so, the account will be inactive but ready to use in case of second thoughts.

    To delete the email notifications you previously set up, click the button ≡ present in alto a destra and selects the voice Account settings, then remove the check mark next to the item Send me an email anytime someone posts a new crush and pulsing on pulsating Save settings to save the changes. Also, you can make your profile visible only to registered users by placing the check mark next to the option Only let logged in members of Dailyquiz post to my page.

    The next step to "empty" your account is to remove your profile photo. Press again on button ≡, click on the item Edit picture and presses the icon of basket to delete your profile picture.

    To learn more, you can read my guide on how works.

    How to delete from Instagram

    How to remove

    After deleting your account, did you remember that you had added your profile address in your Instagram account, following the directions given in my guide on how to put on Instagram? Do not worry.

    Be your intention è delete from Instagram from smartphone or tablet, start the official Instagram app by pressing on its icon on the home screen, log in (if you have not yet done so) by entering your data in the fields Phone number, username or email and Password and do tap on pulsating Log in e presses the icon oflittle man  (or on the tuo profilo miniature) present at the bottom right.

    At this point, tap on thela voce Edit your profile (if you have an iPhone or iPad on the item Edit profile), locate the field Website, tap on thel 'address from your account e delete it, then press the ✓ button (the voice end on iOS devices) present at the top right, to save the changes.

    Alternatively, you can delete from Instagram via the browser on your computer. To do this, connected to the official Instagram site, click on the item Log in, enter your login details in the fields Phone number, username or email and Password and pulsing on pulsating Log in to connect to your account.

    Now, click on thelittle man (or on the tuo profilo miniature) present at the top right, click on the item Edit the profile and delete your account address present in the field WebsiteDopodiché by clicking on the button Send at the bottom to save the changes. You can learn more by reading my guide on how to put links on Instagram.

    In case of problems

    How to remove

    Even if you follow my instructions, you have not yet been able to delete your account on or are you having trouble logging in? Then you can send a message to the assistance, both through social networks and through the section Contact present on the website of the service.

    Then connect to the site of, scroll down the page e, to request assistance, press on the item Contact Us present below, enter your details in the fields Full name and Email and describe your problem in the field Type your message here, then put the check mark next to the item I'm not a robot and pulsing on pulsating Submit to send the message. Alternatively, connected to the Facebook page, click on the button Message e, in the chat opened at the bottom right, enter your message and press the button Submit keyboard to send it.

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