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    How to remove photo imperfections

    Makeup (Online)

    The first resource belonging to the category that I want to advise you to use is the online service Makeup, thanks to which it is possible to correct and eliminate all skin imperfections from the offending shots. It is very simple to use, it is free and can be used from any web browser.

    The first thing you need to do to use it is to connect to the Makeup website and click on the button Retouch the portrait which is on the right. So choose whether to upload the photo on which you intend to go to act from the computer or from Facebook by clicking on the relevant buttons on the screen and then select your image.

    Once the upload is complete, the photo will be corrected automatically using the tools indicated on the right toolbar, under the heading Retouching. If you want, you can still exclude the use of one or more tools by simply deselecting them. Then click on the button To apply which stes on the left to apply the changes.

    If you want, you can also add an extra touch of color to your shot by clicking on the tab Effects at the top, always on the left, and then choosing the effect that best suits you from those agolable. The changes will be visible in real time.

    Then compare the original photo with the edited one by clicking and continuing to hold down on the item Show original which is up on the left. If the final reont convinces you, click on the item Save and share which is at the bottom and choose, by clicking on the buttons attached to the web page that you subsequently see appear, whether to download the photo to your computer, whether to obtain a link for sharing, whether to save it on Dropbox or whether to post it on one of the supported social networking services .

    BeFunky (Online)

    Another excellent resource, always accessible via the Web, to which you can appeal to eliminate the imperfections in your photos is BeFunky. It is an online service at no cost (but possibly also agolable in the subscription version, for a fee, which allows access to additional functions) through which it is possible to carry out the operation in question thanks to the many and special tools agolable as well as add effects. and various filters. Try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

    To serve, first of all connect to the BeFunky home page and then click on the button Photo Editor which is at the top left. On the page that opens, if you are asked to choose the language to use for the interface, select the Idiom then click on the item Charge located at the top e, from the menu that appears, on computer. Then select the image on your PC on which you want to go to act. Alternatively, you can take the photo from Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox or you can take one at the moment via the webcam connected to your computer, all by selecting the reference option and then providing the required permissions.

    When upload is complete, click on the button Retouching that you find on the toolbar on the left to use, in fact, all the appropriate commes through which to correct the imperfections of your photo. So select the one you want to use, adjust its parameters from the menu you see appear and then apply the corrections to your photos by clicking and continuing to hold down on the points on which you want to act. Once the changes are complete, click on the button with the check to confirm the changes.

    Any further adjustments can be made by clicking on the button Modification always attached to the toolbar on the left and using the tools attached to the menu you see appear. These are not strictly useful functions to correct the imperfections of the photos and of the faces immortalized in them but they allow you to apply generic corrections to the shots by intervening on color, brightness, saturation etc.

    Once your photo is fixed, press the button Save that you find at the top of the online editor and choose computer to save the image on the PC then indicate the format and the final quality and click on Save. Alternatively, you can choose to save your retouched photo to Facebook, Dropbox or Google Drive by clicking on the additional items attached to the save menu.

    Pink Mirror (Online)

    If the resources to eliminate the presence of the imperfections in photos that I have already told you have not been able to convince you ... do not throw in the towel yet! Rather try now Pink Mirror. This is another nice online service able to fulfill the purpose in question in a completely automatic and free way. Specifically, the service will apply a sort of lifting effect, also removing stains and imperfections and improving the colors of the photo. The only thing to be aware of is that the edited images that are returned have a watermark.

    To serve, first connect to the main page of Pink Mirror and then click on the button Retouch Now which is on the right and press the button KATEGORIEN at the top to select the photo on which you intend to go to act. At the end of the upload, check that the image has the correct orientation (e if not, correct it immediately using the appropriate buttons at the bottom left) then click on the button Next.

    Now, drag the white dots that appeared on your photo on the edges of the face present in the same (as in the example image that is at the top right) and then select the gender of the portrait subject by clicking on the correct button at the bottom. In the page that will open you will then find your correct photo with a lot of separator indicate the before and after the changes. To save the final reont obtained, click on the tab Save Your Photo that you find at the bottom and then press on Save my Photo.

    If, on the other he, the final reont returned does not suit you much and before downloading the edited photo to your computer you want to apply the latest changes, click on the Tweak your photo e press on the button related to the correction you want to make and then services of the commes that are proposed to you. All further changes will be applied straight away in real time.

    Free Photo Blemish Remover (Windows)

    If, on the other he, you prefer the use of a "classic" computer program and if what you are using is a Windows PC, you can succeed in your intent by turning to Free Photo Blemish Remover. It is a free software that allows you to easily remove pimples, acne, spots, scratches, dirt and any other imperfection from photos. It also allows you to intervene in the level of saturation, contrast and exposure and to make various other changes to the image.

    You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you right away. First of all connected to the download page of the program and then click on the button Download and wait a few moments for the software download procedure to start and be completed automatically. Then open the file obtained, click on Yes / Run and complete the setup by pressing on Next, accepting the terms of use of the software by checking the box I accept the agreeementby clicking again on Next for fourth times in a row and then pressing on install. To conclude, press on Finish.

    Once the program window is displayed on the desktop, presses on Open Image and select the photo you want to work on. Now, to eliminate the presence of the imperfections in the photo, left click on the point where you want to make the correction and drag the pointer (which will become a selection circle) on a nearby, cleaner area, with which to cover the imperfection.

    If necessary, you can adjust the size of the imperfection selection circle using the tool Size in the right toolbar. The instrument Opacity below instead allows you to adjust the opacity of the area of ​​the corrected blemish to obtain a more homogeneous effect with the rest of the image.

    A small circle will then be left on each imperfection that is corrected in order to allow you to easily identify the points of the same where changes have been made. This way, you can also easily remove any corrections by right clicking on it and choosing Delete from the menu that appears. By clicking on the option instead Reset all changes will be canceled.

    I also point out the possibility, always acting from the toolbar on the right, to make changes to the colors of the photo by moving the appropriate sliders as well as to rotate and mirror the image as needed by clicking on the buttons at the top.

    Once you have completed all corrections, click on the button in the shape of floppy disk that you find in the upper left part of the software window and choose whether to save the image in JPG or TIFF format.

    App to eliminate photo imperfections

    Do you usually act as a smartphone and tablet and therefore instead of using one of the services and programs that I pointed out in the previous lines, would you like to underste which are the apps for mobile devices through which to eliminate photo imperfections directly on the move? Then give one look at the following list of applications used precisely for the purpose in question and you will see that you will not regret it. Try to find the one that you think will do the most for you and download it now.

    • B612 (Android / iOS / Windows Mobile) - App that allows you to take and edit face photos by applying general image enhancements. You can also add stickers and other elements of various kinds. Free.
    • Perfect365 (Android / iOS) - Another app from the category to fix face photos and enhance images captured on the spot with the camera. Removes dark circles, bags under the eyes and other skin imperfections. Free.
    • Facetune (Android / iOS) - Application of the very famous category thanks to which it is possible to embellish faces in photos and remove all kinds of imperfections. For a fee.
    • YouCam Perfct (Android / iOS) - Another application belonging to the category in question that allows you to eliminate any imperfections in the photo by acting on pimples, wrinkles and more and making general improvements returning the final reonts of the best photo editing expert.

    For more details and insights on the operation of the above applications, I am sending you to conont my guide dedicated to apps to edit face photos. I also advise you to take a look at my post on applications to improve photos through which I have proceeded to point out some apps that, although not specific for the purpose in question, could still be useful for you.

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