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    How to remove Trotux

    Uninstall Trotux

    The first fundamental step you need to take in order to delete Trotux from your computer is to remove the related program from Windows. Usually Trotux also peeps out in the Windows section for managing the installation of programs and applications, consequently it can be eliminated like any other normal program.

    To do this, you must therefore go to the Windows section with the list of programs installed on the PC, check if among the various software in the list there is any item attributable to the malware e, if so, delete them. Let's see in more detail how to proceed on the various versions of Windows.

    Windows 10

    If what you are using is a PC equipped with Windows 10, you have to click on button Home (I cheer with the windows flag) located at the bottom left of the taskbar and select the icon of thegear on the left side of the menu that opens. In the window that appeared on the desktop, click App e search Trotux among the installed programs. If you want, you can help you search using the field Search this list present located at the top.

    If you find programs that have Trotux e you are not sure where they come from, uninstall them by clicking first on their icon and then on the button Uninstall per due volte di row.

    In the window that opens, then confirm that you want to remove the selected software by pressing the button Yes, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation procedure. In most cases, a series of button clicks should suffice Next.

    Windows 8 / 8.x

    If, on the other he, it is installed on your computer Windows 8 / 8.x, to remove Trotux you have to click on button Home (I cheer with the windows flag) which is located at the bottom left on the taskbar, then you have to press on the tile Settings (Quella with l 'gear) in Start Screen, select the item Control Panel at the bottom left and click on the wording Uninstall a program attached to the window that appeared on the desktop.

    On the next screen, if you find any references to Trotux, immediately remove it by clicking first on its icon and then on the button Uninstall / Change which is located at the top. Usually to complete the whole procedure it is sufficient to always click on the button NEXT.

    Windows 7 and earlier

    It was used Windows 7 or a previous version of the Redmond home operating system, you can uninstall Trotux by accessing the Windows Control Panel by clicking on the button Home (always the one with the windows flag) located at the bottom left and selecting the item Control Panel, in fact, from the menu that appears.

    In the window that is subsequently shown to you, click on the item Uninstall a program (o Application installation) to view the list of programs installed on the PC. If you find any reference to Trotux, immediately remove it by clicking first on its icon and then on the button Uninstall / Change which is located at the top. Even in this case, it is usually sufficient to simply click on to complete the procedure NEXT.

    Run a malware scan

    Uninstalling Trotux as seen together above is useful but unfortunately it is not a practice that allows you to delete all the traces that the malware can leave in the system. To cope with this, it is therefore necessary to resort to a antimalware, a program specifically designed to wipe out malicious software from your system.

    Among the various antimalware agolable on the market, I suggest you use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, one of the best around. It is able to recognize and eradicate various threats and it is free (but possibly it is also agolable in a paid version that allows you to have real-time control over the system).

    To download it on your computer, connected to the official website of the program and first click on the button Free download e chased up Download now. Then start the file mb3-setup-xx.exe you just got, click on Run e, in the window that opens, click in sequence on OKAccept and Install e end.

    Then start Malwarebytes and if you see a warning appear asking you if you want to try the Premium version of the program please decline the invitation. Then click the button Scan which is in the main window of the software and waits for the check of the whole system to be started and completed and for you to be shown the outcome of the thing. Then select all the potential threats detected by the software and quarantine them by clicking on the appropriate button. Et voila!

    Reset browser home page and search engine

    One last "effort" you have to make in order to eliminate Trotux from your PC is to enter the browser settings, look for the settings related to the home page and the search engine and restore them all to the default state in order to avoid annoying redirects. . Below you will find an explanation of how to proceed on each of the most popular web browsers.

    • Google Chrome - Click on the button with i three horizontal dots collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Settings from the menu that appears. In the tab that opens you will find the settings related to the home page in correspondence with the wording Open a specific page or set of pages e those relating to the search engine corresponding to the item Search engine used in the address bar.
    • Mozilla Firefox - Click the button with the three lines horizontally in alto a destra and selects the voice options from the menu that opens. Then go to the tab General to change the home page and tab settings Research to change the search engine settings.
    • Microsoft Edge - Click on the button with i three dots vertically at the top right and select Settings from the menu. Then change the home page settings via the menu Apri Microsoft Edge with and change the default search engine by selecting the item Advanced Settings and then going on Change engine of ricerca.

    If after making the above changes the browser home page is still altered, check that there are no variables in the shortcut you use to start the program from the desktop that redirect to Trotux. To do this, locate the browser icon on your desktop, right-click on it and select the item Property from the menu.

    In the window that will be shown to you at this point, select the tab connection, locate the field Destination and eliminates any variables present after the browser executable (e.g. after C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe regarding Google Chrome). Then click on the button Apply to save the changes you made.

    In case of problems

    Despite having strictly followed the instructions I ended up with in the previous lines, haven't you still been able to delete Trotux on your computer? Then put into practice the further instructions that you find below and you will see that in the end you will finally succeed in your intent.

    Force the uninstallation of Trotux

    Use alternative antimalware

    If using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware you have not been able to identify Trotux on your computer but if you continue to find its presence, you can turn to an alternative anti-malware software. In circulation, as anticipated, there are many.

    Remove suspicious extensions

    Another operation that you can do if, after having put into practice the instructions I have given you in the previous lines, you continue to detect the presence of Trotux on your computer, is to remove the suspicious extensions, i.e. those that have a name doubtful or in some way attributable to malware and that you don't remember installing yourself. If you don't know how to do it, you can read my article on how to delete Chrome extensions for Google Chrome and how to delete Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox.

    Reset the browser

    Are you still dealing with some traces of Trotux on your browser but the antimalware finds absolutely nothing and your PC seems to be "clean"? Then I can not help but suggest that you reset the web browser you usually use by returning it to the factory state. If you don't know how to do this, read my article on how to reset Chrome for Google Chrome and my post on how to reset Firefox for Mozilla Firefox.

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