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    Programs to eliminate toolbar

    The best programs to remove toolbars from browsers.

    Toolbar Cleaner

    Toolbar Cleaner is one of the best programs to eliminate toolbar agolable for free on Windows. With a few simple clicks, it allows you to detect and remove all the main additional toolbars present in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It also analyzes the items set to auto-start on your PC and its database is updated continuously, this allows the application to recognize and remove hundreds of promotional (or malicious) toolbars in any web browser. Download from here.


    AdwCleaner it's a small one program to delete toolbar free that examines the system status and removes all the additional toolbars installed in the browser in one go. It recognizes all major promotional toolbars and other types of adware more or less dangerous. To use it, just start it (requires no installation), click on the button Search and wait for the scan report to appear in the Notepad. It is therefore necessary to click on the button Delete and wait for the computer to restart. When you log in to Windows again, all the toolbars that previously plagued browsers should disappear. Download from here.

    Avast Browser Cleanup

    Produced by the same company as the free antivirus of the same name, Avast Browser Cleanup is a free software that takes care of scanning the system and detecting all unnecessary add-ons installed in web browsers. Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome removing all major promotional toolbars and malicious addons in one go. To use it, just start it (requires no installation), select the add-ons to remove in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and click on the delete button. Download from here.


    SpyBot It is one of antispyware software most used free in the Windows environment. Using it, you can scan your system and free it from numerous types of spyware and promotional browser toolbars. It also offers a function of immunization of the browser that allows you to block malicious sites in the bud, thus avoiding the installation of malicious software on your PC. Its database with antispyware definitions is updated frequently, always guaranteeing the highest level of protection. It is agolable in three versions, two of which are paid with additional features. Download from here.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of the best free anti-malware programs agolable for Windows. Thanks to it, it is possible to scan the system quickly or thoroughly, detecting (e subsequently deleting) all malicious software found within it (including some browser toolbars). Having no modules for real-time control of the system, it does not "step on its toes" with antivirus software and does not slow down the PC in any way. Its database with antimalware definitions is updated very often, always guaranteeing the highest level of efficiency. It is also agolable in a paid version with more features. Download from here.

    PC Decrapifier

    Many Windows PCs come with a wide variety of pre-installed software, including trial versions of antivirus, multimedia programs, and annoying browser toolbars. PC Decrapifier is a small free application that allows you to delete all these pre-installed software in a practical and fast way by detecting them and launching their uninstallation procedures in sequence. It does not require installations to work and is compatible with all major versions of Windows. Download from here.

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